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Organic brands of Rice in Malaysia Updated: 03 December 2012 What comes out  of those Vaccination Needles?
Please learn about Codex Alimentarius forbidding Natural Health gradually
How to avoid GMO-food just like all animals, cows, deers, elks, mice, racoons, rats, squirrels etc.?

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Baby Natura
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Baby / Rice

Organic Brown Rice Porridge meals for babies etc.
Healthy Foods, Co. Ltd
1 Phrompan 2 Building, Soi Ladprao 3, Jomphol, Jatujak
Phone1: +66, 2 513 1024
Fax: +66, 2 513 1025

Email: info(at)babynaturafood.com

Web Site
Village Grocer Sdn Bhd
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Web Site
Chicken / Meat / Supplements / Milk / Fertilizers / Frozen / Rice

Lots of products, some of them organic. No local organic certification possible yet for chicken, meat or milk in Malaysia.

The farm(s) is/are situated in mostly Kedah and Perlis. One is at the HQ in Perlis. When it comes to organic meat and meat products only chicken farm(s) so far were ready in 2010.

They have in the year of 2010 only Organic chicken but no other organic meat.. From some time in 2011, God willing also Organic Baja fertilizer, Organic rice, Organic lamb meat, Organic beef meat, Organic Mengkudu, Organic goat milk.. Other products seem not to be organic yet. Membership September 2010 costs 30 Ringgits and gives around 10% discount. The prices seem to be reasonable. There are lots and lots of shops and agents etc.spread all over Malaysia. It will take some time for me to enter most or all of them.

'The chicken are not fed antibiotics or pig-based enzymes" the brochure claims. Halal and claimed to be organic. The chickens are probably indoor chickens. The web sites about HPA products are not very informative about more than their extensive business plans with lots of companies involved. There is also education for Islamic studies in the plan.

However if you become a member, (costing 30RM), you get a folder with beautiful pictures and lots of information about also products in the Malay language. However the information is not complete for people who are truly interested in health and not only business.

Many products state clearly they don't contain MSG. Other products are more difficult to interpret what they contain. This is especially important to know for e.g. Radix Cola if it is made with water filters using more than just carbon filter or for Radix Ketchup and Radix Chilli Sauce if they use MSG or not. But at least some products like fish burgers are declared free of MSG. If they give enough informaiton in the future people with special diseases like leaky gut and IRB (irritable bowel syndrome) or frequent headaches etc. could know which are the best products and safely avoid e.g. MSG, God willing. As it is now they must use their own home made ketchup or cilli sauce or buy e.g. the Lingham brand. Also people who want to increase the chance of avoiding hundreds of diseases for themselves and their children, born and unborn also in a distant future can then trust more of HPA:s products, God willing. I for sure hope they will not feed GMO soy to their cows, lambs and goats, because then they will not be organic at all and certainly not toyib (= "pure, good quality). The brochure mentions "soy" as feed for the cows. I hope they change those words in the future in the brochure to non-GMO or preferably organic soy as a minimum. However if they really think through the quality of their products the cows, chicken, lambs and goats should eat Omega 3 rich grass instead and be kept outdoors as much as possible. The word "organic" would then take on its true "toyib" (="pure, good quality") dimension. Soy even if organic is not healthy at all according to MD Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Charlotte Gerson and Weston A Price Foundation. Perhaps they could at least have one superior quality grade for people who could afford the best of the best. It is a pity there is no local certification yet for meat products. All these matters could then be sorted out, God willing. Especially if the worldwide Codex Alimentarius does not forbid this kind of information in the future also in our part of the world. If this kind of quality information will be forbidden HPA is truly not to be blamed for lack of information in their brochures.

If I want to buy halal organic meat of many kinds or standard fish burgers without MSG etc. of good quality in Malaysia when they have it ready in 2011, God willing, I would surely pay them a visit.

HPA Headquarters
Lot 1985, Jejawi Jalan Utan Buloh
Jejawi 02600 Arau
Phone1: +60-4-977-6805
Fax: +60-4-977-4121

Web Site
Ab Malek bin Ahmad
Abd Mutalib bin Maarof
Abd Razak bin Ibrahim
Abdul Razak bin Hussain
Ahmad Zaki bin Haji Mohd Nor
Aminah bt Sam
Azizah bt Hamzah
Che Abd Rahman bin Che Omar
Dayang Surinah bt Mohamad Su
Evergreen Chance Sdn Bhd
HPA Industries Sdn Bhd
Jabirah bt Dogion @ Daglion
Jeffri bin Armando
Karimon bin Arbak
Koperasi Pegawai Melayu Kelantan Bhd
Latipah bt Ahmad
Le Deli Rite Sdn Bhd
Mahligai Herba Enterprise
Md Khatib bin Hussen
Mohamad Aseri bin Hanapiah
Mohamad Asri bin Zakaria
Mohd Nadzri bin Ahmad
Mohd Sobri bin Mat Salleh
Mohd Zulkifli bin Muhammad Nasir
Munirah bt Shafie
Naiman bt Shahabuddin
Nasimah bt Musa
Norhini bt Harun
Normah bt Abd Satar, Pusat Agensi Shah Alam
Penawar Warisan Enterprise
Pusat Jualan HJH Enterprise
Romli bin Hj Abu Bakar
Rosmawati bt Mustapa
Saifuran bin Abdullah
Sazali bin Salihuddin
Sharifah bt Sulaiman
Siham bt Mohd Hashim
Siti Abidah bt Abd Rahman
Siti Habibah bt Yusoff
Siti Patimah Hasan
Siti Zaleha bt Majidi
Syd Shafulalwi bin Syd Ahmad Fauzi
Whab bin Bakar
Zaharah Bt Mat Zain
Zaharani bt Abu Bakar
Zainal Abidin bin Mohd Ali
Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm
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Web Site
Skim Organik Malaysia

Certified organic vegetables / Fruits / Supplements / Dried Products / Rice / Stayover

Paddy & Fruits, Brown Rice, Dragon Fruits, coconuts, Vegetables
Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm Sdn Bhd
KM 42, Jln Kluang-Mersing, Kg. Sri Lukut
87600 Kluang, Johor
Phone1: +60-7-774-5010

Email: paksuew(at)hotmail.com

Web Site
Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm Sdn Bhd
Kallo Foods
Brand Logo

Web Site
Baby / Beauty / Supplements / Some Gluten Free / Cans, Tins, Jars / Juice / Rice

Bouillon, Rice cakes, Soy products, Avalon organic cosmetics, baby lotions, skincare, seasonings, food, drinks, supplements, fruit juice, Rice dream, Tea tree oil, Sauce, Herbal medicine.
Rice cakes is a cornerstone in the diet for people with gluten sensitivity. I personally drive miles and miles to get hold of Kallo rice cakes and cannot always get hold of them. I have during a years search only found 2 shops so far that regularly has Kallo rice cakes or other brands of rice cakes, organic or not. But I have only been to perhaps 50 shops with organic products so far. That is Cold Storage in Great Eastern Mall and Ampang Grocer on Jalan Ampang near Ampang Point in KL. Other places might have Kallo or other brands of rice cakes for a week or two and then it disappears when it is sold out. I am very disappointed with this fact and I wish that Organic shop owners would have some kind of statistics for which products that sell out. Especially for those products that are a must for gluten sensitive people. We are quite a few now, but we don't carry signs teling we cannot eat bread or other common products without getting seriously ill. If you have an organic shop consider Kallo Rice Cakes and consider to have them always in stock. Many customers will come back over and over again if you have a steady supply, I am pretty sure of that. Cold Storage at Wangsawalk in Wangsa Maju section 5, KL has sometimes as many as 10 Kallo items at one single time. Promising but not quite certain that they can keep up the availability with such a small place reserved for rice cakes.
Kallo Foods
Coopers Place, Combe Lane
Wormley, Godalming Surrey
Phone1: +44-8-45-6021-519
Fax: +44-14-28-685800

Email: consumerservices(at)kallofoods.com

Web Site
GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Cold Storage
Kampung Ewa Rice

Web Site
Vegetables / Rice

8.6 ha in kampong Ewa, Langkawi, Malaysia is being converted to an organic rice farm
Kampong Ewa Rice Farm

Web Site
Little Green Planet (LGP)
Brand Logo

Web Site
Vegetables / Fruits / Home Delivery / Baby / Supplements / Some Gluten Free / Dried Products / Clothes / Spices / Cans, Tins, Jars / Rice

Weekly sendings of Vegetables, Fruits to Klang Valley. Black Beans, Quinoa, Soy, Sesame, Oats, Dates, Raisins, Cranberries, Fungus, Spinach, Seaweed, Grains, Crackers, Supplements, Honey and much more
Little Green Planet Sdn, Bhd
C-3A-9, Jalan 2/142A
Megan Phoenix
Phone1: +60-3-9100 4648
Fax: +60-3-9100 2100

Email: estore@littlegreenplanet.com.my

Web Site
Little Green Planet
Seeds of Change
Brand Logo

Web Site
ICEA Organic

Some Gluten Free / Dried Products / Cans, Tins, Jars / Rice

Sells to customers in US and CANADA around 600 certified organic seeds. They also export food to other countries with the same brand. Pasta, sauces, dressings, Chocolate and rice. Non GMO. No MSG. Some products Gluten Free. Interesting web site. Their mission is to preserve biodiversity and promote the use of sustainable organic agricultural practices. When an average politician says such a thing it sometimes feels empty, but when this web site explains how they do it, it feels full of positive healthy life. Imagine the amount of research, of experiments in growing different seeds in different environments etc. that is done since decades of this company. And how they spread the information to anybody who wants to do organic farming, small or big.
Seeds of Change
Santa Fe, El Quique, New Mexico

Web Site
Country Farms Sdn Bhd
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