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Maps and Lists 

Organic Brands, Shops, Farms, Restaurants and Suppliers in Malaysia
(and a few in Singapore):




Over 250 Organic Brands or brands claimed to be Organic or sold in organic shops etc. From this list you can choose list of brands for e.g. dried stuff only, brands of vegetables only, rice only etc. You reach these brand groups only from the brand list



Klang Valley-List 

Over 370 shops listed on region. From the shop lists you can also choose groups of shops selling organic bread or shops selling "organic" clothes or shops selling organic spices etc. like in the rightmost column here. You reach these groups of shop lists only from the shop lists or from the narrow column to the right of here. Those specialized lists will show for each shop brand logos only for the group of organic products you have chosen. E.g. if you have chosen non-Gluten products only, only those brand logos that can be found on their non-Gluten products will be shown in the shop lists. It is not always sure that a shop will sell all different products that a brand represents.



List-Outside Klang Valley

Over 300 shops. Some shops are not really shops but private persons selling e.g. chicken claimed to be organic in your area hopefully especially if outside Klang Valley. Malaysia does not certify organic meat, chicken eggs etc. Only vegetables, supplements, herbs, fruits.
But some products have foreign certification.




Over 80 farms. Some farms have offices in the larger cities. Around 40% of them are certified organic
I have added also some very small farms.




Over 90 restaurants.
Sometimes they only sell organic fish but have no organic vegetables.  I have also listed the possibility to show which restaurants that also sell alcohol. 

Some especially vegan restaurants are just simple tables and chairs and open limited hours. However the taste is probably divine...




Over 280 suppliers if one counts also the farms




Around 80 shops, restaurants and suppliers listed in Singapore. The information about Singapore shops is not very detailed since I want to concentrate on Malaysia. Seems not uncommon with home delivery in Singapore




Organizations for certification and service companies to help with certification procedures and safe transport of organic production etc.




The Importance of Minerals in Organic form. It is far from complete, but I hope it will show something of why organic raw fresh organic food is so important compared to standard food.

Below in this right column are shops, farms, suppliers, restaurants etc. See also separate  brand lists.





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"Borrowed" from Tarabliss web page: different languages "Organic:"
organique (french), organiek (dutch), organisch (german), organico (italian), orgynico (portuguese), 有機 (japanese), 유기 (korean), organik (malay), อินทรีย์ (thai), hữu cơ (vietnamese), 有机 (chinese), ekologisk (swedish)

Why Organic?

  • Improved Quality of Food
  • No Poisons, which today causes around 250,000 deaths annually according to WHO
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • Not genetically modified, (non-GMO)
  • No Additives. Many additives—such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colorings and flavorings, MSG, hydrogenated fat, and phosphoric acid—are prohibited in organic food production.
  • No Antibodies
  • No Irradiation
  • No Chemical treatment of the food
  • Free from human and industrial waste
  • Better taste
  • Processed Food items in an Organic Shop are often clearly labeled like e.g. if there is No Wheat and No Gluten.
  • Processed Food items in an Organic Shop are normally less processed with lower heat and gentler other methods.
  • In organic food shops you get the impression that staff, shop owners, food manufacturers honestly care for your health and not only your money.
  • Higher levels of minerals (63 - 178% in one estimation). See also the list of minerals and their properties. Compare the mineral list with what Gerson.org has done for around 80 years and get convinced. Based on U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics, standard not organic broccoli contained 130 milligrams (mg) of calcium in 1950. Today the results indicate only 48 mg of calcium for non organic broccoli.
  • Lower levels of poisonous minerals, (but in so called organic form which is non-poisonous while food is raw)
  • Higher levels of enzymes
  • Organic raw milk lasts longer than pasteurized milk. When attempts are made to infect organic raw milk with salmonella or other viruses and bacteria they just simply disappear, taken care of by the natural in built resistance in raw organic milk. Pasteurized industrial milk a few days old doesn't stand a chance and becomes infected quickly. (Source: Jerry Brunetti, video "Food as a Medicine" from around 2005)
  • More other nutrients including vitamins and phytonutrients, (10-50% higher in one estimation)
  • Vitamins are not synthetic and minerals are biologically available 100% unlike in most products in Vitamin shops.
  • Detoxification. When the body does not get any more poisons any longer through food etc. the body starts detoxification. However if you are really ill the detoxification can be too difficult for your liver and kidneys. See Gerson.org
  • Protecting Nature (Small example: Fish in lakes don't become female or feminized).
  • Protects Biodiversity
  • Saving energy
  • Reduced need for water in organic agriculture, only 20% compared to agriculture using pesticides.
  • Sustainable farming
  • Less soil erosion. In conventional farming the earth is used more to keep plants upright. The earth will be loose and washed away or even blown away in large dust storms that is so common around the world today unless the soil is actively alive. In USA in the MidWest during the depression in the 1930ies there were 10 years with practically no rain and large dust storms because of monocultures, fertilizers and pesticides over millions and millions of acres that killed the soil and invited pests. According to Naturalnews.com Vanishing top soil will lead to food crisis within perhaps as little as 60 years.
  • One square foot of organic agricultural soil has 5 to 30 earthworms.  Earthworms can turn over the top 6 inches of soil in 10 to 20 years. (There are no earthworms in soil that has synthetic fertilizers, pesticides etc.)
  • A handful of organic soil can contain 10s of billions of microorganisms. We must keep these microorganisms alive with organic non toxic treatment so that the soil can produce healthy plants with large enough roots to bind the earth and retain the water.
  • Better treatment of animals. They are e.g. not tortured like chicken on regular basis in too small cages.
  • Often better treatment of agricultural workers.
  • Less if any cases of Bird Flu. Contagious mutations of Bird Flu develops almost only in non organic chicken and duck factories where birds are fed with antibiotics, hormones and live under other very bad conditions.
  • Better Health if you eat raw and fresh organic vegetables first and foremost
  • Lower hospital bills. Ultimately somebody has to pay for bad health, be it tax payers, insurance payers or yourself.
  • The most important part of real cures of all or almost all diseases
  • No overweight and no underweight.
  • Better intelligence
  • Better eyesight
  • Better mood
  • Better energy, more stamina
  • Clarity of mind, no brain fog
  • Nice if you want your 7 year old not to develop big breasts. (In China it is reported in August 2010 that even babies grow breasts after drinking non-organic milk formula laced with hormones).
  • Nice if you don't want hyperactive children
  • School children become polite and friendly to their parents and want to learn more in school. See Jamie Olivers experiments with better school food in UK and US, which was made on a very restricted budget but still showed extreme success.
  • Organic food can be an important part of curing autism, Aspbergers syndrome or even Dyslexia. (Some other parts are Omega 3, Zinc, abstaining from Gluten and Dairy, Supplementation with Probiotics, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium, Expectant mothers should avoid all products with Aspartame, Avoid Vaccinations especially those who contain Mercury, Squalene or Aluminum, Avoid antibiotics, Use Chelation to remove Mercury and other heavy toxic metals etc. see the video). See also the chapter about Autism in the Brain fact sheet.
  • Farm workers not exposed to pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. 
  • 79% higher production according to several sources in sustainable farming tested in several millions of farms and up to 300% larger production in organic farming according to one source
  • The profit per acre for big GMO monocultured fertilized pesticidal farms is around 20 USD, while the profit per acre for an organic farm is around 19,000 USD. (Source: "Fed Up" a video 60 minutes)
  • Plants get more and stronger roots
  • Soil nutrients increases
  • Soil bacteria more efficient
  • Plant and fruit quality increases
  • Gerson.org points to that fresh raw organic or wild vegetables, fruits and berries can contain cancer fighting substances. There are supposed to be around 50 different kinds e.g. Vitamin B17 in most seeds and Resveratrol in grapes. If the plants are not organic less or nothing of those substances are found. These substances protects the plants against fungus, bacteria etc. and us humans against the same and cancer.
  • Plants are more resistant towards insect attacks
  • Farmers learn to use good insects to control bad insects, e.g. by planting flowers that attract good insects.
  • Plants are more resistant against fungus and other diseases
  • Organic farming does not kill honey bees and other pollinating insects.
  • Pesticides does not accumulate in the soil.
  • If you are a top athlete in World Class, Olympics etc. you can expect not to have to finish your career already in your twenties because of injuries. Top athletes on western SAD-like diets, (Standard American Diet), have extremely short careers, albeit often as Millionaires, but they normally want more than money...
  • You are doing a good deed.
  • I am sure I forgot something... Ah Yes!,  Better Memory

To better understand the importance of organic farming for a living producing soil see videos like DIRT! THE MOVIE form 2009. There is a large comment about that video further down in the organic news section below.

I have seen more and more questions on Internet about what will happen now that the economy is going down all over the world (2009 March). Why should we continue with organic food, when conventional food is so much cheaper? Especially in Malaysia where competition is very difficult because of price control of conventional food. However as I see it the answer is very simple! If we don't eat organic we get sick! And so does nature around us. Simple as that.

On top of that conventional farming with most of the time monocultures invites pest, does not keep the water within the soil, kills microorganisms in the soil through fertilizers and pesticides, gives each plant a smaller root system and leads to soil erosion through floods and dust storms, even dust and sand deserts that is so common all over the world. People move to slum areas in growing big cities instead of taking care of the earth the way it was intended by our common creator, Allah. We must live with the earth, not against it.

If we cannot afford, we try to eat as high proportion of organic food that is possible for us. However for people to believe this they have to begin to study. Study before they get sick if possible. Also study before Codex Alimentarius is implemented in your area. Sacrifice a couple of hours or even weeks to read books, magazines and why not visit the YouTube Gerson Channel and see over 50 short videos.

If we get sick when the economy is down, it gets even more difficult to pay hospital bills, pay medicine, travel to doctors, endure month after month without salaries etc.  If you have got health insurance and you think you will get healthy with Western Medicine only, you are in for a depressing surprise. Study before it is too late. Health is more worth than money.

Insurance? Insurance means a/ that it should be efficient, b/ it should be permitted. When it comes to the efficiency of an insurance, yes it could be efficient against accidents and acute diseases but I don't believe it is efficient at all for more than at the most a diagnosis for chronic diseases. But you have to ask yourself if you really need every test and if a particular test is made with toxic elements. An insurance does not cover alternative medicine. Regarding b/ permitted it is not allowed for Muslims. Ask any well educated mufti that works for his religion and not only his salary. Perhaps there is a form of insurance that is permitted. I haven't come across one yet. However some employments come with an insurance. Okay accept it if you believe in Western Medicine and if the knowledgeable Mufti says yes. But ask Charlotte Gerson at Gerson.org if she has a medical insurance and you get the answer that probably is the closest to the truth.  Muslims can use the search facilities in Questions and Answers in Islam to find out more about the legality of insurances.

Our creator has sent down medicine to each of the diseases he has created. The creator has put miraculous healing power into plants, herbs and fruits. The creator don't allow us to heal ourselves with poisonous medicine. So if you think there was no medicine against cancer 200 years ago or even 2,000 years ago why then did we have almost 0% cancer at that time and now 50% at least once in lifetime, or more? Cancer was known as a disease already in ancient time, even though it was very rare. Should we have to wait for a true cure to cancer all these hundreds or even thousands of years? It has existed a cure all this time. True organic plants first and foremost. Animals who eat fresh grass only don't get sick. But those who live indoors fed grains do and so on... So our cure since the dawn of time is first and foremost raw fresh organic vegetables and fruits. However you should also check the free nutritional type test at mercola.com

In the olden days food was not declared officially as organic. Probably because everything was organic at that time. At least where the soil was improved regularly by floods at river banks etc. like in the Nile-delta before the dam was built.


Please contribute information if you can:

Please contribute with more information to email:  studies(at)tm.net.my

1. It does not matter if you know only one single fact like where one can buy organic eggs in one single shop
2. Correction of addresses even small small spell errors.
3. Perhaps even a handwritten map
4. New shops, farms, suppliers, restaurants that are not in the list or that you like extra much.
5. Shops etc. disappeared
6. Shops etc. moved
7. What organic products, brands that are sold and if they are certified.
8. If a place has a web page already I might not know about that web site's URL address.
9. If a product or brand has a web page
10. Any changes
11. Of course if you don't want your name, shop, phone etc. listed you can always ask me to take away or change the information about you.

If you are an owner of a shop, farm or restaurant or if your are a supplier etc. you can tell me what articles you sell or produce. Perhaps also correct your address in the lists or even draw me a handwritten map so I can make better more exact maps. If you want me to make a special web page with your products only, add a photo of your shop etc., I don't mind. It might cost a little if it is a whole new non-existing web page. If you already have a web page please give me the URL to the web page. To insert the link to that existing page is free of cost. To enter information about products etc. in a shop etc. is also free of charge. 

I prefer messages by email and SMS if you don't mind. I am still sick on and off since 5 years now and I function better some times than others. Easier to check email and SMS:s than to be always alert on the phone. Besides cell phones emit dangerous electromagnetic radiation and I don't always carry a hands-free device. But by all means phone me during business hours if you don't want to write anything. My disease forced me to buy organic products and it is a very fascinating area. So fascinating that I want to spread the information to others, no matter what race or religion they have.

I use GPS on a Windows Mobile PDA phone with Garmin to find the shops etc. I use a Garmin Forerunner 405 watch to log everywhere I go with motorbike and car. Afterwards I can upload the GPS-track to a PC with Google Earth-maps and find the exact spots of shops, farms etc. I have visited. The latitudes and longitudes are put into the lists and maps. No, the motorbike is not organic. Not yet. (Kawasaki now makes a green environmental friendly super bike that I cannot afford at the moment).

If you have GPS in your car or on your motorbike just enter the coordinates from the lists and maps. However watch out for the expression  "approximate" or "Very approximate" When it is approximate it means that I should at least have found the correct street. But if it says "Very" approximate it means that I have only found the general area where a place is. The real address could be up to 10 km away. For farms probably often more than 10 km.


Comparison Malaysia and other countries

I guess in most if not all Western countries you don't need to look a long time for shops since certified organic produce can be found everywhere. Switzerland had 20% of all agriculture certified organic already around 1985, but Malaysia perhaps only 1% in 2008.  In Australia in some supermarkets 90% of all sold vegetables were organic already in 2004

BBC had a couple of years ago a series called "Around the World in 80 Gardens":

  • An Indian woman in the Amazonas jungle practiced what her ancestors had done for hundreds of years and she was now teaching her children from very young like she once was taught. The organic jungle soil was perhaps a meter thick. Otherwise the normal soil in a jungle is just around a decimeter and destroyed quickly by burning, intense farming, rapid rains and other erosion within a few years often by desperate people with low knowledge levels coming from big cities. After destruction of a new patch in the jungle it is abandoned. It would be wonderful if her knowledge about how to improve the soil in the jungle instead of destroying it could be spread with government support over and over again through TV, newspapers, books and schools. Hopefully in every country in the world that still has a jungle. Perhaps the destruction of jungles could be stopped or at least be slowed down. 
  • Cuba lost financial support from Soviet after the end of the Cold War. Farmers could suddenly not afford fertilizers and pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. They had to begin organic farming out of pure simple necessity. Havannah now has almost every single patch with soil between houses used for organic farming within the city limits. All age groups including youth are making a healthy living from organic farming within the whole of Havannah. Imagine that jobless youth comes in from the countryside to Havannah to quite simply do farming inside the city.
  • The above mentioned BBC series is worth watching also for other reasons than organic farming. I just wanted to point out two examples above that were found in the first 2 parts of the series.

USA and UK have around 25-35% higher price on organic products while in Malaysia in some shops it is considered luxury items and priced considerably higher, perhaps 200 to 300% more. Even if a shop has higher price it is worth it if you are sick or don't want to become sick, for sure.

You can try to keep down costs by trying to grow some organic food at home. Even simple flower pots can grow herbs etc. Another advantage besides keeping down costs is that everything is very fresh direct from your own garden (or balcony pots etc.)

The market for organic products grows fast in the whole world, in Malaysia alone around 20% per year. Perhaps even 8 to 10% per month according to another source. (Reliable statistics for the whole of Malaysia is not very developed yet).  Hopefully the certified organic sector continues to grow also in difficult times in the economy.

Malaysia is a multiracial society, but the Chinese who are in minority in Malaysia anyway make up around 80% of the customers. I guess this must be changing once people become more educated.

The Quran states that food shall be halal (=permitted) and of good quality. Just because something is Halal does not mean that it automatically is of good quality. I wonder how many Muslims know that we are not allowed to even ride a horse that has eaten filthy food. Much less eat such horse meat. The horse must be fed good quality food for perhaps weeks or even months before we are allowed to ride it. Check about "Science Diet" and "rendering plant" with Google and you will get a shock if you did not already know. The same shock if not more with Genetically Modified Food given to animals.

Around 60 to 90% of all organic products are imported to Malaysia. Much from Australia. See the list of organic brands sold in Malaysia. However much of the organic vegetables, fruits and potatoes etc. are unmarked and we don't know where they come from. At least not until we ask. Unmarked vegetables could also be compost grown like in BMS Organics shops. That is not automatically organic, but rather close.

If we visit an organic shop to buy something like tomatoes we can not always expect to find them.  A better approach would be to buy whatever they have for the day. Especially during the rainy season in Malaysia it is not easy to always find what one wants of fresh vegetables and fruits. 

The Organic products in Malaysia can be bought from big shopping complexes, farms, smaller shops and private distributors who make home deliveries.  The trend according to the organization CountryFarm states that the golden age for small shops is almost over. CountryFarm sells to big shopping complexes first and foremost.

Personally I love more the personal approach in smaller specialized shops. Support your local organic shops! Pay them what they want. Big industrial warehouses are not always only good. But I must say that CountryFarm that sells to big warehouses first and foremost seems to have a very good choice of products and sell almost only products that are certified organic.


Organic Certification

The lists have products sorted on

1. Local products with local certification, SOM
2. Local products with foreign certification, like USDA, NASAA certification etc.
3. Foreign products with foreign certification
4. Local products that are so called "organic" with local private brands building on trust of the brand only.
5. Local products that are called organic without certification or brands of any kind

Often it is difficult or impossible to verify if a product is really certified organic. Products in shops like Cold Storage can in some shops be clearly pointed out and in others mixed with products that are sometimes organic, sometimes not. Sometimes there are clear labels and brands, sometimes products are unmarked. A real mess when they are side by side. Sometimes the staff in the shops know where products come from, sometimes not.

Only a few local farms are certified even though certification from the Malaysian authority SOM is free. It is not easy to become and remain a certified organic farm. Even if it is free it is required to keep records of what is happening on the farm and methods used. This is a kind of paper work that some farmers might want to avoid. They can already today charge very high prices for vegetables and fruits without formal certification. Customers in general don't know the real difference between certified and not certified. It is not only the absence of poisons. To me the most important is the presence of high quality nutrients including minerals that is the most important in certified organic produce.

Visit the farm-web sites in the lists. Click in the lists on pictures of brands and products and names of farms. Often you can see that they strive for something more than just organic certification. "Beyond Organic" etc. Supreme kind treatment of animals, rejuvenating soil, qi-energy, etc. These farms are my very favorites.  

The Centralized government in EU and corrupt politicians in e.g. leading countries like USA might result in watered out demands on official certification of organic products in not only their respective countries. Therefore be on the look out for private initiatives where the farmers demand a higher quality of their products than the official certification so that everyone of us can improve the chance of a high quality of organic products also in an uncertain economic future. But if they claim to want MORE than the certification see too that they have the minimum organic certification also. Visit brands and farms web sites in the lists that I have made. If you are going to buy a special product perhaps the rest of your life or build a business on special products try honestly to visit the farms if it is within the country.

  • If you are a Muslim do Istikhara before you start or continue a business based solely on trust of somebody's products. 
  • Ask experts
  • Try to visit the products original production sites, not just one single show site. Visit as many as possible if there are many.
  • Use your eyes and intelligence and don't be afraid to ask about fertilizers, animal feed etc. 
  • Do the farms look well organized? 
  • Do the people working on the farm have basic education about organic farming? 
  • Do you get a good feeling about people's intentions? 
  • Do they love the products and what they are doing or are they working for salary only? 
  • If it is an animal farm do the animals ever go outdoors or is the food always placed indoors so the animals don't want to go out?
  • Are the animals cramped up together in small places? Some chicken in the worst commercial breeding are given the area of a newspaper only throughout their whole miserable life.
  • Do the animals look energetic? 
  • Visible wounds common? Cut beaks? Growth hormones so that the legs break since they become too heavy too fast? 
  • Is it clean?
  • Are they fed commercial regular feed or do they eat fresh clean grass? Watch out for Science Diet, which is a  big deception according to some web sites. Do a search in google with the keywords "science diet" and "rendering" if you did not already know.
  • Do the producers have any production sites, farms at all to show their customers, or is it just talk and promises?
  • Is there any laboratory tests on the products or is the whole business built on just trust and beautiful packing?
  • Do they have many farms and just one of them is certified? What happens with the uncertified vegetables on the farms that are not certified sold with the same brand name or not?
  • Where are the certificates? Are the certificates expired? 
  • If you see fertilizer bags or any other bags like animal feed, then jot down the names of the products and find out their true contents if possible. Is there any antibiotics or non-GMO feed involved?
  • It is not easy to become certified and I am sure there are farms out there that have everything right 99% but have to wait another year or so for official certification. I hope I am not putting sticks in the wheels for the business of such farms where the owners have the best of intentions.

Now after a just a short period of doing these lists I start to get opinions from people inside and outside this organic business about the need for true official certification. There is a very good reason for certification. If you are a consumer or businessman always always always look for officially certified products if there is a choice. Don't build your buying decisions or business on emotions only. When a Muslim chooses a spouse both should do Istikhara prayer to find out if their future partner is good for them and their personal affairs. Imagine if we have to spend the best part of our lives in misery with a spouse that is not compatible. Imagine if wee sell bad products for premium price to innocent customers? Only Allah knows about the future. Only Allah can see the absolute truth. Allah will make it easy if our decision is good and make it difficult to achieve our goals if our decision is bad. Even if Allah makes it easy to marry a partner but the marriage ends with divorce pretty soon, it might be what is best for us. So that we learn. Allah always knows best. Anybody doing Istikhara in the proper way before important decisions without involving hard to interpret dreams etc, will never be disappointed.

For our general well being and health what can be more important than spouses and food? Tie the camel first and then afterwards read dua for success. Muslims should know what this means and follow it. What's the use of the best religion in Universe for us if we as Muslims don't follow as much as is possible and is enough easy for us? Istikhara is one of the more wonderful parts of Islam. Istikhara also means that we must consult experts before and after our Istikhara prayer. In the case of marriage the friends and relatives of the intended future spouses are the experts and they are allowed to tell the truth within limits. The man could be a miser or a big spender. He has wrecked 3 cars going against red light etc. Another man could be teaching orphans to read and take care of their immediate needs etc. A woman could be prone to gossiping or be very quarrelsome. Another woman loves cats and sends hurt strays to the veterinary etc. These are truths the friends are allowed to tell, but not more than necessary about negative things so as not to fall into not permitted unnecessary backbiting.

In the case of organic farming there are experts out there, farm workers and highly certified educated specialists from well known reputable schools that can be checked for authenticity. Hopefully the experts don't just come with rumors. But if you come across a rumor try to investigate it before you build your whole business on a beautiful looking product. If Allah wants you to detect the truth you will. At least if you make an honest effort. That honest effort can constitute an important part of the "tying of the camel" before the dua to Allah for protection and success.

If we base our business decisions on racism, Muslims must remember that racism is pride. Nobody enters paradise that have pride the size of a mustard seed. Only Allah has a right to be proud. All our fortune, belongings and capacity comes from Allah. Races, tribes are different, we all have our plus and minus in different fields.


My favorites

The shops with knowledgeable staff like in justlife at Ikano in Kuala Lumpur are a pleasure to visit. This shop also sells educational books and magazines.  However I seldom see clearly marked officially certified vegetables. I have to ask the staff about certification. Brands vary from week to week.

My absolute favorites in Kuala Lumpur are at the moment

- EcoGreen in Taman tun Dr Ismail
- justlife at Ikano in Kuala Lumpur

- Woods Macrobiotics in Bangsar
- Hock Choon in Jalan Ampang.
- Village Grocer in Bangsar (has increased number of articles after Country Farm Organics shop closed down)
- AU2 Jusco with Jusco home label organic vegetables packed by KK Hoganik.

If you like on line buying or if you are sick or want 100% good service from a reliable seller, you should try out Good4u.com.my. They make home deliveries of everything between heaven and earth that is organic of best quality as far as I know. If they don't have something, ask for it. They deliver within Klang Valley only in one area per day. You can also phone in your order. Good4u.com.my also sells most probably high class organic and officially certified halal chicken. Halal by JAWI from it seems a wonderful farm (DQ Farm). Chicken eating fresh clean grass outdoors to raise Omega 3 levels and be healthy, fed Turmeric to help their livers cleaning their healthy bodies etc. See phone numbers in the shop lists above. The lists will hopefully be longer and more detailed when I have visited more shops and been in contact with more owners and staff.

But also with these favorites among the shops be aware that many of them don't sell only clearly marked officially certified vegetables. Always go for the certified organic vegetables if you can. Travel those extra kilometers to get the best of the best. I use a motorbike with big wheels to drive safely over potholes and with a rather big luggage box since 9 years to bypass traffic jams, reduce road tolls and park for free close to shops. Your's and your family's health might depend on a right choice of food. More than most of us can imagine. 

If you don't know how to begin with organic products, start with making smoothies several times a day. Put green fresh leafy certified organic green vegetables and cut carrots in the blender. Add a banana or a cut an apple for sweetness or add raw organic unpasteurized honey or Stevia. If you want, experiment with adding other vegetables like celery (good against gout), garlic, kei chee berries (super food packed with anti oxidants and non synthetic vitamins) etc. Experiment! Eat, drink the pulp also if you can. The most important in the smoothie might be the green leafy vegetables. Also very important is that the smoothie is very tasty or you will not continue.



I cannot say there is any special shop that I dislike very much any longer. But perhaps one day, I will find one. I hope not.

Previously I wrote about especially one shop, but they are now much better, so I don't put the name here again. It is often the staff's individual personal touch in the shops that sets the trend for a shop. Of course it is easier to make a nice organic corner with a brand new shop or a shop within a prosperous neighborhood.

I also don't like products that have a big word "Organic" on them, but it turns out to be only a single ingredient like wheat that is organic among 9 other questionable ingredients. Or it turns out that a chicken is fed with edible Selenium instead of poisonous Selenium. So called organic Selenium is good for us and metallic selenium is a poison in larger amounts. Plants transform metallic selenium in the soil into organic selenium in the plant. All minerals improve when they are metabolized within plants. Metallic relatively unavailable or even poisonous minerals become biologically available and good for the body or at least not harmful.  More about minerals below.

A Chicken or an egg does not become organic just because the chicken is fed with some organic food or edible food. The rest of the food and the treatment of the chicken could be non organic. However a company thats puts the word "Organic" on a label at least should show some interest in the subject. Hopefully it is not money first and foremost. Therefore such a company with such claims might have high quality treatment of animals and the animals might get better food than average. If you are a business man try to investigate it. If you are a consumer choose officially organic food at least for the bulk of your consumption. There is too much money in the organic business to trust promises only.


Short explanation about Minerals

Short Explanation: Everyone knows that minerals can be in 3 stages, Metallic, Fluid or Gas.

But very few know that minerals in plants are different from minerals in stones etc. Plants have minerals 100% biologically available for humans independent of age. At least as long as our body cells are relatively free from toxic contamination. The body's own inbuilt detoxification starts as soon as no more toxins are added to the body. Metallic minerals are available only up to a maximum of around 8% - 12% for children. 3% - 5% for people over 40 and even less than 1% for people over 50. Vitamin shops sell mostly mineral supplements of this metallic kind, so therefore choose carefully your supplements to be "organic" or quite simply eat more raw and fresh organic vegetables. Organic supplements are rare in vitamin shops. And their vitamins are most often synthetic, which is another example of almost useless and very expensive supplements for people who don't know. 

Some minerals that are poisonous in metallic form like Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Selenium are completely non-poisonous in raw Plants. Arsenic and Selenium even become beneficial in plant-form. Selenium in a plant-state protects against many poisonous metallic minerals like Lead (from wall-paint), Mercury (from tooth-fillings and
Vaccinations etc.) or Cadmium (from root-fillings etc.). Arsenic in plant form is essential for fertility, cardiovascular health and growth in children. (Apple seeds contain arsenic).

This state of minerals in plants is often called "organic" but it means something else than the word "organic" in the expression "organic vegetables". Even non-organic vegetables can contain "organic minerals."

Calcium is metallic in pasteurized milk and organic in unpasteurized milk. When a mineral is "organic" it consists of very small microscopic particles, (1 - 100 Nanometers, = 1 millionth to 100 millionth of a millimeter),  charged negatively, (metallic minerals are charged positively).  Such extremely small particles can travel in and out of the body's cells through their cell membranes without difficulty, (at least as long as we haven't eaten too much trans fats or too much Omega 6). Such articles are taken up by cells only when needed and are discarded when not needed. They are non toxic.  Only plants can charge minerals to a negative charge using soil bacteria and photosynthesis. Metallic mineral particles are around 2,000 to 7,000 times larger and positively charged. If metallic particles were made very much smaller they still would have to be negatively charged in order to become "organic" or useful for the body. Only plants can transform them. Animal and human bodies are positively charged and therefore attract naturally the negatively charged minerals.

Minerals are the building stones of every living cell in every living being and the body needs between 50 to 86 different minerals in different amounts to avoid diseases and have optimal function. Sometimes trace amounts are enough to avoid serious diseases.

When we boil, fry or heat up vegetables, milk or any other food, the minerals in them become gradually larger particles and more and more  metallic. More depending on temperature and time. When a mineral becomes metallic it becomes available to the body only around perhaps 1 - 12% depending on the age of the person that eats such boiled vegetables or drinks such awful industrial  e.g. milk. Organic milk is wonderful when it is not pasteurized and rather awful when it is. Industrial milk also can contain hormones, antibiotics and puss from infections in the udder of the cow and only God knows what more.

Children can take up perhaps 8% - 12% of minerals when the minerals are metallic. When we are over 40 years of age perhaps only 3 - 5 %. Over 50 years of age and higher perhaps less than 1%. When we don't get enough of quality nutrition, the body craves for more, we are constantly hungry. Fast food only gives a quick fix. No wonder many of us become fatter after 35 years of age. Our assimilation of cooked food goes down very much with increased age. Read Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition
http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=softbase-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0916764060. When we don't get enough minerals all the body's systems malfunction gradually more and more. Not enough Zinc is not good for the brain and the reproductive systems etc., just as an example.

Dr. Pottenger divided 900 cats in mainly two groups. 450 cats were given only cooked food and the other 450 cats were given only raw fresh food. The cats that were given raw uncooked food were

1. Nice to handle
2. Healthy, lively
3. Their excrements were alkaline and good to use as fertilizer
4. Healthy offspring

The cats that were given only cooked food like pasteurized milk etc. were

1. Difficult to handle. Irritated, aggressive
2. Had all kinds of severe diseases, like heart attacks, arthritis, diabetes etc.
3. Plants did not grow as much with their excrements mixed in to the soil. The excrements were acidic.
4. The third generation died before their parents and was completely sterile

5. Gender issues like males looking more female and vice versa as well as common with homosexuality among the male cats.

6. The male cats became often lazy and inactive and many females became very aggressive

7. The long bones became longer and more thin. The mouths became more narrow not giving enough room to all teeth.

8. Even if the next 3 generations were eating perfectly like in the first group above, organic and raw, they suffered from problems like above in point 1 - 7, except for that they did not become sterile. Not until the 4th generation with perfect food again the problems were undetectable.

A person who eats only raw organic vegetables and fruits foremost never becomes overweight and very seldom sick, God willing. Lack of minerals is the most common reason for all kinds of diseases. When the body does not have enough minerals we crave to eat more. The body has not got enough. And it will never get enough if we eat only processed food that lack organic minerals or perhaps like with Soy even block uptake of organic minerals. Certain minerals also contribute to make us feel satisfied and not wanting to eat more. Quality food can also be a strong efficient medicine against addictions of any kind.

Imagine the Eiffel Tower with rusty steel beams and some beams even missing. That's in short like our own bodies when we eat food that lack enough organic minerals. Especially after we reach middle age. Would you climb such a rusty Eiffel tower with some beams missing? Would you want to host your soul in such a body? Many people think that they will have a nice spiritual life towards the end of their life. When they can enjoy their savings, pension and free time. That was perhaps true 200 years ago when all food was more or less organic and large profit hungry food processing industries did not exist.

Pasteurized industrial milk is awful no matter what the selling companies proclaim in TV or on labels, with or without famous film stars. Unpasteurized = not cooked organic milk with the fat still in it is a very healthy food as long as we can digest the milk, that is that we are not lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance is very common in Asian countries and very common in people all over the world who are over 50 years old. Raw unprocessed fresh organic milk from fresh grass eating cows is supposed to be easier to drink even for lactose intolerant people. Try carefully at first. Almost all organic milk in shops is pastuerized and therefore rather worthless.

Cows and chicken should eat fresh grass outdoors as much as possible and not be fed too much grains etc. Cows and chicken fed on fresh grass have higher Omega 3 levels etc. The ratio Omega 3 / Omega 6 is haywire in modern food especially if we eat not organic meat. This can lead to diabetes, bad eyesight, bad brain function and many other problems. Cell membranes everywhere in the body become difficult to penetrate if we eat too much Omega 6. As an example the body's own Insulin etc. becomes inefficient. The ideal ratio is 1/1 which means equal amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the body. A ratio of 1/4 can be acceptable. But ratios are not seldom 24 times more Omega 6 than Omega 3. Too much Omega 6 blocks Omega 3 if we want to compensate. We must quite simply eat less Omega 6 which is common in meat especially meat that is not organic. Another reason for bad ratios is common junk food and fast food. Fish and Krill Oil are good sources of Omega 3 and can make wonders for our health at least in minimum dosages of 1,000 mg = 1 g per day. (At the latest 2014 it becomes important to check fish and krill oil for radiation contamination, but that is my personal evaluation, not an official evaluation). Flax seeds can be an alternative but has a small amount of female hormone mimicking properties.

Can we not then cook food? Well sometimes we must cook or fry food, like meat if we eat meat. But as long as we are sick the optimum would be perhaps 80% fresh raw organic vegetables to get all essential minerals and enough organic fruits to get stamina, energy. If and when we are healthy we must learn to always eat at least something raw and fresh every time we eat. Foodmatters.tv recommends a minimum of 51% raw food from a scientific point of view. Foodmatters.tv claim that the body produces antibodies against cooked food if less than 51% is raw. Fruits have much less minerals than vegetables, but fruits have higher contents of carbohydrates which are needed for energy. Atkins diet is not applicable for vegetarians. Vegetarians are in general not overweight. If you are not vegetarian, Atkins diet is a serious alternative for weight loss but can in the long run lead to diseases if you don't eat enough raw fresh vegetables. Only raw fresh vegetables and fruits is a much better alternative than a protein heavy Atkins diet to stay healthy and not overweight. It is not enough to look good. We should also be and feel good. Dr. Mercola recommends a test for deciding what is your own individual nutritional profile. More or less meat etc. The personal needs can differ much from person to person.

Sweden and New Zealand have the highest consumption of milk. Lots of calcium. But they also have the highest numbers of diagnosed osteoporosis. Supposed to be weak brittle bones. There are less cases of diagnosed Osteoporis in Africa, Asia. The best source of calcium is above all fresh dark green leafy organic vegetables. (Unboiled that is). If Sweden and New Zealand drank their milk in unpasteurized form they would probably have a lot less cases of diagnosed osteoporosis. Especially if they also abstained from their favorite beverage, coffee. Too much caffeine drains Calcium from the body. Coffee and soft drinks and meals laden with refined sugar makes the body fluids acidic. Fluoridated toothpaste also contributes to osteoporosis as well as a multitude of other problems including Skeleton cancer in especially youth. Organic Raw Vegetables also contain the mineral Boron which in it's organic form helps Calcium assimilation and retention. Boron is also the only mineral that completely stops radiation e.g. Strontium 90 that can cause bone cancer. People who are darker in skin color have more pigmentation. The darker Pigmentation helps to protect against too much sunlight but means less vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is also very important against osteoporosis. Vitamin D helps to make the skeleton stronger. People with fair skin like in Sweden and New Zealand have less protection against too much sunlight but more Vitamin D3 production. Sunlight also increases immunity defense which just might be more efficient than many
Vaccinations. The risk of skin cancer is high only if we have a bad diet with too little raw fresh organic vegetables and fruits and sulfur rich food like the raw yolks of organic eggs. If we have a good diet the sunlight contributes to protection against skin cancer. Exercise, especially weight lifting also helps against osteoporosis. A diagnosis of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia is not always true. It could be that Western Medicine the Milk Industry wants more customers. Look at the birds. Sometimes a lighter flexible bone is stronger than a dense heavy bone. See the end part of the fact sheet about.
. Strong flexible bones is so much more than just Calcium. It is also mostly Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous and Boron. All in "organic" form, not metallic like in pasteurized milk.

The main alternative to pasteurized dairy milk is today soy milk. But even if non-GMO Soy and organic Soy brings other problems. Mainly it blocks the uptake of some minerals like Zinc. Soy should be fermented like they do with some soy products found in Woods Macrobiotics to be fully edible. See the Soy Fact Sheet about how Soy is falsely marketed as a health food since decades when in reality it is not even when the Soy is not GMO but "organic".

Imagine agriculture with repeated harvests that drain minerals from the earth. Fertilizers that only replenish perhaps 3 minerals, (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, ( = NPK)), out of between 50 to 86 minerals that are needed for the body. Plants grown in this kind of environment may look green and healthy but be devoid or minerals. Acid rains, top soil erosion and chemical treatments deplete even more minerals in the soil. 99% of the population in USA had lack of minerals in the body already in the 1930:ties. Other continents also had already then, now almost 80 years ago similar or slightly lower mineral contents in the soil as USA. Imagine now, many decades later. Between 1975 to 1997, a period of only slightly more than 2 decades, Calcium levels, Iron Levels, Vitamin A and C have dropped 21 to 37 percent in fresh vegetables in USA according to an article in Purefood.org. Compared with 3,000 years ago soil contains only around 25% of minerals. For a human being it can be enough to lack one single mineral to make us sick.

The following table from Earth summit report June 1992 is from a booklet  given a decade or so ago to purchasers of the health product "Higher Colloidals" from TotalHealthConcept, page 20:

% of minerals depleted
over the last 100 years
North America
South America

Also remember to avoid unfermented Soy, even if it is organic since it blocks mineral uptake. Also GMO so called "food" blocks mineral uptake. It is probably not a coincidence that today 90% of all Soy in USA is GMO. Also so called certified organic meat and milk in USA can come from animals fed GMO - Soy pellets etc. and still be sold as certified organic. We as customers must increasingly think for ourselves since our authorities don't always have the political courage to inform full out about these things. It is big business in the background that influence food quality world wide and how much people are allowed to know. (Codex Alimentarius)

The remaining ashes of Indians in South America that were cremated thousands of years ago were weighed. Ashes is nothing but minerals. These ashes have been compared to ashes from people cremated in modern time. The South American Indians weighed around 4 times more! The same was discovered about Japanese monks living at the same time. In other words proof for that modern inorganic food does not contain enough minerals. (And Allah knows best).

Organic farming is not allowed to use synthetic fertilizers. Plants will not grow without fertilizers unless there is enough of minerals, especially Boron in the earth. Earth worms thrive if the earth is without synthetic artificial fertilizers or other poisons. Earth worms help to bring up minerals to the root system of the plants. The most health conscious of the people who buy organic food also choose to eat a large portion of their vegetables and fruits fresh and raw. The amount of beneficial minerals in organic food is normally very much higher than in the common industrial vegetables.

Norwalk Juicer used in the Gerson Therapy was invented by Norman Walker. He reached 117 years of age. His juice machine described on the Gerson web site delivers in average 3 to 5 times more minerals than the nearest all in one competitor. The juice from this machine is in a form that reaches the blood within minutes instead of around an hour. This means less energy is used for digestion. Important for a very sick person who often has extreme fatigue. So it is not just the raw material but also the methods and tools used. The Norwalk juicer is the only expensive thing in the whole Gerson treatment, It costs around 2,200 USD. There is a cheaper solution but with 2 not motorized machines costing around 450 USD on the Gerson Web site. Look for their introduction brochure. Downloadable as a PDF file. So anybody sick should consider Gersons around 80 years of experience instead of just trying alone with advice from well meaning friends and relatives. The trial and error process might be lost on such a simple reason as a wrong choice of juice machine. There is no time machine to make us go back in time to make the right choice. A cancer patient with terminal cancer may or may not succeed with other juice machines. The Norwalk Juice machine also accelerates the detox process in the body. This must be controlled through the Gerson enemas and the results evaluated by Gerson experts so that the detoxification process does not become to heavy for the liver and kidneys. A person having gone through chemotherapy must chose a much slower healing process than a person who has not. All these things should be handled by experts on especially the Gerson method. I am not an expert. I just want to point to where more valuable information is. Even for healthy people an investment in a Gerson Norwalk Juicer could be more important than the family car.

Some organic farmers don't see the production shoot up until after around 4 years of production. And at least 2 years to break even. Many farmers go bankrupt if they cannot last the 2 first years that are almost without production. It is not just to get certified and then produce the best of the best of vegetables. In Malaysia perhaps 20% of the so called "organic" vegetables are truly certified organic. Imagine then that among those 20% there are some certified organic vegetables (and fruits), that are better than others. See the STAR article on the web about the LOVG vegetables. Something to consider for somebody seriously ill. If we are ill already we cannot afford to experiment if we have a choice. Some non certified farms might produce very good quality, but then you must visit those farms personally to check them out or have proofs from somebody who has visited them.

If you want an experts advice on the different benefits of minerals in different stages consult Rajen M at Alterni.com. He has a Ph.D in holistic medicine with minerals as a specialty. Much of all of our herbs base the efficiency on organic minerals in the herbs.

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Some Organic News.

  • Verified non-GMO product

    GMO is banned in 30 countries in the world. Organic Trade Organization in USA have members on the board that promote GMO and profit from GMO. How can these people promote organic food and demand GMO warnings on GMO food in USA?

    See Video...

    Label that should be as a minimum on US GMO food

    For the danger of GMO see http://www.responsibletechnology.org/ or look for videos on YouTube with Jeffrey M. Smith.

    To be added to GMO and Organic pages

  • Vegetarian or eating meat also. A Discussion between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Gabriel Cousins. See video...
  • If you are into future organic farming, consider some kind of protection mechanism against especially pollution in future rains.
  • Some organic companies have surrended to Monsanto according to MD Dr. Mercola article. (Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley and Stonyfield Farm).
  • Former Professor Emeritus Don M. Huber warns USDA about the extremely high abortion risks, sterility risks and decreased production risks with GMO just before USDA decides to allow GMO alfalfa in USA, ignoring every warning.
  • USDA National Organics Program (NOP) does not test for GMO any longer. In other words the word "Organic" in USA seems to be losing it's value. No testing of GMO is done. "Don't ask, Don't tell, Don't test, Don't know" Read more...
  • 2 March, 4 June 2011: Just Started the Healthy Living page with over 100 entries. However it can be frightening to read about so many dangers in the food supply and I have tried to write short which means I don't cover all aspects in the list and it might appear very harsh when the text is very short. We are at a break point where we as consumers have to start thinking ourselves and trust authorities less. If you live in a country with good organic authorities, praise your creator and pray it will stay that way. But we just cannot accept USDA certification any longer point blank. You have to make your own judgments or find an expert or company, brand etc. you can trust. We also must look up for products like US almonds and all Soy products as long as they are not fermented. As usual we have to question if pasteurization is really something we shall accept as organic consumers, especially if we become seriously ill.
  • Verified non-GMO product

    Heated discussion if USDA cheats us or not.

    Farmwars wrote an article "The USDA's Organic Deception" that really got some heated answers

    As you can see from the chart below a lot of GMO using companies are buying up some organic producing companies or at least having some kind of contacts with them.

    Organic Industry Structure chart

    What is organic chart

    I am not going to rewrite the article here in shortened form.

    Please read for yourself at their site. The comments are as interesting as the article.


    What to do: Less processed food even if it is USDA certified organic. More raw certified organic green leafy vegetables. Keep a close watch on who owns your favorite processed food companies.

  • "Neotame" a new supposed to be more toxic form of Aspartame can now be added to any food in USA without labeling, even to USDA certified organic processed food and certified Kosher products

    If anybody wonders why I take up also Kosher labeling, I do it because these web pages are meant to hopefully be informative not only for Muslims. Muslims are supposed to be able to legally accept also all Kosher products as Halal (= permitted, legal for Muslims). We know if not before that towards the end of time we must be on our guard against liars and that we must start to use our own intellect, whatever remains of it after consuming all these food additives if we have not previously chosen the organic path only. Since in the Quran the term "Halal" (= legal for Muslims) is mentioned together with "Toyyib" (= pure, of good quality) in the Quran, there is a stronger and stronger reason for all Muslims to start to think more about "Toyyib" than ever before.


    More about Neotame and how 1 day safety tests are performed by Monsanto. The real test time should be at least 4 to 5 years according to that article.


    Aspartame is already very toxic, but it has the advantage of being quite often on the labels of the products that contain it. At least labels often state that "legal" additives have been used. Neotame is supposed to be more toxic according to the article and not be labeled at all, at least not in USA.

    Aspartame Symptoms Chart

    What to do: Quoted from the article

    Begin quote:

    So what is the solution to this problem? Buy local organic food, know your local farmer, and don’t buy processed foods whether they are labeled “Organic” or not. This requires a drastic change in lifestyle that most will not want to make. For those who choose to ride the wheel of chance by succumbing to this genocidal adulteration of our food supply by those who stand to profit from our sickness and early demise, my only comment is….it is your choice. But for those of us who have decided to fight this battle one bite at a time by hitting these sociopaths in the pocketbook where it hurts……viva la revolucion!

    End Quote:

    From other sources we know already that Animals might be fed GMO-corn or GMO-soy and the products might still be labeled USDA organic, like e.g. USDA certified organic milk. In the article it is mentioned that animals can be fed Neotame legally. The animal feed "Sweetos" is nothing but Neotame aimed at replacing molasses

    Does it not seem more and more important to know the producers, owners of a brand or of our food products? But watch out for change of ownership of your favorite brands.

    Aspartame can make a person sick at once. Different persons react differently. For the average person it  can take many years if the person does not do anything about it. It is often difficult to pinpoint exact reasons for symptoms whenever they occur. Our goal must be to minimize all kinds of poisons since it can be too difficult to eliminate poisons totally. Especially when we travel or visit others.

    Now that the new school year has just started for 2011 it can be appropriate to again mention the experiments with quality food in a High School in USA. A High School that was troubled with very difficult students for many years before the experiments with healthy food:

    • Better school diet can make wonders like it has done for the Appleton High School, Wisconsin, USA:  Download free information file 2 pages
      • Humble to the teachers
      • Humble to their parents
      • No dropouts
      • No discipline problems
      • Better school results
      • Better in school sports 
      • No suicides
      • No weapons
      • No arrests. Each previous arrest before the diet change would cost around 20,000 USD
      • The operational costs of the school also went down 5 million dollars since they have
        • No vandalism and
        • No littering etc.
      • The corridor police in the school is interviewed by the students about how to become healthier and stronger with a good diet and good training. That's all he does, answering questions, becoming a role model.
      • Teachers about to retire don't want to retire since teachers think it is too fun to teach students who all of them are eager to learn.
      • Download free information file 2 pages

    My intention is not to scare people unnecessary. But it is better to be scared before we fall sick than afterwards. I guess the proverb ought to be something like "an ounce of prevention is better than 20,000 Pound Sterling of remedy". In the school project above they don't regard the costs for a better diet as costs since the cost savings from the experiment is more than the investments.

    Parts added to the Organic pages and the Aspartame fact sheet

    • "Before the Day of Judgment there will appear (a number of) impostors. You are to guard against them." (Sahih Muslim Book 19 no 4483)

  • Malaysia forbids from New Year 2011 all food marked "organic" that is not certified organic. I read this in the Star a few weeks, or perhaps it was a month before New Year. I wonder if it is enough time to make a shift in labeling for all of our organic producers that don't want to certify their products because of cost concerns. I also wonder what will happen with labels stating that food is "organically grown" or where the shop is a so called organic shop, but vegetables especially are grown with methods that are very close to organic farming, but the products are not certified  organic yet. Hopefully our organic producers who really use organic methods certified or not, will not suffer, but prosper under the new rules. If they prosper, we the consumers also have a bigger chance of prospering both in health and economy.
  • Just as expected: UK to ban hundreds of herbal remedies, because of "safety" concerns. Read more...
  • Just as expected: S.510 went through Congress and Senate in USA. Because of "safety" concerns. What was not expected is that it did not have any No- vote whatsoever. Follow up S.510 on Naturalnews.com from some probably most valid comments

  • This is one of the most wonderful messages I have read lately:

    4,000 square feet. Organic home garden. Supports the family with all their own food. The only food they need to buy from outside is grains like wheat etc. The small garden gives 3,000 pounds of food per year. When the 63 year old father started the garden some years back the rest of the family wondered what he was doing. Now restaurant chefs are literally beating their path through the garden's 400 varieties of vegetables, fruits, berries + bee keeping, very friendly chicken, goats etc. to their front porch of the house where they sell for around 20,000 USD per year of their surplus production. Restaurants deliver used cooking oil to their doorstep for their old
    Bio Diesel converted car. completely free of charge. 12 USD electricity in average per month in total.

    The watering method with clay pot irrigation is enough reason to see the video.

    Their web site gets 6,000,000 visits per month.

    However the owner says It is "A big risk to start such a garden since people might gain freedom."

    See video...

  • The videos Food Matters from 2008 and Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days from 2010 are just amazing. I hope to be able to return with more information some day.

    Food Matters goes through the real reasons why Natural Medicine is the only true "Medicine" or at least the best.

    Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 days shows 5 people (6 from the beginning) from different corners of USA getting rid of their meds completely or almost completely, be it Insulin or any of the other common medicines especially old people tend to take. Everyone of those who completed the free treatment were extremely positive and much more healthy after only 30 days. The Type 1 Diabetes guy went down from around 70 units of Insulin every day to only 5. If he continues he might be rid of his diabetes within a few more months. All blood sugar levels normalized. Blood pressure down. Aches, pains, gone or much milder etc. Not only did they become healthy (-ier) but they also learned how to prepare healthy meals from organic raw fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Natural treatment is not only to be given what to eat and drink, but to learn how and why and when. Everyone wants to show others.

    Their ordinary doctors are more or less shocked abut the changes in their health when they came home.

    The film also showed some negative aspects, like the crisis that appears normally after 3 days when the body starts detoxifying itself. When the body starts detoxifying naturally since the people eat only organic raw healthy food without additives etc. the blood starts to be filled with toxins taken from the body's cells. The cells start to excrete long time stored toxins when it has a chance. The body often reacts strongly and people feel and sometimes even are very sick at this moment. This kind of reaction is a sign of that the method works. But they drink a lot of water and lots of healthy juice and exercise and after a few more days they are amazed about how energetic and good they feel. And it gets better every day as they are reducing their insulin medication bit by bit and the blood sugar levels go down bit by bit more and more to normal levels and they lose weight or if they are thin from the beginning they gain more muscle-mass.

    In Food Matters there are many things explained but I won't go into detail. But comparing with the Diabetes video it is notable to register Charlotte Gersons statement about how important detoxification is. Gerson has a refined extra efficient detox method with coffee enema to be used by very sick people. Gerson also has the very efficient juice machine "The Norwalk Juicer" that delivers nutrients to the blood almost directly within minutes without a tiring energy digestion process that normally takes hours. The Gerson method is even more efficient than simply eating the best of organic food and the other simply wonderful methods described in the Diabetes video.

    I was also surprised to see how the experts in the Diabetes video were to a large extent MDs by profession. I think the best natural doctors are those who convert from Big Pharma as MDs to Natural Medicine. They stressed in the final statement of the video that Medical supervision is very important and that we should not self medicate at least not as long as we are still dependent on Insulin.

  • Should it be the norm to always use an organic mattress? What about "eco" friendly mattresses?

    A standard mattress can be made using fire retardants, plasticizers, questionable chemicals in the foam and vinyl cover. Organic mattresses can be certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The largest US GOTS approved certifier is Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO)

    Organic mattress logo

    Naturepedic in USA sells this kind of mattresses especially for babies but also has products for grown ups including large sized mattresses.

    Organic certified mattresses must be made with fibers and fabrics from certified (NOP) National Organic standard and processed in accordance with GOTS. All other components such as springs, fire protection etc. must meet stringent non-toxic standards.

    "Eco" and "Green" are not regulated terms and can be misleading. E.g. "Bamboo" fabric is really rayon and has nothing to do with bamboo plants at all. Other harmful chemicals can also be part of so called "eco" or  "green" mattresses.


    A special blog takes up the problems with standard mattresses. Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, when he became a grand father set out to buy a baby mattress for his grand child. Since he had been working with different chemicals for 30 years he was appalled by what he saw in the market. "Nobody sets out to make toxic baby mattresses, it just evolved as a way." (His quote, not mine).

    Nearly all standard baby mattresses are covered with PVC to make them waterproof. Since PVC is rigid manufacturers mix in phthalates to soften the PVC. Phthalates are used to soften all kinds of plastic by the way even toothbrushes and contains estrogen like substances like BPA that are very harmful to humans (and animals). When added to PVC phthalates don't stay put but leak in to the air causing children to get asthma, reproductive problems and even cancer in worst cases. For males it can also men reduced sperm count to add on to many other causes for lower fertility

    The US Safe Chemicals Act works in the wrong way. Manufacturers do not need to prove the ingredients to be safe in a mattress. They are assumed safe until proven otherwise. Can result in very cheap mattresses with questionable contents.

    Organic mattress makers like
    Naturepedic on the other hand have health claims that they must prove before they can sell their products. This makes their products very expensive.

    I hope sincerely some organic shops in Malaysia can pick up on this idea and either import Naturepedic mattresses or make their own perhaps using knowledge and wisdom from old mattress makers in Malaysia who took a kind of wool from special trees to make mattresses (I have seen one such tree in Kota Baru), or organic straw. Perhaps combined with organic cotton from e.g. JustLife, not the GMO cotton that is so common in everyday clothes and that even causes itching problems for Indian and Pakistani GMO cotton farmers.

    There is one existing eco mattress in Malaysia made of pure latex branded Nature_Pure_Latex_Eco_Mattress or something similar at no 89, Jalan Maroof, Bangsar, 03-2284-2336, which could be interesting to combine with the grounding patch described in MD Dr. Stephen Sinatra's video in the link below (Underlined below).

    Compare also a short video link (around 8 minutes) about how connection to earth, = grounding" increases blood flow dramatically: Grounding to the soil in the garden with a stick put into the soil or using a functioning electricity system grounding. Like grounding the mattress, or use grounded patches on the mattress or walk barefoot etc. See the short video by Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD. Simple cheap grounding increases blood flow in not only patients with diabetes having many ulcers in the skin, risk of amputation because of bad blood flow, but also so called healthy people, everyone, after around 45 minutes. Grounding should be done many hours a day or perhaps the whole night like when the mattress is grounded

    4 June 2011: I saw a warning from some person in a message that the circuit that leads to the ground should be equipped with a 100k resistor to minimize risks of electrocution if a person comes in contact with high voltage e.g. from a broken electric hairdryer etc. I don't know if this makes the grounding as efficient as wanted or if the warning really is true, but you can follow up the information to the source (Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD) and put the question to him or his web site's contact address if you don't find any information on his web site. Sometimes these kind of messages are not true, sometimes they are. The grounding concept ought to be worth studying but we must be careful not to accept all information point blank without investigation. I have not investigated it yet, sorry...

Click on organic blog-link: LOHAS: Lifestyle for Today, a transformational lifestyle concept

  • Bionic Burger. Immortal hamburger Museum with McDonald hamburgers of different kinds kept outside the fridge as fresh as when they were bought from 1989 up until today. Looks the same, smells the same. See the video and lists of ingredients. The video is only around 3 and a 1/2 minutes and has been viewed by over 2 million viewers.

    the Bionic Burger

    See video and a long long list of unhealthy ingredients in fast food in general according to FDA. But it is probably not the main reason why the burger does not decompose even after 18 years. The video was made in 2007. 

  • How some of the Organic Egg industry in USA cheats about the quality of certified organic eggs. Imagine then how it would be if there is no certification at all. But USA has USDA that is supposed to be a real quality confirmation. What happened to honesty and genuine interest in people's health and not only greed?


    What to do: In Malaysia I prefer DQ farm eggs to any other so called organic brand, for the moment. Their chickens are kept outdoors in a clean surveyed environment and eat grass and herbs and are helped with turmeric for their detoxification. See details on their web site. Okay local certification is not possible with local organizations for eggs, chickens and other meat at the moment, but the owner of DQ Farm obviously has a real interest in the health of both the chickens and the customers.

    DQ farm

    Regarding other farms you have to visit them to know or find out from people you trust. We cannot wait for authorities to tell us every single truth. We cannot wait for big business to automatically meet all our needs, especially when there is no certification process available.

    According to dr. Mercola to find a local good egg producing farm is normally very easy. Especially when you look for family sized farms. The color of the yolk should be deep orange, not light yellow like normal shop eggs. Chicken should be allowed to eat insects outdoors etc.

  • Country Farm Organics have closed the restaurant and shop in Bangsar. Some of the stock has been transferred to Village Grocer. But I could not find any Organic Soy Ice Cream or Organic fish any longer. However unfermented soy is not healthy anyway, so there is no big loss. But Village Grocer in Bangsar has now a bigger section for organic articles and the Country Farm membership is valid there. The signs in the shopping complex about Country Farm Organics having moved are rather confusing. I sincerely hope we customers can afford and have enough determination to continue to support our best organic food suppliers, shops, restaurants, farms and organizations. We owe to our health and especially coming generations.

  • Dr. Mercola quotes a list from 300 BC while praising Eggs as a very important food.

    In 300 B.C., a verse went that four lessons could be learned from the cockerel:

    1. Fighting well
    2. Getting up early
    3. Eating with your family
    4. Protecting your spouse when she gets into trouble
    End quote

    Very interesting article about Eggs and chicken. The differences in nutrition and health safety between organic chicken and conventional common tortured concentration camp chicken


    What to do: Stick to organic chicken and read what Dr. Mercola writes in order to understand why. His newsletters are read by 2 million readers not without a reason.

  • Adding more and more shops in Malaysia selling HPA products to the organic pages.

    HPA logo

    Lots of products, some of them organic. No local organic certification possible yet for chicken, meat or milk in Malaysia. But we can hope for at least basic efforts to make quality food when a large group of companies launch products that are claimed to be organic:

    Organic chicken, Organic Baja fertilizer, Organic rice, Organic lamb meat, Organic beef meat, Organic Mengkudu, Organic goat milk
    .. Other products seem not to be organic yet. Membership September 2010 costs 30 Ringgits and gives around 10% discount. The prices seem to be reasonable. There are lots and lots of shops and agents etc.spread all over Malaysia. It will take some time for me to enter most or all of them.

    The chicken are not fed antibiotics or pig-based enzymes. Halal and claimed to be organic.

    The web sites about HPA products are not very informative about more than their extensive business plans with lots of companies involved. There is also education for Islamic studies in the plan.

    However if you become a member, (costing 30RM), you get a folder with beautiful pictures and lots of information about also products. However so far only in the Malay language. Many products state clearly they don't contain MSG. Other products are more difficult to interpret what they contain.

    I got a few months ago through anonymous email a link to a YouTube video: "Ladang Ayam Radix" that is claimed to be filmed at one of their farms. After seeing the video you can make up your own mind if you want to eat that kind of chicken. At least I did not see any sick chicken even if it to an untrained eye looks rather crowded. The question is can the chicken go outdoors? Do they eat grass or only Corn, Soy etc. and if it is much Soy is Soy really healthy? And is it really a typical Radix farm or an attempt from a competitor to undermine the credibility of the brand? Are there any doors for the chicken to reach the outside? Do they feed the chicken sometimes outside so the chicken don't spend all their time indoors? Where are the limits for organic and not organic? If the video is true it shows how much individuals must start to think for themselves since we don't have organic local certification for chicken or other meat yet.

    There are by the way also no rules for where to draw the line for chicken called "ayam kampung". Such one can recognize mainly on that they are thinner and that the meat tastes more (and better) even without condiments.

    I still think Radix is a good initiative even though I would personally prefer to eat brands like DQ Chicken where the farmers clearly love the animals and most probably use all kinds of methods to keep the chicken healthy. Something that tests can show really gives a healthy kind of product.

    Can there be a mass production to a reasonably low price using only high quality methods? If not, what can be improved if the company still wants to mass produce? Can there be different quality levels available? E.g. extra high quality organic chicken perhaps certified through foreign authorities in Australia etc. when we don't have local certification. Even if it costs a lost I am sure there are plenty of people who want to pay even double the price for extra high quality certified organic chicken. Even if Radix don't sell a single extra high quality chicken it could be a marketing advantage. If there is no marked advantage already today there might be tomorrow when the public gradually becomes more educated about the benefits of true organic products. People will surely remember companies in the forefront for genuine quality.

    Regarding the possibility of MLM marketing see regarding lawfulness from an Islamic point of view when there are many levels etc. see http://www.zaharuddin.net

    Adding gradually these shops to lists of Organic chicken brands in Malaysia, Shops selling organic chicken in Malaysia. Same for lists about organic fertilizers, rice, meat, supplements and milk

  • Whats wrong with food our food supply?

    11 year old presents in 5 minutes much of the truth:

    Read more, see video...

    What to do: This kid explains in 5 minutes what I have worked over a year on this web site to try to explain.

    His explanations are so to the point and so easy to understand that he quite simply must have eaten organic food and avoided most environmental toxins in order to become so nice, intelligent and efficient.

    Unless he is like a Dandelion plant, growing up to be wonderful in spite of an awful environment. Some do. In Sweden such a kid is called a "Dandelion plant" ("=Maskros"), direct translation "Worm-Rose"

  • Dirt! - The Movie. A documentary by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow 2009.

    You will not see this kind of information in mainstream media since it quite simply clarifies too much. Newspapers, TV etc. would lose enormous income on lost advertisements if people knew what our big food corporations are cooking up in nature.

    Imagine! One has to be an organic farmer or at least interested in organic farming in order to understand why:

    • there are large sand storms in so many countries
    • or how the climate changes in many countries
    • or how deserts are gradually shrinking like Sahara wherever farming is organic 
    • or how a small country like Ethiopia can feed a whole continent like Africa with nutritious poison free food if the right organic methods are chosen just like in Burkina Faso with 100,000 organic farms today. In the picture below Burkina Faso to the West and Ethiopia to the East.

    • Burkina Faso and Ethiopia

    • instead of growing deserts where there is fertilized monoculture pesticidal farming (= conventional modern intensive farming)
    • or worse: the GMO farming where pesticides are increased more than 100 times
    • or how the banks take over agricultural land when farmers cannot pay the pesticides since the crops don't grow as much any longer after a few years of monocultural farming
    • or why big cities are growing especially in developing countries (That is by the way part of Agenda 21). Some of the new inhabitants are devastated farmers...
    • or how big corporations take over the farming and transform it into industrial intensive unhealthy... (You fill in the rest)...
    • or how the roots of plants that are organically grown are large and healthy

    Dirt! - The Movie explains how important the soil is to us and how we must choose very soon or risk losing it all.

    Persons appearing in the documentary:
    • Bill Logan, author of "DIRT: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth"
    • Vandana Shiva, Physicist / Farmer / Activist
    • Fritjof Capra, Physicist / Author
    • John Todd, Biologist / Eco-Designer
    • Wangari Matthai, Nobel Laureate / Founder of Green Belt movement
    • Janine Benyus, Founder of The Biomimicry Institute
    • Miguel Altieri, Entomologist, UC Berkeley
    • Jeremy Narby, Anthropologist / Author
    • Peter Girguis, Biologist, Harvard University
    • Paul Stamets, Mycologist
    • Andy Lipkis, Founder and President of TreePeople
    • Bob Cannard, Farmer
    • Pierre Rabhi, Farmer / Environmental Activist
    • Kevin Rowell, Natural Builder
    • Marisha Farnsworth, Natural Builder
    • David Orr, Professor of Environmental Studies Oberlin Collage
    • Jeanette Armstrong, Okanagan Indian Land Speaker
    • Richard Register, Eco-Designer
    • Sebastiao Salgado, Photographer / Co-Founder of Institutio Terra
    • Wes Jackson, Founder of the Land Institute
    • Benjamin Shute, Co-owner of Hearty Roots
    • Will Brinton, Founder of Woods End Laboratory, Mt Vernon, Maine
    • Wes Kinney, Owner of Kinney Compost
    • Eliot Coleman, Organic Farmer
    • Jamie Lee Curtis, narrator
    • and one Wine Farmer whose name I don't want to promote since I am a Muslim. But he seems to be a very nice person.

    The documentary does not explain how dangerous GMO food is from the point of view of health, but one seldom gets all the bits and pieces of from one single documentary. For that see Jeffrey M Smiths documentaries or read at least 10 pages from one of his books.

    Educate yourself and others about GMO and download brochures from http://www.responsibletechnology.org/GMFree/Home/index.cfm

    In a documentary we don't need to accept all facts point blank e.g.
    • the age of the earth,
    • how plants and animals evolved
    • and how humans arrived on earth,
    • all water supposed to be recycled in the history of the earth etc.
    • and that we should drink wine etc.
    but at least see the positive information and discard the rest. You yourself has to evaluate what is true and not of this abundance of information. Muslims are also less and less knowledgeable about what is permitted and not but can look up this information while there is still time e.g. if we can use horse manure to make floors in a building. I personally don't know but see the documentary and at least you will admire the process. I know Muslims can drink camel urine but I don't know if we can walk barefoot on horse dung. I know we can drink Honey that comes out of Bees from a less expected place on their bodies but I don't know if we can build houses with cow dung. Probably we can, but I don't know yet.

    We can also not accept
    • direct worship of soil, earth, dirt or the sun etc. We are not allowed to worship any of Allah's creations. We don't accept global warming warnings, but we do accept climate changes locally. 
    • We never can get the perfect documentary, but so much of this documentary is so perfect and beautiful that I want to share some of the facts to make you want to see the documentary for yourself.

    • "If we don't take care of the first 5cm outer layer of the Earth our future is totally condemned"
    • We take the soil for granted until it is gone through wind or flushed away by water
    • All around the world we are removing dirt for mining valuable minerals that are beneficial to a very narrow amount of people in a very narrow slice of time in earth's history
    • Raping nature with mining releasing heavy metals etc. into rivers
    • Asphalt and concrete on top of living earth, creating heat in towns and making enormous amounts of rain water run off the artificial surface, spending hundreds of millions of dollars necessary to bring in billions and billions of gallons of water from far away to big towns
    • Without healthy "dirt" it is difficult to survive major storms, hurricanes, floods and drought leading to crop failure and starvation
    • We create micro deserts where we are and eventually these micro deserts grow together
    • The American MidWest in the 1930ies was drying up to a dusty hot desert during 10 years because of monocultures with a single crop over millions of acres, that initially gives large crops but in the long run creates deserts.
    • All you can eat restaurant for pests that soon multiply and destroy monocultures. Instead we should plant different kinds of plants, crops so at least some survive. One year we could have frost, another could be very dry. If we grow many different plants in the same field at least something survives
    • Monocultures are never contributing anything to the soil.
    • A third of our top soil we have lost with modern agriculture. We should contribute to the soil not rape it.
    • All these monocultures over millions and millions of acres are eventually going to collapse.
    • Pesticides deplete the life of the soil. They take away the structure of the soil, They take away the organisms of the soil, They take away the water of the soil
    • Monocultures produce crops depleted of nutrients but loaded with toxins
    • Excess nitrogen from fertilizers feeds large blooms of algae that kills oxygen generating planktons.
    • Farmers are pushed into the loan activity, buying big machines, pesticides, GMO seeds etc. Farmers become burdened with debts and after a few years of monocultures the land is taken over by banks and swallowed into large agricultural giant companies that have no other goal than short term large incomes.
    • In India alone the target is 600 million farmers that should disappear into an industrial model of farming. Where will the soil be, where will the soil keepers be?
    • An estimated 200,000 of the Indian farmers have committed suicide the last decade, many by drinking the  pesticide they can no longer afford.
    • For the first time in history more people live in cities than live in the country side.
    • In the developing world over 80% of the city dwellers live in slums. People separated from the dirt that sustained them.
    • Food riots are direct consequences of failing modern monocultural pesticide and fertilizer farming.
    • Minerals, Bacteria, Fungus, Life, Fertility
    • Wealth and health comes from the soil (Of course with Allah's permission)
    • Children love to play with dirt
    • A handful of soil probably has 10s of billions of microorganisms
    • As the soil gets thicker it increases the ability to support biodiversity
    • Jews, Christians and Muslims all share the belief that humans are created form clay, or in other words soil or the minerals in the soil. 
    • "Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes, we are made of dirt"
    • Indian civilization could not last thousands of years if they did not use the cow dung that is basically transformed parts of plants that humans cannot eat. The beginning of earth.
    • Plants get compounds from the air, energy from the sun, minerals from rocks
    • "God did not give us this soil, to mistreat it"
    • We give plants carbon dioxide, Plants give us oxygen
    • Clay pots, building material
    • Natural Builders make use of the earth on the spot where the building is made
    • Horse manure consists of processed straws that make a very strong floor surface. Probably lasts longer than materials based on petrochemical components
    • Cow dung contains antibiotics that protects against infestations in the building material
    • Mulch as plaster is warm in winter and cool in summer. The opposite of cement.
    • A third of the world lives in earthen structures
    • Large segments of DNA in earth bacteria are identical to our own human DNA. If we add chemicals, pesticides that kill these organisms we sooner or later will be poisoned ourselves. (Did you know Monsanto owns patents to 20% of the human DNA?, or so they say).
    • One year we could have frost, another could be very dry. If we grow many different plants in the same field at least something survives, God willing
    • We should treat the soil as a living organism, not as something dead
    • Instituto Terra planting trees that win back devastated forest into a living paradise on Earth within 10 years.
    • Scientific knowledge paired with traditional wisdom in Burkina Faso has since 1981 started up 100,000 organic farmers in Burkina Faso.
    • Calculations indicate that if the same methods were used as in Burkina Faso the small country Ethiopia could supply the whole African continent with high quality nutritious toxin free food
    • It is possible to regenerate devastated land by using existing e.g. prairies as a library of knowledge, to understand what is happening under the surface to sustain the vegetation above.
    • Annual root systems are shallow, native perennials has enormous roots that can grab nutrients far away and are much more resilient to climate changes than annual crops.
    • The more thin the soil the more important is to protect that soil
    • A single organic hay field outside New York can feed thousands of people. Those who work on the farm do so far not need health care. Yearly prescription fees of vegetables support the farmers
    • Inner City farming even on roof tops blowing life into slum quarters in big cities.
    • Prisoners change  their personality and become more positive human beings when helping with farming. They seldom return to crime after prison time is serviced. They learn a useful profession in prison. If they are bent over by depression at first they spring literally to life when they enter a garden already for the first time. They might be told all of their life that they "have nothing to contribute" they suddenly realize they can do something. There is nothing so moving as to see such people change their minds. (place for Kleenex when you watch this part of the documentary, if they only embraced Islam also..., well a lot of prisoners do...)
    • The people in the film keep saying that organic  soil smells good, feels good, some even say tastes good.
    • Some school yards lots have large parts of their asphalt ripped open to let the earth be free for planting. Students become extremely positive, they want to put their hands in the dirt. Lunch is made from the produce of "dirt". 
    • School children growing plants become less aggressive and very much more positive
    • There is no such thing as waste until it is wasted. Everything can become compost.
    • Ammonium smelling Fish waste can be mixed with saw dust to make good smelling compost.
    • Waste with microbes is a large source of energy that can be harvested for fuel cells. Much of this technology does not need to be really expensive
    • USA that exports much of production to China and other countries can keep this kind of work inside USA and give locals a good income. The work cannot be outsourced. 
    • Worms might be the most valuable species since they rebuild the soil.
    • We should be like a hummingbird doing the best he can when it transports a drop of water in his beak onto the burning forest over and over again. He does the best he can
    • As you can see the positive "GOOD" column is bigger than the negative "BAD" column.

    The DIRT Documentary really creates admiration of Allah and his creation and a strong wish to contribute whatever we can to stop this madness ultimately generated by the very top NWO banksters when they want to destroy the earth in order to grab it for themselves with their own seed banks etc. in a future without Allah. They can try but they will never succeed. They will succeed to destroy much in the world, but the coming paradise after the slaying of AntiChrist will not be built by NWO but by people of truth and honesty. We should try to defend ourselves as much as we can so that we have a chance to a meaningful living also in the future in spite of NWO. Take inspiration from the hummingbird in the DIRT! film

    Compare also a very short video link about how connection to earth increases blood flow dramatically: Grounding to the soil in the garden or functioning electricity system grounding. Like grounding the mattress with a wire to a well grounded pole in the garden, walk barefoot etc. See short video by Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD. Simple cheap grounding increases blood flow in not only patients with diabetes having many ulcers in the skin, risk of amputation because of bad blood flow, but also so called healthy people, everyone, right away. Grounding should be done many hours a day or perhaps the whole night if the mattress is grounded
  • Naturalnews.com appeals to the public to protest against criminalization of vitamin and supplement makers and points to the coming legislation that must be stopped.


    To be added to Codex Alimentarius

  • New Organic brand White Brick Oven - Artisan Bread in Malaysia:

    White Brick Oven - Artisan Bread

    Bread, Cakes, Baking tools. Muslim owners partly retired. You can still come and fetch bread and cakes on weekends. They previously delivered Vegan bread regularly throughout the week to Justlife but apprentices have now taken over regular deliveries. Informative web site. If you come to the shop / restaurant in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays you can make your own pizza. If you want to buy a special type or kind of bread contact in advance. Mostly Organic but occasionally also one or two natural ingredients. Most often baked with Levain instead of standard Yeast. Small garden with some fruits and herbs. Only eco friendly methods used in garden and kitchen.

    If only Malaysians knew how to appreciate 100% Rye bread with dark hard crust. If only enough many asked for non-Gluten bread. Then they could continue producing that also and many other specialties from especially Western Bread-Cuisine. Well if not enough many buy it and you still want it why not join one of their baking lessons and learn how to bake it yourself. Anyway it is good to know how to bake bread. It could be a good extra income for any family.

    Occasionally they can deliver bread to Justlife or EcoGreen. Otherwise for bread and cakes you must come to their shop/restaurant. Baking tools can be delivered by postal mail.

    I wish them the best.

    Added to the list of organic brands in Malaysia and to the Organic shop and Restaurant lists for Klang Valley

  • Quote from Survivalstation.org about food bill S.510:

    Begin quote:

    The following are 12 reasons why S. 510 could be absolutely disastrous for small food producers and for the U.S. economy…. 

    #1 All food production facilities in the United States will be required to register with the U.S. government. No food will be allowed to be grown, distributed or sold outside this bureaucratic framework unless the FDA allows it.

    #2 Any food that is distributed or sold outside of U.S. government control will be considered illegal smuggling.

    #3 The FDA will hire an army of new inspectors to enforce all of the new provisions in the bill.

    #4 The FDA will be mandated to conduct much more frequent inspections of food processing facilities.   

    #5 The fees and paperwork requirements will be ruinously expensive for small food producers and organic farms.

    #6 S. 510 would place all U.S. food and all U.S. farms under the Department of Homeland Security in the event of a major “contamination” or an ”emergency”.  What exactly would constitute a “contamination” or an “emergency” is anyone’s guess.

    #7 S. 510 mandates that the FDA facilitate harmonization of American food laws with Codex Alimentarius.

    #8 S. 510 imposes an annual registration fee on any facility that holds, processes, or manufactures food.  It also includes draconian fines for paperwork infractions of up to $500,000 for a single offense.  Just one penalty like that would drive a small food producer out of business.

    #9 S. 510 would give the FDA tremendous discretion to regulate how crops are grown and how food is produced in the United States.  Basically, small farmers and organic farmers will now be forced to farm exactly how the federal government tells them to.  It is feared that the U.S. government would soon declare that many organic farming methods are “unsafe” and would outlaw them.  In addition, there is the very real possibility that at some point the U.S. government could decide that the only “safe” seed for a particular crop is genetically modified seed and would require all farmers to use it.

    #10 S. 510 will give the FDA the power to impose a quarantine on a specific geographic area.  Basically the FDA would have the power to stop the movement of all food in an area where a “contamination” has been identified.  This would be very close to being able to declare martial law.

    #11 S. 510 will give the FDA the power to conduct warrant less searches of the business records of small food producers and organic farmers, even if there has been no evidence at all that a law has been broken. 

    #12 Opponents of S. 510 believe that it would eliminate the right to clean and store seed.  Therefore, control of the U.S. seed supply would be further centralized in the hands of Monsanto and other multinational corporations.

    As mentioned above, this bill gives the FDA a ton of discretion.  It is written very broadly and very vaguely.  It opens the door for all kinds of abuses, but that doesn’t mean that the FDA will behave unreasonably.

    So should we trust the FDA?

    Is there a viable future for small food producers and organic farmers in America?

    Or is the handwriting already on the wall? 

    If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    End quote


    What to do: Since this might, to put it mildly, influence also the rest of the world, there is double reason to help the US farmers and the US public and the US restaurants and  the US food shops and the US honest scientists and the US chefs and the US schools and the US teachers and ... you name it... to protest against the madness of S.510 or any other variation that might occur of the bill in US legislation.

    How else should healthy food be exported and imported to/from USA
    ? USA is just one country of around 193 that is to harmonize in full with Codex Alimentarius. What when the rest of the world is hit full out by Codex Alimentarius? Even the knowledge about what is healthy food is forbidden in Codex Alimentarius.

    When doctors go on strike whenever and wherever in the world, mortality goes down. Doctors are needed for diagnosis and acute diseases and some specialties but they are not needed for cures of chronic diseases. In fact they might sometimes even increase the sickness of the patients for chronic diseases. What if doctors don't go on strike and

    • Codex Alimentarius gets fully implemented also in your safe corner of the world?
    • How shall we have a much bigger chance of getting healthy again if we have a chronic disease and haven't already studied about alternative medicine?
    • What if we never saved any contact addresses to doctors in alternative medicine or learned about cures for Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Depression, Addictions, Gall stones etc. before the information disappeared or became distorted? Because this kind of quality information surely will be distorted or disappear if we don't protest in time.
    • Big Pharma will be alone, making the sick care into a monopoly. How do monopolies care for their customers? Are they afraid of competition? Answer: Only if the competition exists.

    The people behind Codex Alimentarius count on that people will be passive. When Europeans protested against GMO, Genetically modified food by pulling out plants from plantations and carry pickets and banners in the 1990:ies I personally thought it was rather childish. But they saved the whole of Europe from GMO food. One of the biggest threats to mankind ever and still is. The biggest threat is even bigger when people don't know. It is only now that the politicians 20 years afterwards want to reintroduce GMO in Europe against people's will. But if not enough many know about the dangers of GMO, people are like sitting ducks.

    Already today I have seen an established health shop sell health food as good for one single thing only, when health food is often good for at least 2 - 3 things if not a hundred different things. All right some of the claims of health food sellers is exaggerated, but so is also sometimes the politicians claims of honesty and efficiency. Nobody forbids politicians.

    To be added to Codex Alimentarius

      • Protest if you live in USA!
      • Protest if you export food to USA, organic or not!
      • Protest if you import food from USA, organic or not!
      • Otherwise spread the information before it is too late!
      • Protest if you live also outside USA!

  • Interesting article from MD Dr. Mercola (again). 2 million readers now of his newsletter. (9th of September 2010)

    It is not at all sure that Vegetables and Fruits alone without meat is the best diet. It could very well be so that you belong to a nutritional group that must eat meat at least once in a while, of course organic, to get better health.

    Click here for free Nutritional typing at MD dr. Joseph Mercolas web site (You have to sign on which gives you a free newsletter in your email if you haven't signed on to his web site before).

    Dr. Mercola also has a free PDF brochure with advice about what to eat for your nutritional type. The link will appear after you have taken the free nutritional test. There is e.g. advice about gluten free diets also.

    On top of that there is a free PDF file with recipes for your nutritional type. 307 pages.

    The best is to do individual nutritional typing to find out what is the best for the specific individual. Listen to the reactions of your own body.

    He stresses on quality food, no matter what nutritional type you are.


    What to do: Unless you follow Gerson's method when you are seriously ill, you should decide your own personal nutritional type. Gerson's method is above all for people who are seriously ill. For a while a meat free diet might be the only way to conquer a terminal or very severe disease. But that is my personal opinion. Anyway the Gerson method has astonishing results, so don't discard the Gerson method just because dr. Mercola manages to convince you about your personal nutritional type. Anybody who eats too much meat might get problems that most probably can be counteracted with only or almost only a vegetarian diet for a while until the digestion problems go away, God willing.

    Click here for free nutritional typing at MD Dr. Joseph Mercolas web site

    Meat in countries like USA is mostly tainted and as far as I understand most often inedible because of toxic supplements from rendering plants, or toxic GMO corn to the animals. There are also quite a few documentaries about unbearable conditions in concentration like chicken farms and other animal farms etc. not only in USA.

    Meat should be organic which often means free grazing animals eating grass, not GMO corn etc.

    However in the long run at least when we are already relatively healthy, probably most of us need at least some animal organic meat. If we read about the Sahabah (= The companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him), in Islam there are no vegetarians, but they seldom ate meat. Meat was a luxury. At that time 1,400 years ago all meat and other food was organic. If we don't eat meat very often that might be the best for most of us. Islam preaches moderation. To be moderate about vegetables, fruits, berries etc might be as important as to be moderate about meat even if it is organic without modern food additives etc.

    Saudi Arabia introduced vegetables around 60 years ago. Before that it was almost only only fruits from the plant kingdom in Saudi Arabia. Of course Mekka is special with it's supply of the probably most perfect water in the world, Zam Zam water that is extremely rich in organic minerals. This kind of water is like a food in itself. A single date and some Zam Zam water can be enough to endure a long hot day.

    Each person must listen to his/her own body and not blindly follow advice of others, no matter how healthy they are or how many patients they have cured. The only exception is for Gerson's method that most probably is worth trying, perhaps the only method worth trying when you are seriously ill especially in Cancer, but also for all other chronic diseases. They don't use meat, but you can or perhaps even should most probably start that again in moderation after being cured, God willing unless you belong clearly to a vegetarian, vegan nutritional type. The Gerson vegetarian therapy has two trump cards: The Norwalk Juicer and the Enema that is not weighed into the dr. Mercola mix when deciding about what to eat for absolute health especially in terminal cases.
  • Love's Harvest. A video series in 4 parts about organic farmers in Australia, their families, their striving and success. Even their children start becoming business minded.

    Love's Harvest about organic farmers

    Visit Web site...

    See YouTube Extracts...

    The same name "Love's Harvest" is used in Malawi, Africa by a Christian College for their school Permaculture farming.

  • Radix Organic chicken restaurants starting to spread in Malaysia, Goal is 400 restaurants beginning with Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Melaka and Johore. Looks like KFC. Probably tastes better than KFC. Halal and claimed to be organic but the restaurant's "Cili Sos" and "Tomato Sos" does not state if it contains MSG or not.

    Radix organic fried chicken
    Extremely healthy certified organic energy bar sold in Orbea Concept bicycle sports shop in Desa Sri Hartamas, KL. USD organic certified, Non-GMO, No MSG, No Gluten, No other additives. But very expensive. For people who never compromise about health.

    Hammer energy bar

  • See the Documentary Gardens of Destiny, Trailer, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 with Dan Jason about organic farming on Salt Island in Canada and why we need organic farming for the world to survive. It should be a must see for everyone on earth to watch at least once, especially for school children.
  • Advice about chicken farming. It is from USA but could perhaps be of help also in other countries
  • Help saving information from an important web like Plants for a Future that has links about the usefulness of plants. For food, medicinal purposes and many other uses. See as an example the web page for over 7,000 useful medicinal plats. The database also covers how and where and when a plant grows and how to prepare it if it is a herb etc.
  • See sample page of Eyebright that is good for Eyesight. This same web page is just one of 261 listed plants good for Eyesight.
  • We quite simply have to save this kind of information as soon as possible before Codex Alimentarius becomes implemented also in our area of the world. 193 countries connected to the Communist WTO, a branch of the Communist UN, have already applied much of Codex Alimentarius forbidding natural health in whole or important parts of it. The crazy rule about that herbs and natural medicine can only be sold as "health food" and not be sold as medicine is just one small part of Codex Alimentarius. The other reason for saving this kind of information is that NWO soon is expected to increase the Internet Censorship. We don't know how far. There is only one thing we can be sure of and that is that is not good for mankind when this Censorship increases.
  • Help saving this kind of information before it is too late! Torrent to the SQL database-link

  • How to find best organic products in USA according to dr. Mercola
  • Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Farmers' Markets-- A national listing of farmers' markets.
  • Local Harvest -- This Web site will help you find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
  • Eat Well Guide: Wholesome Food from Healthy Animals -- The Eat Well Guide is a free online directory of sustainably raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs from farms, stores, restaurants, inns, and hotels, and online outlets in the United States and Canada.
  • Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) -- CISA is dedicated to sustaining agriculture and promoting the products of small farms.
  • FoodRoutes -- The FoodRoutes "Find Good Food" map can help you connect with local farmers to find the freshest, tastiest food possible. On their interactive map, you can find a listing for local farmers, CSA's, and markets near you.

  • Make your own Healing Muscle Balm and Rose Balm for the lips and skin from medicinal herbs in your garden
  • Amazing video (18 minutes) about the very many positive properties of mushrooms!
  • Oil spill is transformed into nutrition for worms, insects, birds after a few weeks only.
  • Termites are attracted by slightly modified fungus that kills them.
  • One single meal of this fungus seems to result in that the termite infested house is protected also in the future.
  • Not only termites but also other harmful insects are attracted which makes it into the perfect environmental friendly pesticide.
  • Biofuel the easy environmental friendly way
  • Extremely efficient against flu virus, whatever kind including H1N1 and bird flu.
  • Strong reduction of dangerous bacteria in soil

What to do:
  • Buy shares in Paul Stamets company
  • If you have an organic shop consider selling some of his products.
  • He has a very elegant, cheap simple distribution method for one of his products straight to customers, using ordinary postal mail.

  • "The sperms become too heavy and cannot move, they just shake as if they were doing the lambada."  Simplified quote from Mitch Hein, president of Epicyte explaining about the benefits of biotechnology corn. = GMO

    What to do: Pray you will always be able to afford organic food only since we cannot trace these corn ingredients without a PhD in Food Science and very sharp eyes being able to read labels with extremely small text. Or do what Jamie Oliver preaches, short and simple: If you cannot pronounce the name of an ingredient, "don't eat it" and "don't give it to your children"

  • Codex Alimentarius  an outrageous guideline legislation spread by deceit and sanctions internationally through WTO since 1962 is supposed to effectively forbid any vitamin, mineral and herbs pills etc. with concentrations over an almost microscopical level. Information about natural health effects and health products, organic farming etc. will be heavily restricted if the legislation is followed in your country. It is supposed to go into almost global implementation from around 2012 to 2013. I sincerely hope this is not true. EU has already local laws with most of the contents of Codex Alimentarius in place. When we in the future, (Only Allah knows about the future), your vitamin shop might not have 1,000 mg pills of Vitamin C to eat daily to have as a protection against flu etc., the pills will not be for sale any longer. Nowhere to find. You then know your country has accepted Codex Alimentarius. The Codex promotes pesticides, irradiation, genetically modified, meat treated with antibiotics, over processed etc. food. Information about natural medicine will be difficult to get.  Remains to see what is implemented by this "pactum turpe" legislation. I think I must start to grow more in my own very small garden... In flower pots to begin with..., insyAllah.  It seems that Rima Laibow is exaggerating the effects of the Codex Alimentarius, but it seems to be severe enough. The effects can only be understood by people who understand the true nature of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, minerals etc. Therefore average people don't have a clue of what is going on. Most, including many doctors think that almost only pharmaceutical drugs are beneficial to a sick person and have no idea of what gradually disappears from sight if Codex Alimentarius wins.
  • Visited KK Hoganik Sdn. Bhd. in Subang Jaya. KK Hoganik is not a retailer anymore, only a supplier, (whole seller), but not just any supplier but probably one of the very best in Malaysia. They deliver first and foremost to Jusco in Klang Valley and to retailers in Penang,  Johore and East-Malaysia. If you have tasted Jusco's Organic home brand or KK Hoganiks own brand you will taste and see what quality is. Really impressing quality control of all their vegetables and fruits. The farms are checked if they use enough of compost to improve the soil. Incoming vegetables that are scrawny and have other faults not depending on temporary weather only are discarded and so are the delivering farmers. Farmers that are not fully honest are discarded. The owners of KK Hoganik, Kerby Ho and his wife are pioneers in organic production in Malaysia. They were the first or among the first with organic certification of vegetables and fruits in Malaysia by KRAV in Sweden. Experts were flown in yearly to check production and give certification. However this was very expensive and the Malaysian customers did not understand to appreciate the value of certification at that time. So after many years of certification they abandoned the KRAV scheme but will soon get SOM certified instead, God willing. SOM is the Malaysian certification. I wish them the best, they are most certainly among the best in Malaysia in the field of organic farming.
  • Added a little about the giant Global Warming Hoax that threatens us all in a future that only God knows about. But I wanted to tell what I believe is true about some things in the world politics. I recommend everyone to check the video the Obama Deception that is in the Links at the end of this web page. What has this got to do with Organic food? Wonders at least someone. People involved in organic business are often very interested in the environment to make an understatement. These honest hard working idealist people are sure to spread the warning about Global Warming to everyone they can and without monetary compensation from authorities. But the majority don't realize that it is a hoax that only aims to give money and power to greedy bankers and corrupt politicians. Already now in the West many items have carbon tax baked into the price, even simple toilet paper.  I live in Malaysia where things thank God are much slower so far.
  • Check out Lord Moncktons web site describing Al Gores 33 errors and the High Court of London's decision in 2007 to forbid spreading these lies and indoctrination to school children in UK
  • Socialism, Communism, New World Order or Globalization (or whatever name they choose for satanism) creates the problems and the solutions. Always beware of the solutions. Global Warming taxes are intended to finance the New World Order Central Terror Government. 
  • Everyone in the whole world will probably very soon, (perhaps already from the year 2012 when we reach the cyclic 11 year solar spot maximum with extra high temperatures), be affected by even higher environmental taxes and international sanctions mostly based on lies. Of course saving the rain forest is good. Of course having a clean environment is good. But you can never satisfy the tax collectors by telling that the carbon dioxide, methane etc. reasons for global warming is really a hoax and that your car really does not affect the climate at all through carbon dioxide emissions. You can never tell a tax collector that methane from your pets that fart now and then are not at all affecting the climate. Not even a million pets. You can never tell a tax collector, that just does his job, that the temperatures were high in the world in Scandinavia during hundreds of years already a thousand years ago during the Viking age. Vikings were sailing to and from a green Iceland and a really green Greenland and around in the rest of the northern hemisphere enjoying a nice warm climate. And that without carbon dioxide spewing factories and cars. The world recovered from many ice ages throughout history without factories and cars polluting the air. Carbon dioxide is a symptom of a warmer climate, not a cause. Cars, factories contribute extremely little to carbon dioxide levels. Ask me for a DVD if you don't want to download from Internet.  I can send the first DVDs free of charge. No cost whatsoever. I don't have this web site for profit. My aim is to spread the truth and health solutions to everyone no matter what race or religion or political taste. If you don't believe in parts of what I am writing but you believe in other parts, that is also okay. You can always check facts with non-corrupt experts. Ask people who are not afraid of losing their jobs and social position if they tell the truth. Professors who are retired might be the best and most honest.

  • 31,000 scientists among them 9,000 PhDs debunk global warming but the establishment does not want any debate according to Alex Jones in the video "The Fall of the Republic"
  • Earth cooling down last 2 years or since 1982 according to another source. 
  • Global warming stopped 1998 according to a report that slipped through at BBC
  • Climate skeptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists
  • Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-Out
  • Where the Global Warming Hoax Was Born
  • Supposed to be search able information from global warming hoaxsters. 120Mb of emails, documents, computer code and models from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, written between 1996 and 2009.
  • Computer Climate Change model uses manipulated code to always give wrong results. To always present results as if the world temperature is heating up. Climate gate: CRU Source Code Confirms AGW Fraud From Hacked Documents
  • Alex Jones heated up to fight global warming scam after analyzing stolen emails. How researchers hide the truth and attack truth sayers, pull funding of opponents, fire opponents, stop publishing etc. Climate Gate documents that prove global warming is a hoax

Some Organic Links 

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