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Bismilla hi Rahmani Rahim.

This list will hopefully become longer and longer. The authors to these books, booklets and articles normally do not know who I am and has nothing to do with my web page about the Conspiracy. Some of these books cannot be bought in normal bookshops.

The list below is sorted on title.

Title, Author, Year, ISBN, Publisher
Some of the contents

A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases

Author: Dr. Gerson

Gerson Institute & Cancer Curing Society

P.O. Box 430


CA 91908-0430


Fax: +1, 619-585-7610

Phone: +1, 619-585-7600

Curing cancer successfully since 1930

ABC on Mercury - Poisoning from Dental Amalgam Fillings. Handbook for victims


Tandvårdsskadeförbundet, TF,


Symptoms, Development of the disease, diagnosis and Test methods, Free radicals, metals and the Immune System, Selenium and vitamin treatment, Diet and life-style, chelators, safety precautions for removal of Amalgam, Other toxic dental materials, Priority order for Amalgam removal, General guidelines on replacement material, Composite materials, ceramics, porcelain and plastic inlays, Gold restorations, Materials for crowns and bridges, root canal treatments, dentures, tooth extraction, complications, Realistic expectations of treatment, pregnancy, dental personnel.

Against the Grain

Author: Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey


ISBN: 1-56751-150-3

Common Courage Press

Box 702


Maine 04951


Phone: +1, 207-525-0900

Biogenetic Engineering. "A detailed first hand account of the perils of the new genetic technologies in agriculture". The first publisher received a threatening letter from Monsanto's lawyers who complained that the book's comments about Roundup, a major Monsanto herbicide, were defamatory and potentially libelous.. CETOS first publisher stopped the presses and folded his tent. according to one article  about the book.

The book is now available for sale at Common Courage Press. It can also be ordered by e mail.

Americas Retreat from Victory

Author: Senator Joseph McCarthy


How Secretary of State George Marshall assisted in the betrayal of Free China into the hands of the Communists.

Answer to History

Author: Shah of Iran


ISBN: 0-8128-2755-5

Stein and Day

Scarborough House

Briarcliff Manor

NY 10510


The memoirs of the Shah of Iran. History. His exile. His cancer, treatments in USA. Stay in different parts of the world. The revolution in Iran. The Oil-fields in Iran. The sheea revolutionaries shouting Communist slogans. The execution of prisoners without trial on mere suspicion only. The treason of the Western countries against the Shah. CIA organizing student demonstrations and the Big Oil Industry financing them. The Western countries support of the sheea without the Shah even suspecting it. The Terror. The deceptive elections.

Anti-Semitism and the Babylonian Connection

Author: Des Griffin


Printing: 1992

ISBN: 0-941380-05-x

Emissary Publications

9205 S.E. Clackamas Rd


OR 97015


Anti-Semitism, Jews and Semitic Arabs, Khazar Jews, History, Masonic Babylonian connection.

Examples from the Talmud like the yearly Kol Nidre: page 31, All vows, obligations, anathemas, whether called 'konam,' 'konas,' or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement to the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven annulled, and void and made of no effect. They shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be reckoned obligations; nor the oaths be oaths" (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 8, p. 539).

How one of the Rotschilds took control of the London Stock Exchange by knowing the outcome of the war 1815 against Napoleon at Waterloo before anybody else. The expression "a little bird told me" is supposed to come from this occasion. Rotschild got a message from a letter pigeon about that Napoleon had lost and pretended to be very sad and sold English bonds to rock-bottom prices. Others knew Rotschild gets his news before everyone else and thought that Napoleon had won and England had lost. They started selling and Rotschilds helpers bought to rock bottom prices.

About other bankers like Schiff and Warburg,. About Winston Churchill, Socialism, Communism, Roosevelt, New Deal, Israel, Racism etc.

Are Textbooks Harming Your Children

Author: James C Hefley

How Opinion shaping, propaganda and personality molding replaces real knowledge and real skills

Before the Storm

Author: Baron C. Wrangell-Rokassovsky


The sending of the fleet to assist in the Civil War in America. The developing industrial nation of Russia before 1917

Best Enemy Money can Buy

Author: Antony C Sutton


ISBN: 0-937765-01-5

Liberty House Press




The Roads to Kabul in Afghanistan can support very heavy Soviet tanks (over 50 tons each). These roads were build 1966 with US money. The invasion from Soviet took place 1979. US taxpayers money to supply modern technique to Soviet. Lenin coined the phrase "Deaf Mute Blindmen" which were the Capitalists of the World and their Governments that will give the communists the materials and technology, restore the communists military industry. They will prepare for their own suicide. (page 1).

Suppression of information, American Trucks in Korea and Vietnam, Semiconductors to Soviet. Export of computers to Soviet. Deception of Control Data Corporation. (page 53). The support of the Russian space technology, Sputnik, Lunik, Soyuz programs. Soviet Aircraft engines. MIG Fighters with Rolls Royce Turbojet engines. The Soviet Ships using Western made engines. Soviet Gas to finance bankers and to make Europe dependent on Soviet. Nerve Gas plants (page 45). Du Pont, Monsanto, Sandoz, Rhone-Poulenc, ICI, etc. etc. Cuban and Soviet troops to Angola. (page 155) Tanks built in plants built with Western technology. (page 163). Lots of testimonies, letters, protocols, agreements, lists of Western companies participating. government reports

Blue Book of the John Birch Society

Author: Robert Welch


The vision of conspirationalists. But read what the book Murder by Injection states about the Birch Society


Author: Eric D. Butler


League of Rights

Heritage Bookshop, Box 10521

GPO Melbourne 3001


How to manipulate your mind. Sometimes without you knowing it. Repeating messages. Influence through media, TV, film, News. Breaking family ties, nation, religion, shock treatment, creating guilt complex, crate chaos, materialism, drugs, pornography, hypnosis, lobotomy, defamation., making religion into something disgusting in peoples mind, etc..


Author: Phoebe Courtney


The Independent American Newspaper

P.O. Box 636


Colorado 80120


Exposing of the CFR. The Plot to merge USA and USSR. Rockefeller dynasty, Kissinger. Red takeover of Cuba. Panama Canal given to the Reds. Disarming US. Federal Reserve System. US defeat in Vietnam. US taxpayers financing Soviet war machine. Plans of world dictatorship

Change Agents in the School

Author: Barbara M Morris

Humanism, sex education, drug education, one world mentality

Chronic Fatigue

Author: Annika Jeppsson-McClintock


Printing: 1997

ISBN: 0-941011-16-X

Bio-Probe Inc.

PO Box 608010


FL 32860-8010


Suddenly ill, Head in Plaster-cast, About Amalgam, metal, oral galvanism, symptoms, electricity sensitivity, diagnosis, removing dangerous?, root-fillings dangerous?, cost, percentage sick of amalgam, stairway to health, Important to know before treatment, literature references

Conspiracy against God and Man

Author: Rev. Clarence Kelly

Early history of Illuminati and the Grand Orient of Freemasonry. Written by a Catholic priest

Conspirator who saved the Romanovs

Author: Gary Null

Evidence that the Czar and his family were not massacred

Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben

Author: Joseph Borkin

Hitler and I.G. Farben, Standard Oil, Rockefeller. How the American directors of I.G. Farben were not tried as war criminals after the war at Nuremberg, but the German directors were.

Czarism and Revolution

Author: Arsene de Goulevitch


How the Russian revolution 1917 was funded by the wealthy capitalists. How Russia was rapidly industrializing before 1917.

Dajjal the AntiChrist

Author: Ahmad Thomson


Printing: Revised edition

ISBN: 1 897940 38 6

Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd.

1 Wynne Road

London SW9 0BB


A book for those who want to read about how we already today live in a modern society affected by all kinds of disbelief. The book can be an eye opener for people who are interested in how modern society is penetrated with misconceptions everywhere without people realizing it. The author states that we already today live in a Dajjal system and that the Dajjal system is functioning so badly that it must soon be replaced by something better, namely Islam. The book lists a lot of hadith about what will happen before the Dajjal arrives. It mentions less about the severe afflictions that is to be expected shortly before and during the time of the Dajjals tyranny. It focuses more on everyday events in today's society.

The book is very detailed about how the modern society functions. Page 20: "The consumer producer process ensures that people are treated like children, encouraged to work hard and to enjoy their play - and not to ask awkward questions. The ignorance of the people who control that process and of the people who are controlled by them is displayed by the fact that they are unaware of the true nature of existence, and of what happens to you after you die. They take existence for granted, pretend that they are not going to die in the foreseeable future, and think that when they do eventually die, they will simply become dust or ashes." Other examples is e.g. How people are falling into the debt trap. How they have to pay much more for things because of interest when they want to buy today what they should wait with buying. How they cannot get out of the debt-system easily if they want to live a normal life without debts. How Islam offers a much better way of life.

Page 63-64: How Mr. Balfour got a report from the Netherlands Minister at Saint Petersburg in 1918 about Bolshevism being organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things. These kind of statements have been carefully deleted from later editions of British publications.

Page 70: How the famous poet Ezra Pound tried to expose how World War I and II was orchestrated by the Jews and how he was declared insane.

Page 83: How the Zionist Protocols were declared false after a mock trial with 14 witnesses on the prosecution side and 1 on the defense side.

Page 86: How Soviet took over the Nazi concentration camps and used them to dispose of Stalin's political enemies.

Page 93: The reality behind the mock Nuremberg trial.

Comment: The book is slightly difficult to read because of long complicated sentences and no real partitioning in chapters. It can also be hard for the average Muslim to understand the many sectarian Sufi terms that are scattered around in the book. These are however explained in the last part of the book. But even after reading explanations some of the Sufi perceptions are still hard to understand for an average Muslim who wants to follow Quran and Sunnah only without any additions to the original Islam. E.g. the concept of "seeing Allah" etc. If you want to know more about Sufism click on Sufi etc. above or wherever it is underlined.

Dark Majesty

Author: Texe Marrs

ISBN: 0-9620086-7-2

Emissary Publications

9205 SE Clackamas Rd, #1776


OR 97015


Fax: +1, 503-824-2050

Phone: +1, 503-824-2050

Illuminati, Banks, Bilderbergs, Skull & Bones, George Bush, Mind Control

Dead Sea Scrolls Deception

Author: Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh


Printing: 1991-1995

ISBN: 0-552-13878-9

Corgi Books

Transworld Publishers Ltd,

61-63 Oxbridge Road, Ealing

London W5 5SA


Some of the contents:

The first Dead Sea Scrolls were found in Qumran 1947. Later excavations were done over the years in over 270 caves. Very little of the material is published bye the exclusively Catholic researchers. Many fragments and probably many rolls have been lost during many years, because of war-conditions, forming of the state of Israel without control in the beginning etc., etc. But over 800 rolls + fragments have been collected by researchers. And some rolls dive up now and then from collectors of Antiquities etc. Not until around 1991 (as far as I understand) around 75-80 % of the material (= equal to all found material, the rest is perhaps unreadable or lost) is available to any researcher as photographs of the rolls in the Huntington Library in California.

Pages 200-208: 'Members of "early Church" hold all things (belongings, knowledge, powers) in common' 12 apostles leaders. Ritual cleaning. 'Went as a body to the Temple every day'. Eating together. Jesus (pbuh) not held as divine. 'Community Rule states that anyone who transgresses one word of the Law of Moses, on any point whatever, shall be expelled'...

Page 221: Saul of Tarsus persecution of members of the "early Church".

Page 233: The dating of the scrolls based on hundreds of coins found during excavations in Qumran. Most of the coins were possible to date from 135 BC to 132 AD.

Page 244-257: The Essenes (Early Church).

Page 251: About marriage, solar calendar and rules for the members of the early Church

Page 256: "Nozrim" early Hebrew designation for a sect known as "Christians" Modern Arabic word "Nasrani" derives from the same source. The place Nazaret is supposed to not even exist on the map at the time of Jesus (pbuh) birth according to the book, but it is a misunderstanding of the word "Nazarene" or "Nazorean"

Page 263-275: Sauls conversion to "Christianity" (Acts 9) and taking the name Paul. Three years apprenticeship with the "early Church". How the members of the "early Church" more and more avoided (to put it mildly) Paul. Page 267-268: Pauls creating a new religion, divination of Jesus (pbuh).

Page 285-287: The death of the "Teacher of Righteousness" (Leader of the early Church). The terms "Liar" and "Wicked Priest" how it possibly, perhaps, could be the same person as Paul.

Page 214: and here and there About the war 66-75 AD following the the killing of the "Teacher of Righteousness". The defense at Masada and the Zealots.

Devils Deception of the Sheeah

Author: Abdu-Rahmaan Ibn AlJawsee, Bil


Pustaka Ushamurni

34, Jalan Permai

Robson Heights

50460 Kuala Lumpur


Many details about the early history of many sects like the Sheea, Khaarijites, Baatineeyah, Ismaaeeleeyah and others. The importance of Quran and Sunnah and to abstain from all sorts of Bidaah

Dissent in Medicine

Author: Mendelson, Crile, Epstein etc.


ISBN: 0-8092-5265-1

Contemporary Books, Inc.

180 North Michigan Avenue




Orthodox Medicine and its inefficiency. The danger of many modern drugs, Birth pill, Valium. The mortality goes down when doctors go on strike, where ever it happens, Canada, Los Angeles, Columbia, Israel. No Cancer Chemotherapy has never been subject to controlled scientific study. Doctors don't follow up patients who choose not to go through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Laetrile, B17. Health building with proper nutrition, food that is not contaminated with all of the chemicals that we find today is a much better choice than orthodox treatment of diseases today. To get rid of toxins through fasting. Authorities perhaps intentionally misinterpreting the "Heimlich Maneuver" in their instructions on how to do it. The four back blows must not be done. It will make an object sink deeper. Corruption in American Medicine. Accuracy of medical testing is often far too low to be of any value. Only a 95% accuracy is good enough for a test. Costs. Effectiveness of treatments. Vaccinations highly questionable. Injected virus are like time bombs. Increasing risk of auto immune diseases. Often no proof of efficiency. Home births could be more safe than hospital births.

Dr Deals Delicious Detox Diet

Author: Dr Grady A Deal Ph D. D.C.


Printing: 1992

Living Wellness

PO Box 279

Koloa, Kauai

Hawaii 96756


Phone: +1, 800-338-6977

Many Healthy Recipes. Advice for different diseases like Candidiasis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Epstein-Barr, Heart Attack and Stroke, Hiatal Hernia, Hypothyroidism, Kidney Problems, Lower Back problems, LIver and Gall Bladder, Skin problems, Toxicity and constipation, Weight loss. Allergies

What's the idea with going to orthodox doctors who only take away some of the symptoms only and don't go to the root of the problem. Most often it is a question of unhealthy habits. Sincere attack against the food industry, US government and drug cartel.

East minus West equals Zero

Author: Wemer Ketier

Russia has been helped by the West. since 862. Aid and trade

Economics in One Lesson

Author: Henry Hazlitt

Basics about economy

Evolution Deceit

Author: A Muslim author


Available on the Internet

Extremely informative book on the subject of creation and evolution. This book is available on the Internet for free download. If you print it out use landscape mode and print it out on a printer that does not cost too much to print on since it is many pages. How Transitional forms between e.g. fish and land animals and transitional forms between birds and land animals are quite simply impossible. The many falsifications of proof about links between monkeys and man. The inner workings of molecules. Many color photos of fossils and rich comments. The war against religion so that mankind will not believe in a creator and therefore not obey a creator. Darwin's mission. Darwin was a Freemason of the third generation. The misery of modern science.

Fabian Freeway

Author: Rose Martin

How the non-violent arm of Socialism sometimes cooperates with the violent arm of Socialism

Fats that Heal Fats that Kill

Author: Udo Erasmus

Gerson Institute

P.O. Box 430, Bonita

CA 91910-0430


Fax: +1, 619-585-7610

Phone: +1, 619-585-7600

The most complete guide to fats and oils in health and nutrition, this book describes the success of Dr. Johanna Budwig in using unrefined flax oils to help heal cancer, arteriosclerosis and other degenerative diseases. Important for Gerson patients and all people.

Fatwa on Paper-Money

Author: Umar Vadillo


Madinah Press

C. San Gregorio Alto, 31

18010 Granada


The Muslims should try to start using other kinds of money, like gold, silver and copper. To begin with only in limited regions to be spread more and more. Bit by bit the Paper money can be abandoned at least in the regions. It might take some time before the strangling grip of Kufr money system is abandoned. The book is rich on statements from the Quran and Sunnah supporting a real value money instead of worthless pieces of paper.

Fearful Master, a second look at the United Nations

Author: G Edward Griffin

The double standard that guides UN along its devious and treacherous path toward world domination through a world government. A discussion of the UN war against Katanga, the UN "peace keeping" forces murdered, pillaged and raped many women in that country.

Federal Reserve and our Manipulated Dollar

Author: Dr. Martin Larson

Nature of money, manipulations by powerful international forces. History of Federal Reserve and how it took over the money system in USA 1913. Civil War

Federal Reserve Hoax

Author: Wickliffe B. Vennard Sr.

Omni Publications

PO Box 900566


CA 93590


About the overtaking of USA 1913 by cheating about the US Federal Reserve Bank which is not US, not Federal, not a Reserve and not a Bank. History. Who are "they". 1. The Class A stockholders of the Federal Reserve System. 2. The Council of Foreign Relations. 3. Open Market Committee. 4. The Tax Free Foundations. 5. The National Council of Churches. 6. The World Court. 7. The Principal Stockholders of the Bank of England. 8. News Magnates. 9. Controllers of the Ether Waves. 10. International Financiers Head quartered in in Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, London, New York, Rome and Geneva. 11. Advisers to Presidents and 12. The Business Advisory Council. The strangle hold by Communists on US economy

Federal Reserve, Most Fantastic, Unbelievable Fraud in History

Author: H.S. Kennan


Starts with history, Woodrow Wilson elected in 1912 and examines the greatest money grab in the history of the US. Also includes the confiscation of the US Gold Reserve in 1933

File on the Tsar

Author: Anthony Summers

Another explanation of how the tsar and his family survived

Final Secret of Pearl Harbor

Author: Admiral Robert Theobold


How president Roosevelt planned the attack on Pearl Harbor by forcing the Japanese into that position and keeping the attack secret

Fluoride the Aging Factor

Author: John Yiamouyiannis, Ph. D.

Gerson Institute

P.O. Box 430, Bonita

CA 91910-0430


Fax: +1, 619-585-7610

Phone: +1, 619-585-7600

Complete, well documented research on the use of fluoride in drinking water, toothpaste and dental treatments, Contrary to popular notion, the author, a former public health official, shows that fluoride does not reduce cavities and instead contributes to mottling of teeth, osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

Fourth Reich of the Rich

Author: Des Griffin


Printing: 1998

ISBN: 0-941380-06-8

Emissary Publications

9205 SE Clackamas Rd, #1776


OR 97015


1. Page 6: USA has around 6.6% of the Worlds population and 50% of its wealth.

2. Page 7: Abraham Lincoln said in his proclamation speech of 30 March 1863: "It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, to owe their dependence upon the overruling power of God. We have been the recipients of the choicest blessings of heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown; but we have forgotten God! We have forgotten the gracious Hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own."

3. Page 9: James Reston in a column 1 January 1970: "It would be a foolish man who denied the plain facts, We are overpopulated, undercivilized, divided, corrupted and bewildered, destitute of faith and terrified of skepticism. War, crime, pollution, racial tension, political cynicism and pessimism are our companions."

4. Page 14: Authors of books about the Conspiracy since the eighteenth century: Professor John Robison, Abbe Barruel, Sir Walter Scott and Nesta Webster. People expressing their belief in a Conspiracy: Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Benjamin Disraeli, Charles Lindbergh and Taylor Caldwell. Gary Allen states in his book "None Dare call it Conspiracy": 'If we were merely dealing with the law of averages, half the events affecting our nations well-being should be good for America. If we were dealing with mere incompetence, our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor. We are not dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning and brilliance"

5. Page 40--: Illuminati. The enlightened "elite". Satanism aiming at world domination. Sir Walter Scott pointing out in his second volume of "the Life of Napoleon Bonaparte" how the money barons, the Illuminati, succeeded in creating the Reign of Terror after the French Revolution.

6. Page 52: Only when and if a member of Illuminati had reached the inner circles, his oath of absolute secrecy and unquestioning obedience had become deadly serious. Only at this stage was he finally allowed to see the ultimate aims of the Order:

a. The abolition of all ordered governments

b. Abolition of private property

c. Abolition of inheritance

d. Abolition of patriotism

e. Abolition of all religion

f. Abolition of the family (morality, marriage and proper education of children)

g. The creation of a New World Order or World government

7. Page 56: Albert Pike (The one who planned all three world wars, 1871): was according to the book " a diabolical genius of the first magnitude. He was a man of many talents who invariably used his abilities to destructive ends. Pike was very literate, being able to both read and write in 16 ancient languages. He as an avowed worshipper of Lucifer by name, who practiced necromancy and all forms of sorcery."

8. Page 67-68: Inner super secret super rite who controls all FreeMason organizations. This super rite practices worship of Satan (Lucifer).

9. Page 68: Some kind of "super box" at 7 places in the world for communication long before the telegraph etc. between Charleston, Rome, Berlin, Washington, Monte Video, Naples and Calcutta.

10. Page 70: In a letter from Albert Pike to Mazzine 1871 Pike outlines the third of the three world wars "we will unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horrors will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass [direction], anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out into the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

11. Page 74-75: John Ruskin thought that some men were extremely superior to others and influenced Cecil Rhodes who carried a speech by him with him for 30 years. With financial support from Lord Rotschild and Alfred Beit, he was able to monopolize the gold mines of South Africa as De Beers Consolidated Mines and to build up a great mining enterprise as Consolidated Gold fields.

12. Page 76-77: Machiavellian scheme of the John D. Rockefeller, when he invented the "principle of scientific giving". Giving away money to special purposes always resulted in more money and power coming back to him:

a. Pose of philanthropy

b. Brain wash or "mold" the people

c. Elimination of tradition, science and real learning

d. dictatorship objective

e. intent to regiment the peasants in a caste system, "just as they are"

f. reduce national intelligence to the lowest common denominator and to destroy parental influence (and so break up the family)

g. total contempt for the peasants

h. the element of subversion and Un-Americanism - the declared intent to overthrow accepted customs to serve the purposes of the Rockefellers and their cohorts

i. perfectibilism, "the perfecting of human nature"

13. Page 81: How ordinary people have been manipulated through education so that they cannot master real life situations.

14. Page 88: National debt of Americans to the so called US Federal Reserve Bank is calculated in the book to reach 10 Trillion dollars by the year 2000.

15. One of Cecil Rhodes propagandists, William Allen White: "It is the destiny of the pure Aryan Anglo-Saxon race to dominate the world and kill off or else reduce to a servile status all other inferior races"... (My comment: Compare Quran 49:13 and the hadith; Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud: The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) observed: He who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride shall not enter Paradise. A person (amongst his hearers) said: Verily a person loves that his dress should be fine, and his shoes should be fine. He (the Prophet) remarked: Verily, Allah is Graceful and He loves Grace. Pride is disdaining the truth (out of self conceit) and contempt for the people. (Hadith recorded around 1,300 years ago by Muslim Book 1, Number 0164))

16. William Allen White same page out of many statements: "The present vast overpopulation ... must be met in the present by the reduction in the numbers now existing. It must be done with whatever means necessary...."

17. Page 124: states that Nationalists and anti-Communist political figures are never allowed inside a Bilderberg meeting. (Comment: This is not true as any one can see reading the lists of participators at least at recent meetings. Perhaps it was true 1976 when the first edition of the book came out)

18. Page 145: The men who planned and shaped the policies that lead to the creation of the United Nations were later with one single exception identified in sworn testimony as Communist agents

19. Page 145-146. The Constitutions and seals of USSR and UN are copies or very similar to each other.

20. Page 147:

a. 70 major outbreaks of violence in Korea, Vietnam, Hungary, Middle East, Tibet, Biafra, Katanga

b. Over one billion people enslaved by Communism, never stopped by UN

c. The "collapse of Communism" in the East opens up the way for still further massive Economic aid and financial investment in those countries which were behind the Iron curtain. it also begins to pave the way for the planned integration of East and West in the New World Order.

21. Page 158: UN 'peace-makers" campaign of terror against civilians in Katanga, Murder, arson, rape, plunder. 90% of the buildings destroyed by UN bombs were civilian structures.

22. Page 159: Since Congo's freedom died almost all African countries are under Socialist/Communist control in other words under the control of the International bankers.

23. When you enter the UN headquarters building in New York:

a. Page 159: Zeus, the supreme god of the pagan pantheon, in other words, Satan is greeting you in the form of a naked statue

b. Page 160: Upstairs the meditation room is a truncated pyramid, symbol of the Illuminati.

c. Page 160: In the back wall of the meditation room are over 100 occult symbols from FreeMasonry, Spiritism and ancient fertility cults.

d. Page 160: in the center of the Meditation room is a large polished black block. This is the Ashlar and represents the FreeMasonic dream of humanity formed and polished by the use of the compass and the square into a rectangular block which is fit for use in a building. this the Masons symbol of taking the masses of humanity and forming them into a finished block under their control, thus building their New World Order.

e. Page 160: A ray of a floodlight is sent to the black block from the ceiling symbolizing the sun fertilizing the earth and bringing prosperity and success to the plan of the building. (Comment: in other words complete shirk).

24. Page 193: Recession 1920 a rehearsal for the great coup of 1929. The conspirators bought gold and silver just before the crash. The value doubled after the crash and the conspirators could buy shares at rock bottom value after the crash. The result could be a 40 times multiplying of fortunes in a short time.

25. Page 195: Abraham Lincoln refused to borrow against high interest from the International Bankers and issued the Lincoln Greenback to pay for war costs. He managed to pay all his costs with the printing of this kind of paper notes and many have suggested that he was killed for this initiative not to enslave his people under the International Bankers by binding them to high interest.

26. Page 208: The so called Jewish or Zionist Protocols are perhaps changed in order to throw the whole suspicion on Jews and Zionists instead of on International Bankers. The documents found on the Courier that was killed by lightning in 1785 revealing the Bankers connections with the French revolution (1789) had similar goals as the Jewish protocols but not pointing out Jews in general. (My own comment: This can mean that the real goal is World domination even without Israel. The kingdom of Israel Israel might just be used as a kind of tool to start the third world war and bring the Dajjal into the foreground as the Lucipherian world leader. Just a guess).

27. Page 256: Red Symphony. A plan for World War 2 already before the war.

a. The five pointed star symbolizes the five Rotschild brothers with their banks (My own comment: I thought it was just an important ancient Satanic symbol)

b. The protection of bank buildings in wars

c. The importance of getting the rights to manufacture coins and notes

d. and lots and lots of details about politics involving Stalin, Kerenzky, Hitler etc.

Fraudulent Standard

Author: Arthur Kitson


Omni Publications

PO Box 216


CA 90250


The Paper Money System Fraud. War Debt. Crisis 1914, Usury, Gold Standard. Description of what happens in a Usury system compared to a system without usury.

Freemasonry Unveiled

Author: Muhammad Safwad Al-Saqqa Amini


ISBN: 967-69-0148-2

Thinkers LIbrary Sdn Bhd

123, Jalan Jasa Tiga, Taman Jasa,

Sungai Tua

681 00 Batu Caves, Selangor


History of FreeMasonry, Origin, Different Names, Weisshaupt. Plans to destroy Britain and France unveiled 1784 when a courier was struck by lightning. The letter caused the Bavarian Government in Germany to act against the FreeMason Lodges. Warnings were sent to France and other European states but the warnings were ignored. 1789 the French Revolution based on the same plans, USA, Hitler and the Aryan Race, Nietsche, Communism, Albert Pike, Plans for the three world wars including the last World war III between Muslims and Zionists and their Allied countries. The degrees of Freemasonry, Secrecy, Oaths, Secret Alphabets, Calendar, heresy, War on Religion 1856 and 1900. Religions and countries, the undermining of the Ottoman Caliphate. The Decision of the College of Islamic Jurisprudence about their secrecy, brotherhood, greed, frightening ceremonies, how gullible good hearted people stay on lower levels, politics, Jewish roots, Zionist goals, the aim to destroy all religions, people of influence, changing names

From Major Jordan's diaries

Author: George Racey Jordan

How USA supplied the Soviet with arms to wage a successful war against Germany in World War II. Lend-Lease. Atomic Bomb. Incl. copies of bills of lading transferring Uranium to Soviet.

Health Revolution

Author: Ross Horne

Gerson Institute

P.O. Box 430, Bonita

CA 91910-0430


Fax: +1, 619-585-7610

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Graphic presentation of overwhelming evidence of damage done by eating fats. An excellent guide for maintaining health and preventing disease. Also about pasteurization of milk.

Henry Kissinger, Soviet Agent

Author: Frank Capell


Details about Kissinger being a Soviet agent before he went to Harvard University after the Second World War

How to Become 100% Healthy

Author: Harry Benjamin, N.D.


Printing: 1968

Health for All Publishing Company

Gateway House

Bedford Park

Croydon CR9 2AT Surrey


People only think they are healthy, just because they for the moment don't suffer from any severe disease. To attain real health the individual must be more active in choosing his food, drink and set off time regularly for enough exercise, fresh air and relaxation. The food should contain 75% of fruits and vegetables etc. Avoid vaccination, the book tells why

How to Live Longer and Feel Better

Author: Linus Pauling


Printing: 1987

ISBN: 0-380-70289-4

Avon Books

Hearst Corp., 1350 Avenue of the America

New York

NY 10019


Why a "good" diet does not always mean good health

Which vitamins, not only Vitamin C, that your body needs on a daily basis

How vitamins can strengthen your immune system

The role vitamins play in fighting viral diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, arthritis and rheumatism

How vitamins help the brain to function

Why vitamins are essential for healthy eyes

and much more

Vitamin C is very important for among very many things: Hepatitis, Hemorrhages, High cholesterol, Blood vessels, Cerebrovascular diseases, Vascular diseases, Headache, Mental retardation, Strokes, Cancer pain relief, Cancer, Common cold, Diabetes, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Eyesight, Ear infections, Heart Attacks, Allergies, Immunity System, Infections and inflammations, Asthma, Autism, Alertness, Schizophrenia (with B3), Senility, Stress, Aches and pains, Muscles, Polio, Spasms, ALS, Lou Gehrigs disease, Pain tolerance, AIDS, Diphtheria, Dysentery, Gout, Hernias, Herpes, Strengthen connective tissue, Thyroid function, Arthritic pains, Teeth and bones, Skin, Wound healing, Ulcer, Gum diseases, Teeth, Toothache etc. etc. Just to name a few. God has created at least one cure for every disease and Vitamin C can be an important one of them. God knows best.

Hunt for the Czar

Author: Guy Richards

Another version of how the Russian Czar was rescued

Imperial Agent, The Goloniewski - Romanov Case

Author: Guy Richards

The son of the Czar (the child with hemophilia) survived the revolution 1917 and became a Colonel in the Polish Secret Police. He defected to USA and named Communist agents in various Western Governments, each of which were found guilty in courts of law. The US government kept him hidden. They never accepted his claims that Kissinger was a KGB agent

International Jew

Author: Henry Ford Sr


Printing: 1922-1947

Emissary Publications

9205 SE Clackamas Rd, #1776


OR 97015


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This is not a perfect analyze of the book. Only bits and pieces. The book must be read, not quoted only. Remember that Muslims have a duty to help even Jews. Some of them become Muslims. However those individuals who are enemies of Islam are also every Muslims enemy. Don't rush to do something foolish. That is perhaps exactly what the enemy wants. Study first. Go back to the original Quran and original Sunnah and avoid all Bidaah. This is just a reminder before you read the book or the below amateurish fast written short form of very little of the content of the book the International Jew..

History of the Jews in USA, 1492, 300,000 Jews expelled from Spain 2 August, Next day Columbus sailed to America with a group of Jews. Counting of number of Jews in USA today impossible. Jews in business very prosperous. Many International spokesmen of USA Jewish. Angles of Jewish Influence, Church, Schools, Colleges, Socialism from Jews. Secularization, Victims or Persecutors, Jews themselves chose to live in Ghettos. It is their own invention. Jews want to live near but not together with non-Jews. They have their income from non-Jews. The Jews complain about religious persecution of the Jews but there is hardly none, while the Jews themselves persecute Christianity etc. (page 41). Jews believe that they are chosen, that USA is theirs, that all inhabitants are idolaters and that the days will come when the Jews will be supreme, (page 45). Increase in Jewish immigration to USA, (page 47). Jews are more a race than a religion. Wrapped in mystery. Controlling the Money. Sidonia (Jewish) writes: "And every generation they (the Jews) must become more powerful and dangerous to the society that is hostile to them." (page 57). Disraeli. The fifth protocol says: "We will so wear out and exhaust the Gentiles by all this that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority, which by its position will enable us to absorb without disturbance all the governmental forces or the world and thus for a super-government." The Jews forms a nation, (page 61). Theodore Herzl wrote "When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of the revolutionary party; when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse." (page 62). Democracy is merely a tool of a word which Jewish agitators use to raise themselves to the ordinary level in places where they are oppressed below it; but having reached the common level they immediately make efforts for special privileges, as being entitled to them. (page 62). Introduction to the Jewish Protocols. (page 69). Undermine all authority. Anarchy, The Gentiles will be made to think and do certain things. (page 71). Honesty and frankness regarded as vices. New Aristocracy shall be based on money. Raise wages but at the same time create inflation. Decline in Agriculture, cattle raising. Alcohol, Drive intellectual forces of the Gentiles from the land. Create false economic theories. Chosen people. Using Gentile fronts with Jews in power in the background. Liberty Equality Fraternity. Gentile Stupidity made us of. Divide and rule. Conflicting opinions in the press in order to confuse. Undermining religion. Replace religion with mathematical calculations and material desires. Twisting the law. Making the law. Pornography. Press control. Great power of press. Misleading, stupefying and demoralizing youth of the Gentiles. Confusion, discouragement. Hesitation. Hopelessness, fear. Gradual wearing down of public opinion and public confidence, until those who stand outside the created chaos shall insert their strong, calm hand to seize control. To divert Gentile thought and observation, interest must be deflected to industry and commerce. To make it possible for liberty definitely to disintegrate and ruin Gentile society, industry must be placed on a speculative basis. (page 89). Protocol 10, page 91. To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except by an appeal to our money power. We will so wear out and exhaust the Gentiles by all this that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority. Protocol 5 (page 91). Protocols originally handwritten notes from speeches.

How the Jews use Power. New York Kehillah. Powerful union of Jews especially in New York. Jewish demand for "Rights". Whispering Gallery. Attacks on Christianity. The cry of anti-semitism. Influence in Politics. Jewish white slave dealers. Changing family names. Bootleggers, support of narcotic rings, corrupting law officers. Bolshevism. Zionism. Jewish supremacy in Theater and Cinema. Special effects. Avoiding complicated long plays by Shakespeare etc. that are considered as "high-brow stuff". "Present day average intelligence appealed to in the Theater does not rise above 13 to 18 years" (Written over 50 years ago). Mechanics and fake "stars". Dazzling effects but no ideas. Moral poison.

Jewish Jazz National Music. Yiddish trust owning the business. Liquor, gambling, vice and corruption. Forbidden to mention the word "Jew". Money Power. Rotschild, Baruch. Press Control.

Invisible Government

Author: Dan Smoot


Printing: 1977

ISBN: 0-88279-125-7

Western Islands Publishers

Boston, Los Angeles



History, World War II, FPA, World Affairs Council, IPR, Committee for Economic Development, Business Advisory Council, Advertising Council, United Nations and World Government Propaganda, Foreign Aid, Interlock, Communications Media, CFR membership list, Atlantic Union Committee Membership List, Atlantic Council Membership list, Trilateral Commission Membership List..

Jimmy Carter, CFR, Quigley, Edward Mandell House, Krushchev, Kennedy, lots of names. Rockefeller, Henry Ford Foundation. Bilderbergers with Prince Bernhard meeting around every 6 months somewhere in the world. CFR takeover of US State Department around 1945. List of companies supporting the communists in CFR. How general Eisenhower slowed down the American Army outside Berlin to give Russia time to take most of East-Germany, East-Berlin. How Eisenhower ordered general Patton to stop his plowing into Checkoslovakia and to evacuate. Western Armies rounded up 5 million anti-communists refugees and handed them over to Soviet who tortured them and sent them to slave camps or murdered them (page 27). CFR works for a one world socialist system , with USA as a part of it. (page 31). The United Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Soviet Union, specify a large number of rights and privileges that citizens should have if possible and which the government (not God) will grant them if and only if the Government can and if and only if the Government thinks proper. (page 89). Foreign aid to communist countries. Foreign aid to finance communist takeovers in developing countries. (page 112). The philanthropies buying fame and respectability for wealthy individuals or corporations are tax avoidance schemes which every year add billions to the billions of private capital which is thus sterilized (page 136). Secret founding of communist organizations while outwardly giving millions to welfare etc. The failures of investigation of these tax exempt organizations. (page 144). Lots of membership lists in the whole book.

Keynes at Harvard

Author: Zygmund Dobbs

How the socialists have infiltrated Harvard University. The deceptive economic ideas of John Maynard Keynes, the advisor to president Franklin Roosevelt. How Bernhard Shaw coined the phrase "You might be executed in a kindly manner"

Khomeiny a Moderate or a Fanatic Shiite

Author: Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Ghareeb


Pustaka Ushamurni

34 Jalan Permai

Robson Heights

50460 Kuala Lumpur


Translation by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, 1986.

Some citations from the beginning of the book: "Islamic workers are sometimes seduced because of their thirst for success." "For the truth to be clear to the leaders and followers of the Islamic Call and the hidden secrets of falsehood and its proponents exposed, it is necessary that the reality of the present situation be revealed. It is hoped that the beguiled majority of Islamic workers would then realize the grave danger presented by movements wearing Islaam as a disguise. As for those who do not heed warnings, let them ask history about 'Abdullah ibn Saba, and the "Islaam" which he preached or ask the French Emperor, Napoleon, why he deluded people by feigning his acceptance of Islaam." "Or ask the sly fox, Ataturk, about why he spoke Islaam to the masses in the beginning and later pounded on it. Then a day came when it as discovered that he was a jew from Donemah. Or ask the Libyan liar who claimed that his coup detat was Islamic then later expressed disbelief in the Sunnah, declared the need for correcting some of the verses in the Quran and eventually replace the Quraan with his "Green Book".

History. Shah or Iran. Revolution. How many Sunnis were impressed by the revolution.

Differences Raafidite Shiite sect and Sunnis:

1/ The Raafidite Shiite beliefs holds that there is another Quraan called Mus-haf Faatima, three times larger than ours yet not containing even a single word from our copy. . Taqeeyah (calculated deception) to delude naive Sunnites telling them they have the same Quran.

2/ Shiites do not believe in the authentic hadeeths collected by Bukhari and Muslim and the main Sunans Abu Dawood, at-Tirmidhi, an-Nasaai, Ibn Majah, ad-Daarimi, al-Bayhaqi and ad-Daaragutni or the main Musnads Ahmad Musnad al-Humaydi and Musnad Abi Awaanah. The Sunnah described in these hadith are absolutely necessary for prayer, fasting, zakah and Hajj.

3./ Imaamate, infallibility of Ali ibn Abi Taalib and eleven imaams from his progeny through his son al-Husayn all of them who are superior to the Prophets except Muhammad (pbuh)

4/ The shiites believe all Sahaabah including Abu Bakr and Umar apostated except a few.

5/ Taqeeyah. (calculated deception) likewise found in Baatinite sects like Qirmitians, Nusayrites and Druzes.

6/ Grave worship. A pillar of shiite worship. Pilgrimages to Karbala and Najaf, animal sacrifices, circumbulations, Tawaaf

7/ Mutah (Temporary marriage). Abandoned according to hadith collected by both Bukhari and Muslim.

Page 42 The merit for a Raafidite knowledgeable Shiite cursing of Abu Bakr and Umar every morning, thinking it will raise their level by seventy degrees and add seventy thousand Good deeds and erase seventy thousand Bad deeds..., Page 51 Excess water from cleaning Urine and Feces considered clean, Placing one hand over the other nullifies Sallah if not used as deception, saying Ameen at the end of Al-Fatiihah, no need to clean prayer area except where the forehead should be, sodomy through anus with their wifes, and so on page 52.


Author: Gary Allen


Connection of Kissinger to the Rockefellers and claims that Kissinger was a KGB agent with the name Bor

Kräftans Grundorsaker (The Basic reasons for Cancer, Swedish)

Author: Are Waerland



Box 504



This book is probably also printed in English.. Title unknown.

How to become a healthy person. The reasons for cancer and how to exterminate cancer completely and how to cure it.

The author gives a complete diet with exercise instructions and shows how a 47 year old lady with stomach cancer, who hardly can walk, who hardly can concentrate on anything she reads, after a change in diet to more vegetables, fruits, clean water, unrefined products, as raw as possible and above all grains, in the beginning moderate exercise, after a while more exercise etc. In the end she can hold even steps with a 29 year old world champion in slalom during one of her hour long training runs in the mountains. More over she doesn't even seem tired during and after the exercise and the cancer is of course gone. The 29 year old champion wants to find out more about the diet etc.

Are Waerland pleads for more research money for a diet he has composed and he wants to find out more about why adding grains to a vegetarian diet cures cancer. This was written already 1937. Are Waerlands books are most probably also printed in English. One of them has the English title "In the Cauldron of the Disease"

Kvicksilver i tandfyllnadsmaterial - miljömedicinsk riskanalys (Swedish)


Printing: Swedish

ISBN: 19 pages only

FRN Forskningsrådsnämnden


Amalgam in teeth. Exposures, levels, Risks, frequency of diseases, Nerve system, kidneys, immunity system, pregnancies, literature.

Lincoln Conspiracy

Author: David Balsiger and Charles Sellier Jr.

Presents shocking evidence that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the agents of the Conspiracy


Author: Colin Simpson

The author claims that the British Government with assistance of the US government planned the sinking of the passenger ship Lusitania, carrying munitions from America to England by J.P Morgan in order to lure America into World War I. The book indicts Morgan, Winston Churchill, Colonel Edward Mandel House and Franklin Roosevelt into the planning of America's entry into the war.

Mirage in Iran

Author: Dr Ahmed al-Afghanee


Tawheed Translations

44, 5th Avenue, PO Box 142


NY 11217


The book is edited and translated by Abu Ameenah Bilaal Philips.

The book describes how many Muslims are misled by the sheea. (Not by the ignorant masses, but by the educated sheea). "Purification of Allaah's religion and the repulsion of attacks against it is a general obligation. (Fard Kifaayah) on Muslims by unanimous agreement. For, if Allah did not raise up some people to oppose the corruption preached by heretics, the religion would surely become distorted and deviant. the corruption of divinely revealed religion is far more terrible than the corruption resulting from the military conquest of non-Muslims over Muslims. for, when non-Muslims overpower Muslims, they are not able to corrupt the hearts of Muslims or their religion, except after some time, whereas, heretics corrupt the hearts from the very onset."

The book takes up their Shirk, false doctrines, their rejection of the Sunna in al-Bukhaaree, Muslim and the rest of our Hadeeth scholars, Their sometimes Kufr if they reject any of Allah's commands or those of his Prophet (pbuh). how severe any doubts about their disbelief is for the one who doubts (page 64), Jews creating many of sects including sheea, Their concealment and the duty to spread the truth about destructive movements, be it about shiism or Freemasonry or any other destructive movement. Their History cannot present any example from beginning to end where Shiites did not side with Jews, Christians and other enemies of Islam against Muslims. Deception, Support. See also Surah an-Noor 24:39 from which the book has its title.

Money and the Banking System

Author: J.D. Malan


Heritage Bookshop, 145 Russel Street


Victoria, 3000


Article from New South Wales Review , No 27, 1978 and a response to this article by J.D. Malan. Paper Money, coins, deposits. Examples of inflation caused by excessive printing of paper money, Germany after the First World War and in Hungary after the Second World War. How governments can increase and reduce amount of money quickly. How banks increase amount of money. Effects of control. That money only reaches the community as a debt to the banking system and that the total debt can never be repaid.

Murder by Injection

Author: Eustace Mullins


Printing: 1995 Third printing

Emissary Publications

9205 SE Clackamas Rd, #1776


OR 97015


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Bestseller. An absolute must if you want to know what is going on. The title is not as exaggerated as you might think. Never discussed by the establishment. An absolute must if you can get hold of this book. Medical monopoly, Corruption. Quackery, Cancer, Death and Vaccination, Fluoridation, AIDS, Fertilizers, Food supply contamination, Drug Tests, Rockefeller Syndicate. CIA and Narcotics. To make medicines poisonous using prisoners. Not too poisonous to avoid suspicion.

Why not check his other books

Naked Capitalist

Author: Dr. Carroll Quigley

Exposing the banking arm of the Conspiracy

National Suicide, Military Aid to the Soviet Union

Author: Anthony Sutton

Soviet has received aid from the West. Includes names of companies in the West that has sold goods to the Soviet Union.

None Dare Call it Conspiracy

Author: Gary Allen


Printing: Third in 1972

Concord Press

PO Box 2686

Seal Beach

CA 90740


Socialism a way of super rich to reach power. Manipulation of Money. Graduated income tax with exemption for the super rich. Destruction of Family values. The role of the Bankers and who they are. 8 different small or big recessions, 1929-1970. Financing Bolshevik Revolution by Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller etc. Council of Foreign Relations with Socialist ideals "influencing" the choice of presidents in USA since the beginning of this century.

If anybody does not believe in the Conspiracy, or has doubts, and wants only a very short book about it, read this book

Nutritional Medicine

Author: Dr Stephen Davies & Dr Alan Stewart


ISBN: 0 330 28833 4

Pan Books Ltd

Cavaye Place

London SW10 9PG


Drug free approach to better family health, 540 + pages

Occult and the Third Reich

Author: Jean-Michel Angebert

How Hitler became involved with an occult society, the Thule Society, that believed that "Aryan" was good and "Jewish" was bad. The connection with music by Wagner etc.

Occult Meaning of the Great Seal of the United States

Author: David L. Carrico


Followers of Jesus Christ

5220 Ashley Drive


Indiana 47711


Phone: +1, 812-477-6338

Explaining Masonic symbols in a US 1$ bill. and a few others

Our Healing Birthright

Author: Andrew M Cort DC


ISBN: 0-89281-376-8

Healing Arts Press

One Park Street


Vermont 05767


Holistic Medicine

Pawns in the Game

Author: William Guy Carr




Another detailed history book that makes it unnecessary to ever again consult your history books that you read in school. Religion and Atheism, English Revolution 1640-1660, 1789 The men behind the French Revolution, use of usury, vice, corruption, blackmail, Grand Orient Masonry, Napoleon, Rotschilds making millions on wars and revolutions, Financing Russian Revolution, American Revolution, Manipulation of the Monetary system, Lenin, Versailles Treaty, Stalin, Secrets of Yalta, Spanish Revolution, Civil War in Spain, deceits and lies used to bewilder the public to prepare them for war, Franco, The Mechanisms behind a revolution, World war Two

Pearl Harbor after a Quarter of a Century

Author: Harry Elmer Barnes

How America planned the attack on Pearl Harbor

Philip Dru, Administrator

Author: Colonel Edward Mandell House



Written by president Woodrow Wilson's closest advisor. How to give an advanced country like USA "Socialism as dreamt by Marx". The author mentions about how many that is needed in demonstrations, riots etc. before a revolution can take off.

Plot to seize the White House

Author: Jules Archer

An attempt to bribe a US general Smedley Butler into creating a dictatorship in USA, just as outlined in Colonel House's book, "Philip Dru, Administrator". Smedley Butler exposed the entire plan.


Author: Robert Welch


Proof of President Dwight Eisenhower being a communist

Prince Charles, The Sustainable Prince

Author: Joan Veon

Power of Prophecy

1708 Patterson Road

Austin, Texas 78733


Phone: (1) 800-234-9673

"Who will rule the New World Order?" That's the question Joan Veon considers in this expose of Prince Charles, heir to the British Throne. She documents connections the Fascist Elite, UN and leaders of multinational corporations whose goal is global government. Veon calls Prince Charles " the sustainable prince" because the word "sustainable" is supposed to be a code with a very terrible special hidden meaning. The Goal of making Earth sustainable involves the mass murder of billions of this planets inhabitants.

Project L.U.C.I.D.

Author: Texe Marrs


ISBN: 1-884302-02-5

Living Truth Publishers

1708, Patterson Road


Texas 78733


Universal Human control system. Monitoring our activities 24 hours a day by FBI, IRS, BATF, CIA, DIA, DEA, NSA, NRO, FINCEN and US Treasury Department and others. LInking with KGB etc. Use of Smart cards and biological implants. Lucent Technologies. Satellites, Bio chips, GPS, Mind Control

Proofs of a Conspiracy

Author: John Robison


Printing: 1967

Western Islands


Los Angeles


Adam Weisshaupt founding of the Illuminati Order 1776, 1 May. Different degrees in the Order. The squemish and gullible never rose higher than the lowest degrees, while the bold, ruthless and cynical, those ready and willing to dispense with religion, morality, patriotism and any other hindrances, rose to the top. The true purpose of the Order was to rule the world. To achieve this it was necessary for the Order to destroy all religions, overthrow all governments, and abolish private property. In other words same as communism since 1848. Using FreeMasonry as a cover. History of FreeMasonry in France, Jacobin Clubs, Germany, Grand Orient de la France. 1783 Bavarian Court investigation.

Evidence uncovered by authorities. The similarities with Communism

Network of Reading Societies to monopolize the writing, publication, reviewing and distribution of all literature, more effectively to control the minds of the readers.

French Horror Revolution. How Duc D'Orleans was used to destroy the Monarchy and himself.

Morality, Religion, How women was used in the Conspiracy, Dangers of secret societies, Human nature, education.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Author: Victor E. Marsden


Emissary Publications

9205 SE Clackamas Rd, #1776


OR 97015


Fax: +1, 503-824-2050

Phone: +1, 503-824-2050

Whats the use? It already exists on several places on the Internet. Why buy a book about it?. Because it contains comments. Revolutions, Kol Nidre, Parts of the Talmud, Protocols, Fabianism, One version of how the Murder of the Russian Tzar was done. Other previous protocols, smaller but with similar contents from 1860 and 1919.

However the role of Jews in general is probably exaggerated. It is much more probable that the International bankers are behind this. Zionism is only part of it. The goal for the bankers is total world domination. Not just a Jewish dominion of a small part of the world. Is it not more probable that the Zionist state is propped up to start the World war III and not the real goal in itself. Surely the Zionists appear extremely provoking and the goal with the Jewish state is perhaps first and foremost war monging and to crush opposition in the form of Islam in the region. They have already prepared leaders for the Muslims that might rush the Muslims into a war they cannot easily win. Muslims should instead go for leaders of the original undistorted Islam and not rush to join Leaders who have any Socialist connections or other major distortions in their belief. Socialism is created by the bankers and aims at atheism or paganism. In the book Fourth Reich of the Rich by Des Griffin it states that so called Jewish or Zionist Protocols are perhaps changed in order to throw the whole suspicion on Jews and Zionists instead of on International Bankers. The documents found on the Courier that was killed by lightning in 1785 revealing the Bankers connections with the French revolution (1789) had similar goals as the Jewish protocols but not pointing out Jews in general.

No 1: Right lies in Might. Freedom - an idea only. Liberalism. Gold. Faith. Self-Government. Despotism of Capital. The internal foe. The Mob. Anarchy. Politics VERSES Jew-Masonic authority. End justifies Means. The Mob a Blind Man. Political A.B.C. Party Discord. Most satisfactory form of rule-Despotism. Alcohol. Classicism. Corruption. Principles and rules of the Jew-Masonic Government. Terror. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." Principles of Dynastic Rule. Annihilation of the privileges of Goy-Aristocracy (i.e., non-Jew). Abstractness of "Liberty." Power of Removal of representatives of the people.

No 2: Economic Wars - the foundation of the Jewish predominance. Figure-head government and "secret advisors." Success of destructive doctrines. Adaptability in politics. Part played by the Press. Cost of gold and value of Jewish sacrifice.

No 3: The Symbolic Snake and its significance. The instability of the constitutional scales. Terror in the palaces. Power and ambition. Parliaments "talkeries," pamphlets. Abuse of power. Economic slavery. "People's Rights." Monopolist system and the aristocracy. The Army of Mason-Jewry. Decrescence of the GOYIM. Hunger and rights of capital. The mob and the coronation of "The Sovereign Lord of all the World." The fundamental precept in the programme of the future Masonic national schools. The secret of the science of the structure of society. Universal economic crisis. Security of "ours" (i.e., our people, Jews). The despotism of Masonry - the kingdom of reason. Loss of the guide. Masonry and the French Revolution. The King-Despot of the blood of Zion. Causes of the invisibility of Masonry. Part played by secret masonic agents. Freedom.

No 4: Stages of a Republic. Gentile Masonry. Freedom and Faith. International Industrial Competition. Role of Speculation. Cult of Gold.

No 5: Creation of an intensified centralized of government. Methods of seizing power by masonry. Causes of the impossibility of agreement between States. The state of "predestination" of the Jews. Gold - the engine of the machinery of States. Significance of personal initiative. The Super-Government.

No 6: Monopolies; upon them depend the fortunes of the goyim. Taking of the land out of hands of the aristocracy. Trade, Industry and Speculation. Luxury. Rise of wages and increase of price in the articles of primary necessity. Anarchism and drunkenness. Secret meaning of the of the propaganda of economic theories.

No 7: Object of the intensification of armaments. Ferments, discords and hostility all over the world. Checking the opposition of the goyim by wars and by a universal war. Secrecy means success in the political. The Press and public opinion. The guns of America, China and Japan.

No 8: Ambiguous employment of juridical right. Assistants of the Masonic directorate. Special school and super-educational training. Economists and millionaires. To whom to entrust responsible post in the government.

No 9: Application of masonic principles in the matter of educating the peoples. Masonic watchword. Meaning of Anti-Semitism. Dictatorship of masonry. Terror. Who are the servants of masonry. Meaning of the "clear-sighted" and the "blind" forces of the "goyim" states. Communion between authority and mob. License of liberalism. Seizure of education and training. False theories. Interpretation of laws. The "under grounds" (metropolitans).

No 10: The outside appearances in the political. The "genius" of rascality. What is promised by a Masonic "coup d'etat"? Universal suffrage. Self-importance. Leaders of Masonry. Institutions and their functions. The poison of liberalism. Constitution - a school of party discords. Era of republics. Presidents - the puppets of Masonry. Responsibility of Presidents. "Panama" Part played by chamber of deputies and president. Masonry - the legislative force. New republican constitution. Transition to masonic "despotism." Moment for the proclamation of "The Lord of all the World." Inoculation of diseases and other wiles of Masonry.

No 11: Masonic interpretation of the word "freedom." Future of the press in the masonic kingdom. Control of the press. Correspondence agencies. What is progress as understood by masonry? More about the press. Masonic solidarity in the press of to-day. The arousing of "public" demands in the provinces. Infallibility of the new regime

No 12: The need for daily bread. Questions of the Political. Questions of industry. Amusements. People's Palaces. "Truth is One." The great problems.

No 13: The religion of the future. Future conditions of serfdom. Inaccessibility of knowledge regarding the religion of the future. Pornography and the printed matter of the future.

No 14: One-day "coup d'etat (revolution) over all the world. Executions. Future lot of GOYIM-masons. Mysticism of authority. Multiplication of masonic lodges. Central governing board of masonic elders. The "Azev-tactics." Masonry as leader and guide of all secret societies. Significance of public applause. Collectivism. Victims. Executions of masons. Fall of the prestige of laws and authority. Our position as the Chosen people. Brevity and clarity of the laws of the kingdom of the future. Obedience to orders. Measures against abuse of authority. Severity of penalties. Age-limit for judges. Liberalism of judges and authorities. The money of all the world. Absolutism of masonry. Right of appeal. Patriarchal "outside appearance" of the power of the future "ruler." Apotheosis of the ruler. The right of the strong as one and only right. The King of Israel. Patriarch of all the world.

No 15: Emasculation of the universities. Substitute for classicism. Training and calling. Advertisement of the authority of "the ruler" in the schools. Abolition of freedom of instruction. New Theories. Independence of thought. Teaching by object lessons.

No 16: Advocacy. Influence of the priesthood of the GOYIM. Freedom of conscience. Papal Court. King of the Jews as Patriarch-Pope. How to fight the existing Church. Function of contemporary press. Organization of police. Volunteer police. Espionage on the pattern of the KABAL espionage. Abuses of authority.

No 17: Measures of secret defense. Observation of conspiracies from the inside. Overt secret defense - the ruin of authority. Secret defense of the King of the Jews. Mystical prestige of authority. Arrest on the first suspicion.

No 18: Measures of secret defense. Observation of conspiracies from the inside. Overt secret defense - the ruin of authority. Secret defense of the King of the Jews. Mystical prestige of authority. Arrest on the first suspicion.

No 19: The right of presenting petitions and projects. Sedition. Indictment of political crimes. Advertisement of political crimes.

No 20: FINANCIAL PROGRAMME. Progressive tax. Stamp progressive taxation. Exchequer, interest-bearing papers and stag- nation of currency. Method of accounting. Currency issue. Gold standard. Standard of cost of working man power. Budget. State loans. One per cent. interest series. Industrial shares. Rulers of the GOYIM: courtiers and favoritism. Masonic agents.

No 21: Internal loans. Debit and taxes. Conversions. Bankruptcy. Savings banks and rentes. Abolition of money markets. Regulation of industrial values.

No 22: The secret of what is coming. The evil of many centuries as the foundations of future well-being. The aureole of power and its mystical worship.

No 23: Reduction of the manufacture of articles of luxury. Small master production. Unemployment. Prohibition of drunkenness. Killing out of the old society and its resurrection in a new form. The chosen one of God.

No 24: Confirming the roots of King David (?). Training of the king. Setting aside of direct heirs. The king and three of his sponsors. The king is fate. Irreproachability of exterior morality of the King of the Jews.

Rejuvenation Vitamin

Author: Carlson Wade


Printing: 1970

Award Books, Universal Award House Inc.

235 East Forty-fifth Street

New York

NY 10017


Vitamin E is extremely important for a large number of diseases and states of health. (Over 160 last time I counted). It is a wonder medicine for not only heart diseases, Fertility and Diabetes. It has almost no negative side effects. However watch out if you already take medicines. The dosage of expensive medicines with side effects must perhaps be reduced or eliminated. But only with assistance of an open minded doctor.

Chlorine in drinking water and elsewhere depletes the body of Vitamin E, this could be one of the main contributions for the steady increase of many modern diseases like Heart diseases, Arteriosclerosis, High blood pressure, Diabetes. Bad Immunity defense, Birth defects, Mental health, Bad Memory, Migraine, Stroke, Bad Fertility, Allergies, Auto immune diseases, Asthma, Aches and pains, Arthritis, Cramps, High cholesterol, Stillbirths, Skin diseases etc. etc. God has created at least one cure for every disease and Vitamin E can be an important one of them. God knows best.

Report from the Iron Mountain on the possibility and desirability of Peace

Author: No author mentioned

Why wars are "desirable", why drafts of young people are instituted. Why governments are obligated to be wasteful and why governments feel compelled to control the size of the population.

Rescue of the Romanovs

Author: Guy Richards

There are at least two versions of what happened to the Czar of Russia and his family. According to this book they lived until 1952

Revolution and the Freemasonry

Author: Bernard Fay

Early history of the Freemasons, including their role in the French Revolution 1789 and the US revolution 1776

Rockefeller File

Author: Gary Allen


John D., David and Nelson Rockefeller, CFR, Trilateral Commission.

Root Canal Coverup

Author: George Meinig, D.D.S. F.A.C.O.

Gerson Institute

P.O. Box 430, Bonita

CA 91910-0430


Fax: +1, 619-585-7610

Phone: +1, 619-585-7600

The founder of the Association of Root Canal Specialists reveals his research into the degenerative diseases and health problems caused by root canals.

Russia's Space Hoax

Author: Lloyd Mallan

How Russia faked the walk in space, moon probe and manned probes etc.

Russian Space Bluff

Author: Leonid Vladimirov

How the Russians are hopelessly behind without American technique transfer

Second Bank of the United States, The Revolutionary age of Andrew Jackson

Author: Robert V. Remini


The battle between president Andrew Jackson and the Second Bank of the United States.

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements

Author: Nesta Webster



The role of Illuminati and the French Orient Grand Lodge of the Freemasons among others in the French Revolution 1789

Sejarah Pemikiran, Sumber Ilmu, Perbandingan Ideologi Dan Ordre Baru Dunia

Author: Sulaiman Noordin


ISBN: 983-9122-02-9

Fulson Trading Company

Sri Petaling, Bandar Baru

97000 Kuala Lumpur


This book is written in around 95% Malay language and the rest English.

Basics in Islam, Sources of knowledge, Gospel, Bible, Quran, Hinduism, Buddhism, Aliens, Renaissance, Christianity, Darwinism, Evolution theories, Secularism, Liberalism, Humanism, Modernism, Illuminati.

President Roosevelt: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, it was planned that way."

Literature, the Unseen Hand, Adam Weisshaupt, John Robinson, Pawns in the Game, W.G. Carr, Logo of Illuminati explained, Revolutions in France, USA, Russia, the defeat of Napoleon 1814, Communism, Socialism, The Jews in the Russian Revolution. The Jewish Internationalist banking influence. Rotschild family, Des Griffin.

Amschel Rotschild: "Let me issue and control a nation' s money and I care not who writes it's laws"

CFR, Dr Quigley. New World Order, Talmud

Saint Matthew 12:34 about the Jewish Pharisees: "O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil speak of good things?"

One can find racial statements that cannot have been the word of God like in Deuteronomy 7:2-4: "When the LORD your God places these people in your (The Jewish) power and you defeat them, you must put them all to death.", "Do not make alliance with them, nor show them mercy, do not, marry any of them, and do not let your children marry any of them.". Deuteronomy 7:6-7: "For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God has chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. (Comment compare the Quran that is the only book never altered: Al-Hujraat 49:13. in interpretation by YUSUFALI: "O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)."

The Jewish book Zohar: "Jesus died like a beast and was buried in that dirt heap..."

Socialists like Karl Marx (Mordechai), Friedrich Hegel, Arnold J Toynbee, Sigmund Freud, John Dewey, Abraham Maslow, Charles Darwin. Zionism, About Jews in the Quran, Jewish origin, Zionist protocols. Map of the Zionist dream state including Palestine, Syria, parts of Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, parts of Egypt, Kuwait... Balfour declaration 1917, FreeMasons, Organizational charts.

Comments on authors and books like: Dr. Fahey (the Rulers of Russia), Jean Patrice (Communist Unmasked), Gary Allen (None dare call it Conspiracy), Anthony Sutton (The best enemy money can buy), Cleon Skousen (The naked Capitalist), Rev. J.B. Pranaitis (The Talmud Unmasked), Douglas Reed (The controversy of Zion), Dan Smoot (The Invisible Government), Des Griffin (Fourth Reich of the Rich), Prof. Caroll Quigley (Tragedy and Hope), Prof. John Robinson (Proofs of a Conspiracy), Antoly Golitsyn (New lies for Old)

The Gulf war syndrome described in the Midnight Messenger

Health, Nutrition, Poison free food, reverse osmosis, Fluoride, cholesterol, Chlorine, Modern Medicine over prescribing drugs, 50-90% unnecessary Antibiotics, inadequate testing methods, Few doctors dare speak out even though they know the problems. World without Cancer, vitamin B17, The Ozone hole threat, Hoax or truth?

The Paper-Money system, interest, World Banks, IMF

Shaping Up with Vitamins

Author: Earl Mindell


Printing: 1986

Warner Books Inc.

1271 Avenue of the Americas

New York

NY 10020


One of the best experts on vitamins and nutrition

One of the best books on vitamins and nutrition.

Shocking Truth about Water

Author: Paul C and Patricia Bragg.


Printing: 27th printing

ISBN: 0-87790-084-1

Health Science

Box 7

Santa Barbara

CA 93102


Fax: +1, 805-968-1001

Phone: +1, 805-968-1020

Not really about a conspiracy, but a book about how important it is that water is really really clean. The body cannot use the inorganic minerals that are in water. It can only use organic minerals that cannot be found in water. If we drink distilled water we can avoid clogged blood vessels and therefore very many diseases. Middle-aged people do not have to have blood pressure over what a 20 year old person has. If we drink distilled water we can vacuum clean our blood vessels from all the deposits of inorganic minerals from water. We can if we drink distilled water look forward to a very big chance of a longer life. (God willing). The book describes how inorganic minerals in ordinary tap water can make blood vessels harden in many places of the body including the brain. We can avoid gout, kidney stones, arthritis of the joints, ringing ears, bad eyesight and much more if we drink perfectly clean water.

The book also warns about Fluoride, which is one of the deadliest poisons ever made by so called humans.

Signs Before the Day of Judgment

Author: Ibn Kathir


Printing: 2nd Ed 1992

ISBN: 1 870582 03 9

Dar Al Taqwa Lt

7A Melcombe Street

Baker Street

London NW1 6A3


Phone: +44, 071-935-6385

Important documentation of relevant parts in Quran and Hadith about the Hour and what will happen before that. However some hadith are daif (weak) or in one case fabricated according to a list written by people who have hadith research as their specialty. Print out that list and make markings in the book before you read it. It is not a very good idea to read , get influenced by and perhaps spread weak hadith. The book has many valuable comments to each hadith, but it can be a good idea to take out the list above and make marks in the book for each page where hadith are presented and commented.

Solved the Riddle of Illness

Author: Stephen E Langer M.D.


ISBN: 0-87983-370-X or -357-2

Keats Publishing, Inc.

27 Pine Street

New Canaan

Connecticut 06840


Shows alternative cures with high success rate for Arthritis, Obesity, Depression, Menstrual problems, Low Blood Sugar and other devastating conditions that can break you in mind and spirit. Hypothyroidism., Diabetes. Around 40% of the American people sufferers from hypothyroidism. Blood tests don't show a safe result. Make a cheap home test instead. After 1 nights peaceful nice long sleep, take your temperature immediately after waking up a couple of mornings. The temperature should be in the range from 97.8 to 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit. It it is lower you are probably hypothyroid and perhaps you suffer from 1 or more of 26 common symptoms like Weakness, dry, coarse skin, lethargy, slow speech, swelling of face and eyelids, coldness and cold skin, diminished sweating, thick tongue, coarse hair, pale skin, constipation, gain in weight, loss of hair, labored, difficult breathing, swollen feet, hoarseness, loss of appetite, excessive and/or painful menstruation, nervousness, heart palpitation, brittle nails, slow movement, poor memory, emotional instability, depression and headaches. Costs nothing to test. Treatment with hormones cheap. For diabetes ease the burden on your pancreas by eating more raw, unprocessed food. There are also more advice of course. It is all about healthy living. Preventing heart attack. The low credibility of the cholesterol theory.

Spear of Destiny

Author: Trevor Ravenscroft

How leaders of the world committed shirk by believing that a Spear of Longinus that was supposed to be used by a Roman soldier against prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), had occult power. Making it possible for the one who owned that sword to hold the destiny of the world in his hands. (Comment outside the book: "Awkward that these people don't understand that there is only one God and that no force, no power can change anything without God's permission", Apart from that Jesus never died on the Cross, it was just made to seem that way. Jesus was taken back to God and will God willing return rather soon now to slay the coming Dajjal etc. See about it in the list of signs. End of comment)

tfBladet nummer 1 1986 (Swedish) (Dental Association, number 1, 1986)

Author: Ph. D. Mats Hanson


Printing: Swedish




The booklet is in Swedish only. Change of Amalgam fillings in 519 people who are suspected to have had poisoning caused by Amalgam.

This is the John Birch Society

Author: G. Edward Griffin


Ideology, action, objectives of the John Birch Society. But read what the book Murder of Injection says about Birch Society

Tragedy and Hope

Author: Dr. Carroll Quigley

1300 page history of banking arm of the Conspiracy. Quigley states that he has no aversion to its aims, but wants to force the Conspiracy out of its secret meeting rooms.

Understanding the Dollar Crisis

Author: Percy L Greaves, Jr


Inflation, credit expansion, causes of cures of recessions and depression. Analysis of the 1929 stock market crash

Unseen Hand. An Introduction to the Conspirational View of History

Author: A. Ralph Epperson


ISBN: 0-9614135-0-6

Publius Press

Suite C, 3100 So. Philamena Place


Arizona 85730


If you start with one book about Conspiracy, start with this. However don't believe absolutely everything you read. History. Basic Economics, Types of Government, Free Enterprise, Fascism, Socialism, Communism. Creating inflation with printing money. Paper money without security, Monopoly, FreeMasons. Marx, and Russian Revolution paid by bankers. Cuban Revolution, American Revolution, The Rotschild family. Murder of Lincoln.

Federal Reserve Bank which is not a reserve and not Federal and not a Bank but a secret society of International bankers that took over the US Money-system December 1913 creating over the years a multi trillion debt for USA to them. Creating the 1929 depression for their own purposes.

Graduated Income Taxes. Intentional waste of government money. Cecil Rhodes Scholarships, Fabian Society for extinction of private property, Keynes, Mussolini, London School of Economics, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Beatles, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, Institute of Pacific Relations, Population Control, Pearl Harbor known in advance by Roosevelt, Vietnam war planned 10-12 year in advance, Korean war 12 months in advance. Forrestal and McCarthy who wanted to expose plans and communists probably killed. South Koreans well trained but not equipped for war. Communists in UN directing both sides of the Korean war. More divorces, higher taxes, more pleasure, more brutal exciting sports, loss of faith in God,. Military aid to Russia, Trade. Atomic Bombs and space technique transferred secretly to Soviet.

Hiding the truth about creation instead of evolution. Dinosaur scientists paid by Rockefeller monopoly, same interests who keep the cancer treatment with B17 a secret and the same interests that earn billions on unnecessary sick and dying people all of the world. Inefficient education, Watergate, Literature references.

Vaccination, A Parents Dilemma

Author: Greg Beattie


ISBN: 1 876308 00 1

Oracle Press

PO Box 121


4560 Queensland


Simple book giving the most important facts in a straightforward manner

Most shocking reading. Among other things of how some innocent children die after vaccinations. References in the book are only to established literature like respected refereed medical journals. How the author started doing private investigations after discovering startling facts. How the authorities are manipulating the truth. How almost every book printed about vaccinations are against vaccinations. How almost every brochure about vaccinations are for vaccinations. How the authorities stop the truth from coming out.

Bundaberg, Queensland Australia, 27 January 1928, three brothers aged 2, 4 and 5 all died within hours after a Diphtheria vaccination. The medical establishment wanted to allay fears with the usual phrases like: That the occurrence has but little real significance in connection with the control of diphtheria must be admitted..., No sensible person would permit this very sad occurrence at Bundaberg to interfere with the campaign to eliminate diphtheria... and so on

Definition of polio changed after introduction of polio vaccination in each country to show how "successful" vaccinations are

Lots of diagrams showing how diseases like diphtheria, smallpox, measles are on its way down before the vaccinations began.. Lots of statistics about how the vaccinations in reality creates diseases and does not protect at all. Some ingredients are poisonous like Mercury etc. One of the most shocking descriptions are about the murders of aborigines children in Australia by using vaccinations. 50% of children under 2 years died after vaccinations among the Australian aborigines. These aborigines were not eating proper food etc. which reduced their resistance to vaccinations.

This is just of one of many books you will not believe in until you have read it.

Vaccination: 100 years of orthodox research

Author: Viera Scheibner


100 years of orthodox research shows that vaccines represent a Medical assault on the Immune system. 30,000 pages of medical research summarized.

There is no evidence that vaccines are effective and the author concludes that they are in fact noxious. The amount of cot deaths would be at least halved if vaccinations were suspended.

Vitamin Bible

Author: Earl Mindell


Warner Books Inc.

1271 Avenue of the Americas

New York

NY 10020


Health with all kinds of supplements, vitamins, oils, minerals, herbs

Vitamin Fact File

Author: Dr H. Winter Griffith


ISBN: 0 261 66729 7

Diamond Books

77-85 Fulham Place Road


London W6 8JB


Large 500 pages guide to vitamins, minerals, supplements and medicinal herbs.

The book is important but the number of good effects of vitamins are too few and the number of side effects are probably exaggerated. The dosages are too small. What to expect from authoritative books. However it covers almost any substance worth the name "supplement" and takes up almost every important aspect of each substance. No I am not a doctor. Don't get influenced by me without a real open minded doctor by your side. I am not always right.

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

Author: Anthony Sutton

Details about how the Russian Revolutions 1905 and 1917 were financed by the bankers

Wall Street and the rise of Hitler

Author: Antony Sutton

How American financiers provided some of the capital and material needed to make it possible for Hitler to launch the Second World War.

Was Karl Marx a Satanist?

Author: Richard Wumbrand

The author examines circumstantial evidence that Marx was a Satan worshipper

Wedemayer Reports

Author: General Albert C Wedemeyer


How America supported Soviet in the Second World War. How America assisted communism in China. How Pearl Harbor was planned by the American Government and how General Wedemeyer was ostracized by the media for trying to prevent these happenings from occurring.

What you should know about Inflation

Author: Henry Hazlitt

Cause of inflation and what can be done about it

While You Slept our tragedy in Asia and Who made it

Author: John Flynn


Propaganda about Mao Tse Tung being good and Chiang Kai Shek being evil. Rockefeller support of Trilateral Commission

World without Cancer

Author: G Edward Griffin


Printing: Many printings since 1974

World without Cancer, Inc.

9140 W. Bay Harbor Drive, Unit 3

Bay Harbor Island

FL 33154


Fax: +1, 305-861-8962

Phone: 305-861,8962 or 888-301-1338

Vitamin B17 in around 1200 seeds, plants, berries has been proven in the 1950:ies to cure cancer. This has been kept secret all these years. At least in newspapers, TV, Radio, Most Books and Education. More people are making a living from the cancer industry than are dying of cancer.

AMA and FDA. Bribing of experts claiming cigarettes are harmless. Claiming Laetrile, Amygdaline, B17 etc. is poisonous because of Cyanide. Describing of how Cyanide is neutralized in healthy body cells by the enzyme Rhodanese etc. .

Tribes like Hunza, Eskimos, Abkhasians in Caucasus, Indian tribes are completely without cancer. The successful treatments in Mexico and 22 countries around the world. The Energy from vitamin B15 in seeds.

The history of IG Farben manufacturer of the poison gas in the German Gas chambers. Medical Monopoly, the Rockefeller Group

Your Vitality Factor

Author: Richard Earle and others


ISBN: isbn 0 330 31074 0

Pan Books Ltd

Cavaye Place

London SW10 9PG


Reduce your body age and increase your zest for life.