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Updated 5 December 2010, some small changes 30 October 2012

Author of this web site is

Adam Testad

I am a Swedish citizen living in Malaysia since 1991

1. Law

I took a Swedish Law Degree in the mid seventies and worked for a while in Sollentuna District Court in a nice old building, Haga Tingshus at the border to Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden.  

2. Hand held computers

While studying law and working with law I bought many hand held programmable devices since computers have always been one of my major interests ever since they were accessible for the public. I had owned at least 12 hand held programmable devices, including a Texas Instruments machine that had a small magnet strip as main storage for programs by the time I was ready with my studies and some of my practice of law. At this time the idea of computers was something strange to 99% in the population. I presented the idea of computers to the staff of the District Court where I worked. However the staff wanted compensation for doing something difficult. My own view is that it does not matter if the salary even goes down as long as one can the have the opportunity to work with computers. They only laughed. 10 years later they did not laugh any longer. They rushed towards modernization.

The latest programmable hand held machine a so called PDA, I bought in 2008. A Samsung 780i with Windows Mobile. Nowadays the hand held machines often have GPS and thousands of software available. In the beginning one had to program them oneself and keep programs on paper and key in whatever program one needed by hand every time one puts on the machine. It could take 15 minutes to enter a large program. Nowadays my Samsung has up to 16 Gigabyte in an so called SD memory card + internal memory. To load a new program takes seconds. A year or so from now it is beginning to be outdated probably.

I have also been a part time officer in the Swedish army and a Coin dealer during the University Law studies.

3. ABC 80 a desktop computer before IBM PC

After finishing working with law I jumped straight into computers and became software manager for ABC 80 in the company that had developed the machine.

ABC 80 was a roaring success in Sweden in the eighties. One day I saw the computer presented on TV by the previous software manager at the same company. I promised myself that I should have such a computer some time before I died. I did not believe in God at that time. Next day I visited the exhibition and it did not take more than a few days before I had one at home. I showed the company that sold the machine what software I had done on hand-held computers and they immediately wanted the same software on ABC 80. This was the beginning of the golden age for young programmers. I got one of the first machines, without serial number and with a relatively big Xerox printer for nice letter-quality printing. I developed a package of economic applications for tape cassettes, later diskettes and even later than that for hard disks and network.

ABC 80 built around a Zilog 8 bit processor and had soon hundreds of established software applications in many different fields. Compare that with many millions nowadays for Windows, but at that time it was a sensation in the Swedish corner of the world. Requests came as far as from Singapore for selling the ABC 80 and ABC 800, but Sweden did not have resources enough to do any export at that time. The Swedish and Scandinavian market was more than plenty. 

4. Bank and finance applications parallel with teaching

After a few years as a software manager I became a software developer for bank and finance applications parallel with teaching at "Lexicon", which was Scandinavia s largest private school for PCs mainly IBM compatible machines. We were around 250 teachers, mostly consultants on free lance basis, teaching almost only adults. Seldom over 12 students in a class and hands on with first class in-house teaching material often tailor made for the companies. I taught around 50 different applications, among them 10 word processor software like Word Perfect, a couple of database software like dBase, OS like DOS, Windows and UNIX, accounting, software languages, communication, network etc. Most courses were between 2 to 5 days. A common reaction from students was that they felt they learned more in one day than in a whole year in public school. Everything was hands on, on the PCs. It was a dream job since almost every single student loved to learn about PCs. We also taught mostly at a school near a beautiful golf course near my own rented house that was in a royal park very central in Stockholm.

5. Success

At that time I did not know about Islam but thought that the only important thing was possessions etc. I had a classic Alfa Romeo 1750 renovated to high standard used during summers and a brand new Volvo 240 during winters. I was an atheist and thought this life was it and nothing more after that. God seemed to have given me exactly what I wanted at that time. But that is what God does. Gives everything they want to many atheist people who wish for this life and work for it. But nothing good in the hereafter awaits them unless they convert to Islam and follow the Islamic teaching to the best of their ability.  (I must put in a link here to a place in the Quran, God willing)

In Islam we shall wish for both this world and the hereafter. I had not met my future wife yet. I had not accepted Islam yet.

6. Socialist Welfare System in Sweden

The bank and finance applications took care of calculating Socialist Sweden's peculiarities in the private economy. People who bought houses could get information about the exact amount for costs of owning a private house. After a while around 5,000 house brokers and bank offices were running my applications that were sold through a company "Capitex AB", now in Kalmar in Sweden. We were not alone with these kind of applications, but first and probably the best in the field. We had help from many brokers and bankers and tax experts.

Sweden has among the largest taxes in the world. The biggest banker families in the world love interest and large loans. Loans to individuals and companies to hook up their possessions and loans to countries to transform successful countries into in worst case debt laden puppets to the greedy power hungry bankers.

Communism and Socialism is created by Capitalists to make them more rich than ever. The Banking families have created Communism and Socialism to make people give up their belongings and give them to the bankers without knowing it and to enslave the population without people realizing it. Either quickly through a Communist revolution or slowly, bit by bit over decades with Socialism that on the surface looks very beautiful. But it builds on deceit.

A socialist government does not give with a kind honest heart to the population but gives with greed. Gives in order to cheat the voters into a beautiful system on the surface. A beautiful looking welfare system that is hard to get out of, once you have taken all the loans. They give much in a beautiful social welfare system in the beginning, but make the benefits become smaller and smaller bit by bit until people one day wake up a little and don't understand what society they have ended up into and how. What happened to their individual rights and their possessions? Even right-wing parties are to a large extent socialist without understanding it.

One of the pillars of the Communist Manifest by Karl Marx is a Central Bank in every country. So if your country has a central bank you might wonder a little about this with interest etc. if you did not know before. Whole countries borrow from bankers and have to pay interest. This is taken from the population through ever increasing taxes. People think they pay high taxes for roads, huge projects etc., while in reality much is unnecessary interest. Look at countries with low taxes. They often also have beautiful roads and buildings etc.

A country could print it's own money since they don't use gold and silver money, but instead the bankers create a monopoly on printing money through creating a central bank in every country that bit by bit puts the country in debt to the bankers. Why? Read about what happened in 1913 in USA with the US Federal Reserve Bank which is not US, not Federal, not a Reserve and not a Bank. Every printed bank note is a debt by the population to the bankers. The bankers only pays for the paper, ink, administration and security to print the bank notes. Why should a country which in reality is its inhabitants have to pay with interest year after year the value of the note? Each note within an account in a bank is security for lending out up to 20 times it's value with more interest. Why? Because the banking system is the real rulers of a country and the goal is the whole world. We are supposed to feel pity for them now and give them support through billions in taxes. The countries governments that often are puppets of the bankers don't want to reduce the debts to the bankers or to print their countries own money. It might be too late. Unless you have Muslims in the lead of course. Those who realize what interest is all bout and start doing something like making money of gold and silver instead of paper. With gold and silver as our money system we don't need to worry about hay wire inflation, like in Russia in the 1990:ies and many other countries where bank notes were much cheaper to use as wall paper than real wall paper during the height of their inflation(s).

Everyone who wants a house, a car or whatever that cost's money is expected to borrow from the banks against interest. Not save in order to get it later. But to get it fast and with a huge future accumulated cost in interest. The interest is deductible from taxable income and in reality the cost of the interest is perhaps only a fraction, perhaps as low as 10-15% of the real amount in Sweden because of the huge progressive income taxes, at least before up to 80-85% on the top of the income. So people and companies in such countries indulge in having loans and paying interest.

This is a very complicated system that involves incentives to split families by making both spouses work. Otherwise the tax system punishes the family to comply. This means that children are placed in kindergartens and public schools paid partly on the surface elegantly by the government through contributions to the people. The kindergartens and schools are of course secular. Some could even celebrate the birthday of Lenin, (22 of April, nowadays "Earth Day"). At least it was so with one school in the 70ties when I lived in Sweden. Children are brought up knowing nothing about what atheism and interest really means. Both in this life and the next. (I must put in a link to the punishment of those who eat interest here)

If religion was preserved in Sweden they might discover that interest is forbidden not only for Muslims but also for Christians and Jews in their own religious sources. Islam is just a continuation of the Jewish and Christian religion. Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) did not come to change anything in the law of Moses (peace be upon him). The changes have been done by their priests and monks who dared to change the original words of God.

Families are very important instruments for child education. Tired parents who come back to tired children doesn't bode well if the TV is also secular and filled with magic, superstition, sex, violence, swear words and propaganda of different sorts. Democracy is preferred but people don't realize that they never will agree on which party is the best. Why not a Theocracy where people and the rulers try to rule as close as possible to what the creator wants? Islam is created for all times and flexible when it comes to inventions and other new circumstances.

To be different in this kind of society and try to be a Muslim not only by name and not fall for banking loans and still live in one's own average standard house and having a rather new car etc. is almost impossible. To have the wife at home taking care of the children, nursing them with breast feeding 2 years as is recommended in Islam and educating them about true Islam etc. is almost impossible. At lest if one does not get child after child after child which almost nobody in Sweden does. It is not forbidden in Islam for women to work outside the home. There is such a choice if the husband agrees. It can also be a stipulation by the wife before marriage that the wife should have such a right. In that case the husband gives his consent before marriage. We need female doctors, teachers and some women are more suited to university studies than many men.

7. Moving to Malaysia

After I married a Muslima from Kelantan in Malaysia I had to stop everything that had to do with interest as soon and as much as possible and move out of Socialist Sweden to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Even if I knew almost all what there is to know about tax laws in Sweden I did not have much choice but to move out of Sweden.  I on purpose did not involve in having too much property or a company on shares and too big bank loans, so I succeeded in getting rid of the interest system almost completely before moving.

I did not know very much about Islam until I really started to study it. Using sources written by Muslims and not by non-Muslims. My favorite was hadith by Bukhari and Muslim. Both these collections of Hadith describe how Muslims solve conflicts in real life etc. Applicable also in this modern time. I read as much as possible about Islam before moving to Malaysia. I wanted to think like other Muslims before moving here. It was a real eye opener to find out that not everything is practiced by Muslims in Malaysia as it should be. To find out about the real Islam we must go back to the sources. The Quran and Hadith. And books written by real practicing Muslims. It is not enough to be born a Muslim.

8. Socialist Welfare System in Sweden breaking down more and more

After moving to Malaysia I have heard of the hollow Swedish socialist welfare system breaking down more and more in area after area. There are almost no private hospitals or for that matter private schools in Sweden. People have almost the same income after tax no matter what job they have. Being a garbage disposal man or a middle management income earner is not much different in disposable income after taxes and fees for kindergarten etc.

If a Swede went to the dental care decades ago they could pay a reasonable sum to get their teeth fixed. But the Swedish majority who saw through the deceit about the Amalgam in the tooth fillings did not want Amalgam in the teeth and demanded poison free ceramics in tooth fillings instead. So the government answered with pulling out teeth with holes in them unless the patient paid a full price for ceramics. Which can be rather pricey since taxes are not only income taxes but also lots and lots of other social fees and taxes that build up a rather big hidden cost-machine for a dental office.

An old person who is too sick to take care of himself can in some places in Sweden loose all their saved capital if he/she wants to move into an old peoples home with nurses etc. to take care of them. Relatives in a socialist system cannot always bear the burden of taking care of the elders. Houses are taxed in relation to size etc. so big houses are not very common. Therefore and in combination with the secular lack of welfare conscience old people don't have much choice. Too move from one commune (city) etc. to another commune to be able to keep one's savings can be difficult for an old sick person. They don't want to give up their friends nearby or they have difficult to understand anything besides immediate needs, etc.

The cost of medical operations medicine etc. is still rather low, but the queues are increasing and many have to die before they reach the top of the queue for an important operation. So much for socialist responsibility for the people who have chosen them. And to get alternative care, which in my opinion is the only efficient health care worth it's name, is not supported by the Swedish government as far as I know. Malaysia has tax deductions for alternative treatments, but the tax here is only about 5 to 15%. A far cry from the Swedish vampire system. The real original Islamic tax system is mainly only 2.5% per year on the savings we manage to keep untouched during a whole year. And it is to be given to the needy, not necessarily through a government agency.

9. Work, discoveries and sickness

Since moving to Malaysia I have worked mainly with administrative applications for a company in Munich in Germany. Working with fax, modem and lately Internet makes it possible to work at a distance from anywhere in the world most of the time.

I also build web pages, build computers (over a 100 by now) and do general programming when needed.

I got sick 1996 all of a sudden and discovered that the so called conspiracy in Medicine and so many other fields like economy in the world was in fact true. I have always been interested in Medicine and wanted to find a cure through studies. I got a shock reading books like
Dissent in Medicine: Nine Doctors Speak Out and Murder By Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America

I read over 100 books about the subject and studied magazines, daily newspapers and talked with experts about the subject. I also studied what Islam stated about the subject. I started a giant site called the Bits and pieces of the Conspiracy, but got a little bit overworked with that site after a few years. It took too much time. Links kept changing to important web sites or disappearing too fast. The Conspiracy that is not a theory but a proven fact is quite simply too big.

I also had another web site, "SoftBase Software Information". The last web site was supposed to be one of the worlds biggest human edited directories for software, hardware and web sites. The web site had around 11,000 links, with many more in an external database. I worked on that database in the beginning on so called BBS:s and afterwards on Internet since 1979 until 2007. Had to stop since I think Internet broadband is now sometimes too slow in Malaysia. Too slow to get information enough fast that is. It has less to do with transport speed than with response speed. It seems it can take forever sometimes to get to a certain web site. And more and more information is moving over from magazines to Internet. Even the magazines themselves like PC Magazine and PC World is moving over from paper to cheap (around 1 USD per copy) downloadable copies at http://www.zinio.com/

I now try to concentrate on health and religion. Hopefully at least something good will come out of this site and a few applications for PDA that I dream about doing... The present project is connected to organic food.

I got sick again in 2004 in spite of exercising up to 4 hours almost every day. I thought exercise would keep me healthy since I don't want to have a sick insurance. But I forgot or did not know how important the raw vegetables and fruits are. Literally. The older we get the more important is our nutrition.

10. Leaky Gut and the Best Test

The latest disease was leaky gut which among other things leads to chronic fatigue syndrome. Organic food is a savior for almost every disease. Not only leaky gut. The diagnose alone was hard to get. I stumbled upon a computer software called the "Best Test" developed in Germany and building on Chinese principles for acupuncture. Instead of curing using acupuncture the PC reads the electrical signals from very important spots on hands and feet. Both left and right to be on the safe side and interprets electrical pulse responses from the important spots and can diagnose if an internal organ is okay, stressed or weak. A terminal cancer patient has perhaps up to 80% of all organs weak or stressed. I had nearly 50-60% weak or stressed organs. Especially the intestines and the liver. At the test time I could hardly sit straight up in a chair. The test results came up in color charts and with explanations even of what remedies to be taken, alternative of course. The doctor does not have to put a single question to the patient. The machine and an operator with minimal training does the test and the doctor can read out exactly whats wrong. I had been a few days in a Western Medicine hospital and the doctors could find nothing wrong. I even got a 5 years "warranty" on my intestines. Since I don't smoke, don't drink and exercised up to 4 hours a day my organs had not collapsed yet, but I felt extremely awful. Western medicine does not discover faulty organs until they are collapsed I guess. As an example the PC can also test straight away within at the most half an hour inner organs response to allergens. To do this with Western medicines takes at least days if not weeks and is often costly and hard to interpret.

The Best Test, (Lately named "Vega" and forbidden to import to USA), even could detect that I had been eating honey and sitting outside in the sun rinsing weeds. How? Well Honey contains small trace elements of botulism that cannot be taken away. Not even by pasteurization. Honey is a God's gift to mankind. Plenty of minerals and other nutrients in the raw unadulterated unpasteurized versions, so we must benefit from it if we can. Sand ticks, small flies were biting me in the garden and it was also detected by the Best Test.

In the beginning I had Candida and it took quite a while before I discovered that grapefruit seed extract is the most important against Candida infections. No side effects. Combined with less carbohydrates in all its forms it really works. We also have to keep the body fluids alkaline. Like with all diseases especially cancer. Sugar, sweet Juices, carbohydrates from bread or too much fat are a big no no, since Candida comes back quickly if we indulge in that. Leaky Gut is much of an inflammation. Coconut water that I drank liters of every week before I got sick also increases permeability. In other words increases the leaking in the guts. If you eat food with Ajino Moto or MSG as it also is called forget about healing the gut. MSG has now around 50 names including "no MSG" since the "responsible" people in FDA and other authorities in the world are permitting deceit. Just check out a web site Truth in Labeling, (I will get back with the exact link, God willing.)

Leaky Gut allows food particles to penetrate the intestine walls, perhaps through microscopic holes in the intestines in my case caused by the Candida Fungus to a large part. These food particles that are not digested enough cause allergies, at least with time. One common allergy is against Gluten which normally points to leaks in the smaller intestine, the Duodenum if I remember right. However I had more problems with the larger intestines than with the small.

Anyway Organic food, when I can get it seems to be the only thing that works, even if it works slow. It has taken me 5 years to become almost normal again. The first few years I could not get hold of enough organic vegetables and did not know enough about details of the diet against leaky gut. Some so called in experts in Western Medicine does not want to believe there is such a disease as leaky gut. At least that was what I could read in Wikipedia. Links kept being taken away to cures and proven science around leaky gut on Wikipedia. It took a few years of studies to find better cures. As almost always the green leafy vegetables are the most important in getting healthy again. There are lots of foods that irritate the intestines like meat, chocolate, bread, gluten, dairy, flax seeds, lactose in dairy milk products, coffee etc. Some of it individual allergens for only some people, but not others.

L-Glutamine is important in the cure against leaky gut since muscles (I did exercise a lot) take L-Glutamine (an amino acid) from the intestines or at least compete about it's use. The intestines are also muscles. With enough L-Glutamine the muscles can rebuild also in the intestines. L-Glutamine is also good basis for HGH hormone. But HGH hormone is only developed in the body after exercise when taking L-Glutamine.

Beneficial bacteria so called probiotics are also important. The beneficial bacteria is what takes care of our food in the intestines to make vitamins and other nutrients available for the body. We would probably risk dying soon if the bacteria in the intestines were completely killed by often repeated antibiotics cures in combination with Splenda etc. At least that is what I believe. I could be wrong. Read for yourself.

It also helps if one has the appendix still intact, since the appendix helps the body especially when we are over 50 to quickly repopulate good bacteria in the intestines after a "stomach flu" or a meal of a not organic chicken that has been fed antibiotics, or antibiotics treatment etc. The number of bacteria in the intestines are 10 times more than the total number of our body cells. The share of good bacteria in our intestines are supposed to be at least 85%. Hopefully Organic food brings that number up at least a little. If we don't have an appendix any longer because ignorant doctors believed in evolution and not creation, we must supplement with probiotics. Preferably local bacteria like in TotalHealthconcepts products in Malaysia.

I also take herbs, bitters for the liver, Milk Thistle and Dandelion. It is awkward that a beautiful wild flower I disliked in Sweden, the yellow Dandelion that invaded the common grass carpets in Sweden suddenly shows up to be a life saver. It helps the liver to rebuild if it is damaged or too small. More about these things later. I am sure I have forgotten something about Leaky Gut worth mentioning.

I can now exercise a few hours every day including tennis against people much younger than I am. I still get tired now and then especially if I sit still too much but I feel and know I am on the right way if I can keep it up with discipline and organic food, God willing.

When I started to make this web site I wanted to give the solutions for a true Healthy living first:
  • like organic food and drink and show people especially in Malaysia where to buy it.
  • like belief in one true single God why it is so important and explain at least a little about Islam to non-Muslims.
  • like a cure for all or almost all diseases in the Gerson's Therapy since around 80 years and explain why it works. 
Afterwards, after trying to give people a way out from all dangers, I wanted to give warnings about dangers to our health and how to avoid them:
  • like how to avoid Pesticides, Genetic Engineering, Fluoride, Mercury, Aspartame, Equal, MSG etc.
There is an ancient Chinese curse that says: "May you live in interesting times". The times right now are more than interesting especially the issue of Squalene. So please forgive me if I don't write much about organic food for the while being.

I have web page statistics for this web site (See "Page Visits" below at the end of the page) that shows that 95% of all visitors are only interested in organic food, shops, restaurants, farms, suppliers, Organizations and brands on this web site. They are not particularly interested in educating themselves, at least not when visiting my pages. I cannot blame them, I don't have much material presented yet for the dangers. It takes very long time to make, but worth every minute if I can save one single person from the dangers of a small group of arrogant people who want to transform this world into a living hell, presenting it as a paradise. The Dajjal (Anti-Christ) will bring with him something that appears as paradise but is hell. The Muslims will live in something that appears like hell. There will be many liars towards the end of time and we must protect against them as much as we can. Educate yourself to protect yourself before it is too late!

Well you have to educate yourself also about the dangers, or you will not know what hit you, unless you are an alien not living on this earth. Almost every problem presented on the web pages has a What to Do - section where I try to give possible remedies to a problem.  I try to give links to real experts with MD and PhD titles, Noble Prize winners etc.

11.  Contact Information

I might start a blog site any of these days, (weeks, months), in the meanwhile please write me email to studies(at)tm.net.my or SMS to 016-6224084  in Malaysia (country code = +60).
Fax during office hours is +60-3-4142-8745

All the best and Wasalamu-Alaikum / Adam Testad

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