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  • The following information is taken mainly from Books, Health magazines, Internet, Videos and Newspaper articles.
  • It is not always verified information but a base, a beginning, for your own studies. Nowadays one has to make one's own studies. We seldom get this kind of information from authorities any longer.
  • It is up to each and everyone to make up their own mind if they want to believe it or not.
  • I am not a doctor and the advice below does not replace professional medical treatment in any way. 
  • The presentation below is only what I believe is correct and I might have made mistakes, small or big.
  • Anybody who has a serious disease ought to start to study about his/her disease especially alternative methods. The alternative methods aim to make the body heal itself with God's help.
  • Not just take away the symptoms only, like very often with Allopathic medicine.
  • But always discuss treatments with a real doctor, natural or allopathic, preferably both kinds of doctors.
  • All cures work best with a healthy lifestyle in general eating much raw fresh organic vegetables and some fruits, enough exercise, detoxification when needed, enough rest, fresh air, avoid toxins in food, drinks and environment and minimize stress.

Immunity Shield
  • The Immunity Shield:
    • The border indicates extra risk of cancer if dark red and some protection against cancer if dark green.
    • The immunity shield appears only if there is a very clear trend of effects against or for immunity and/or cancer.
Traffic Light Trend Symptoms Fluoride

Fluoride. Trend of Effects on the Body

The Body images use stop light colours. Red means Bad, Green Good and Yellow is Neutral

Red is Bad, Green Good, Yellow is Neutral like a Traffic Light
Fig Leaf showing male, female fertility and birth

  • The Fig Leaf:
    • Up to the left on the fig leaf in the picture above is male fertility. The darker green the better
    • Up to the right in the picture is female fertility. In this picture above it is slightly darker of the two.
    • Down on the fig leaf is birth, probability of Birth Defects etc. which is as dark as female fertility in this picture which means good for birth.
    • The rather narrow sized border and the stem of the fig leaf is not clearly seen on this picture but is symbolizing trend of total fertility and birth problems and benefits.

One or more of:

Premature aging of the human body, Shortens life span
Genetic damage up to 3 generations, Birth defects, Inhibition of DNA repairs, Down's-syndrome, Early infant mortality, Mutates Human cells, Stillbirth, Reduced Folic Acid activity which is not good during pregnancy, Teratogen (Monstrous abnormalities in lab experiments)
Anemia, Calcified deposits on the Aorta, Circulatory complaints, Increased levels of Lead in children's blood leading to higher crime rate. Cardiovascular disease
Alzheimer's, ADD, Headache, Makes us stupid, Behavioral disturbances, Hyper motility (Extremely physically active), Hyperactivity, Makes us Docile, Lethargy, Depression, Confusion, Suicide,  Makes us subservient, Mental disturbances, Affects memory, Nausea, Motor dysfunction, Learning disabilities, Rage,-Increased Aluminum concentration in the brain, Stupor, Suicidal Depression, Lower IQ in children
Growth disturbance in children, Lowering children's IQ
Bone Cancer, Carcinogen, Increases tumor growth rate, Liver cancer, Osteosarcoma (aggressive bone cancer), Uterine Cancer, Colon Cancer-
Drooping of the eyelid, Vision problems, CataractsBlindness
Decreased sex urge, Infertility in males, Early Menopause, Reproductive dysfunction, Disturbed menstrual cycles-, Earlier onset of puberty
EKG changes
Hypothyroidism,-  Impaired Melatonin production in Pineal glands, Goiter,- Depressing thyroid activity which even can result in Coma or Death
AIDS, Disturbs immune defense, Disturbs efficiency of antibiotics, Increased immune system response (allergies, auto immune diseases), Inhibits antibodies
Asthma, Cyanosis (Bluish skin color from inadequate oxygen), Respiratory complaints, Respiratory depression
Convulsions, Tremors, Muscle weakness, Weakness, Fibromyalgia
Nerve System
Bio-Chemical warfare, Nervous complaints, Severely interferes with the functions of the nerve channels, Smell sensory loss., Tingling sensation, Tremors
Cumulative poison, Damage to Gastrointestinal tract leading to reduced intake of nutrients, Deactivating enzymes, Disturbs metabolic processes, Enzyme system effects, Alters calcium metabolism, Reduced Vitamin B12 production, Non-absorption of nutrients for hemoglobin synthesis. Increased Aluminum concentration in the brain, Increased Lead absorption. Kills beneficial bacteria of the mouth
Liver cancer, Kidney damage, Overloaded Pancreas
Water pollution, Teratogen (monstrous abnormalities in lab experiments), Death, The only active part of the nerve gas Sarin, Phytotoxic (kills plants), Rat killer most efficient, Used in chemical cleaning as a fungicide and insecticide, Prickling sensation, Unsteady gait,-Wasting and cahexia (General wasting of the body during a chronic disease), Lupus-, Burning sensation, Excessive thirst,
Bone cancer, Accelerates Osteoporosis,-Severe bone changes, Hip fractures, Malformed spine and neck and pelvis, Musculo skeletal changes, Promotes Arthritis, Severely disrupts formation to the bone matrix, thereby inhibiting the proper hardening of the bones, Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis,-weakened tooth structure, Changes in teeth and supporting structures, Delayed eruption of teeth, Dental defects, Teeth can become brittle and impossible to repair, Dental fluorosis, Discolored teeth, Mottled teeth, No positive effect on tooth decay, Chronic Joint pains-, Carpal tunnel syndrome-, Brittle bones. Brittle teeth, More cavities, Neutralizes Calcium needed for maintaining teeth
Acne like eruptions around the mouth, Eczema, Itching of the skin, Skin rashes
Damage to Gastrointestinal tract leading to reduced intake of nutrients, Anorexia (loss of appetite), Salivary gland changes, Abdominal distress, Diarrhea, Gastric distress, Intestinal complaints, Vomiting
Obesity or Weight problems
Weight loss, Anorexia

Fluoride Symptoms

We cannot exclude synergistic effects with other toxins

Fluoride is a very strong poison that accumulates in our body. It is a stronger poison than Lead and even Uranium. The Fluoride is not efficient at all against dental cavities. Fluoride leads among other things to reduced fertility. It affects the brain to make us more docile, sheep like and even unwilling to resist tyrants... It was used as a pacifier of prisoners in the Gulag archipelago in Russia and in prisons in Nazi Germany. Communists had containers  with Fluoride in some areas around the world ready to contaminate drinking water at command. It is the only efficient part of the nerve gas Sarin and a very efficient rat poison. Fluoride goes straight through a common carbon water filter and all other kinds of water filters except filters with reverse osmosis or distillers. We cannot exclude synergistic effects with other toxins. Fluoride in combination with Aluminum becomes extra toxic. Consumption of Fluoride during a year or more means irreversible damage on certain parts in our brain that regulates our willpower. Our children must be given a chance to develop their full potential by drinking as unpoisoned water as possible. There are standing rewards since decades back totaling 220,000 US$ to anybody who can scientifically prove that Fluoride is safe. According to one source there are more than 500 peer reviewed studies documenting the adverse effects of Fluoride. There is no safe level.  Compound 1080 contains Fluoride and is used against coyotes is a tasteless, odorless, slow acting poison for which there is no antidote. Classified as a "super toxic" poison, it only takes 1/500 of an ounce to kill a 150 pound human. 200 mg will kill a small child. There are no double blind studies anywhere proving the efficacy of Fluoride as a caries preventative. 40,000 cases of cancer in 1981 alone has been scientifically proven to be caused by Fluoride according to one important article.-. The same article- says that almost all of 150 symptoms that are connected with Hypothyroidism is correlated to Fluoride poisoning. Especially chinchillas but also hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats and rabbits etc. are sterilized at a very low concentration. Lower than in typical drinking water. Just a small amount (1/2 mg)  decreases reaction time

Fluorine gas from a super volcano is believed to have wiped out all dinosaurs world-wide in a matter of days or less according to a list of deceitful processed foods

1 part per Million (1 ppm) or more (normally up to 4 ppm) in drinking water in many urban areas around the world. Fluoridated Toothpaste up to 4,000 ppm = 0.4% according to one source. Fluoride can go through metal, glass, concrete, rubber etc. with time and/or enough concentration. Juice made on concentrates mixed with ordinary so called common water in Fluoridated areas or where pesticides are used in agriculture. Fruits, vegetables and juice contaminated with pesticides. Many food items unless they are organic. Often in Popular canned drinks if your country uses Fluoridated drinking water. Common tea is typically 1 to 6 ppm and especially green tea.- But tea can contain even more-. One single cup of tea can contain more Fluoride than is actually given as medication against hyperthyroidism. But see below since the Fluoride might be in organic form and therefore totally harmless. De-caffeinated tea can contain more Fluoride than common tea when Fluoridated water is used in the decaffeinating process. Tea also contains Aluminum which can raise especially the neurological and renal toxic effects of Fluoride. Microwave popcorn bags and also in the oil within the bags after heating them up. Packaging for greasy foods. Stain-proof clothing. Carpet and fabric protectors. Flame retardants and products that contain them. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics, Stain-resistant carpeting. Some household cleaning products. PFC, PFOA. Food wrappers for junk food, Popcorn bags for micro wave oven. Stain resistant clothing.

It is however not at all sure that these articles about green tea are completely true. If the Aluminum is in an organic form it is completely harmless. Aluminum and heavy metals are harmful only in it's metallic form. Organic Aluminum as well as all other organic minerals never accumulate in the body cells. If the Fluoride in tea in its organic Fluorine form it is most probably also harmless. But if it is in the same form as the pesticides etc. are spread it is most probably very harmful. Better to stay away if we don't know.

Reddish colored Rock Salt.

Other products that contain Fluoride: The Anesthetic "Halothane", the nerve gas Sarine (one lethal dose of Sarin would fit on a head of a  pin), CFC:s. Fluorinated Valium, "Roofs", "Date rape" (Rohypnol) is 20-30 times stronger than normal Valium. 

The cooking of vegetables in Fluoridated water can increase the concentration of Fluoride in the vegetables up to over 100 times, apart from reducing vitamins, minerals, oils and enzymes in the vegetables. Mineral water perhaps 50% of all sorts sold. Pesticides. Fruit shells like oranges sprayed with pesticides. Some toothpicks. Rinsing water for the mouth. Fluoride treatments can contain 10,000 - 20,000 ppm which sometimes have lead to a few cases with children dying in the dentist's chair according to more than one source. Some materials for repairing teeth. Canned food. Teflon and Tefal coated frying pans, sandwich makers etc. where the surface is scraped etc. When a Teflon coated pan is heated up to 680 degrees Fahrenheit at least 6 toxic gases are released. At 1,000 degrees a chemical warfare agent PFIB is appearing. Part of the controversial psycho active psychiatric drugs PROZAC, Paxil, Luvox, Rohypnol.-Wine can contain up to 3 ppm. Some Car wax. Some Spray can oil. Nerve Gas. Some medicines against hyperthyroidism.

The brand "Nursery Water for babies". It is especially dangerous for babies to ingest Fluoride in any form.

The Fluoridation treatment agent solution for drinking water has at least in one case contained not only Fluoride according to an article about a paper prepared by Lucifer Chemical Industries. It also can contain heavy metals like Lead, as well as Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Iron, Iodine, Mercury, Selenium, Polonium, Uranium, Silver etc. 

Countries with large problems of IDD/GOITER and Fluorosis- are India (Very high, endemic) , Nigeria (High), China (Very High, endemic), Mexico (Very High, >60%), Brazil (High >30%), Tanzania (Very high  >60%), Sudan (High)

Get that distiller or reverse osmosis water filter! If you buy a reverse osmosis filter install a cheap pre filter that can protect your reverse osmosis investment to reduce maintenance costs. The cheap pre filter can easily filter away sludge, clay, earth and even chlorine if it is contains active carbon. This makes the reverse osmosis filter more efficient and cheaper and simpler to maintain. If you cannot afford a distiller or a reverse osmosis water filter, try to investigate which Mineral water is the most clean on the market. Go back to the source and check if they don't put Fluoride in the sold water. Don't trust labels. Don't reuse the mineral water plastic bottle since they very often contain BPA which is another designer poison. If you must drink soda pop, buy soda pop in glass bottles only. not in Aluminum cans. The presence of fluoride in water, juice made from concentrate mixed with ordinary water, toothpaste etc. can also increase the uptake of Aluminum from the can, tube or aluminum kettles. If you have fluoride in your drinking water use only distilled water or water filtered with reverse osmosis for cooking and drinking. Organic Selenium might lower the effects of Aluminum, poisonous heavy metals like Mercury tooth fillings, Cadmium root fillings and other poisons in our body. Stop using frying pans, cooking utensils with Teflon, Tefal or made of Aluminum. If you must boil vegetables, boil only for a short while and only in distilled water or water from a reverse osmosis system. 

Stop using Fluoridated toothpaste completely and immediately. Especially small children don't know how to avoid swallowing toothpaste. The contents of one single tube can kill a small child of around 12 kg. According to another source half a tube is enough. Perhaps learn to use the Muslim mizwak instead of toothbrush and toothpaste since it has antibacterial properties even without toothpaste.

Shower cold instead of with hot water so that the pores in the skin don't open up as much. Fluoride enters the body through the pores in the skin especially when the water heats up the skin.

A reverse Osmosis filter does not totally take away all Fluoride and according to some texts on the Web there is no safe level of Fluoride what so ever. A reverse Osmosis filter takes away perhaps 95 - 99 % of all Fluoride. If we want to be completely sure we have to get a Water distiller and stay away from all other sources of Fluoride. The advantage with reverse osmosis filters is mainly that it normally comes with a storage tank, produces around 5 liters an hour for a normal household filter and works automatically in the background. The advantage with a distiller is that it is requires minimum installation, the water becomes very clean, practically no maintenance costs, but the production is perhaps only 1 liter an hour for a normal sized machine. Most distillers also don't work automatically in the background. 

In all cases you must get necessary organic minerals from fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain distilled water. Distilled by nature. The water filters do away with almost all inorganic minerals. These inorganic minerals are supposed to be good, very good according to some literature. However this might be wrong. The body can not make use of these inorganic minerals which end up clogging our arteries, veins and blood vessels at old age. This will result in kidney stones, bladder stones, gall stones, Arthritis, arteriosclerosis etc. at old age according to one source. Only fruits and vegetables have the organic kind of minerals. This is the only kind of minerals that our body can make use of. Mineral water is not so good for our body as the commercials might say according to the book the Shocking Truth about water mentioned below. Consider a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle even if you are not sick, (yet). Consider a good diet to detoxify yourself as much as possible. The Muslims regular and voluntary fasting is good also when it comes to detoxifying the body. 

Zam Zam water mixed in ordinary water or Sango Coral treatment can reduce or eliminate toxic effects by toxins including Fluoride I am told by one Muslim doctor.

The Pancreas Enzyme production can easily be overloaded if we eat too much meat and other animal protein from cooked, fried, microwaved or pasteurized sources. If we eat too much of dead food like meat the Pancreas must make more Enzymes to break it down. Raw organic unprocessed unrefined food brings along it's own needed supply of Enzymes, while dead food must get the Enzymes from the Pancreas. If there is not enough Enzymes the result is toxic or semi toxic substances that were never digested enough in the blood. Since some countries practise forced medication with enzyme-inhibiting Fluoride in the tap water this can become a problem for people who are not used to eating raw organic vegetables and fruits every day. It can typically take around 20 years for a Pancreas to wear out, but with a modern SAD diet life style this time might become shorter and shorter especially in the presence of environmental toxins, including those in our food. We do need our Enzymes since Minerals, vitamins and other nutrients cannot function without the presence of Enzymes. Dead food like meat or pasteurized milk also has the Minerals in the wrong inorganic form. The result is that the body robs already depleted resources of Minerals from the body

Fluoride can make a person sick at once even though it is rare. Different persons react differently. For the average person it can take 10-20 years or more before some symptoms become apparent if the person does not do anything about it. The significant loss of willpower can take as little as two years. We might never be the same after those two years. If we get symptoms we can anyway seldom say where we got our symptoms from. Our goal must be to minimize the intake of all kinds of poisons since it can be too difficult to eliminate poisons totally. Especially when we travel or visit others.

Well functioning kidneys can clean up around 50% of daily Fluoride uptake.

The real problem is that even if we protect us from Fluoride in drinking water by getting filters we still get it from especially Showering, Baths and Swimming. Shower cold instead of hot so that the pores in the skin don't open up as much.

Picture above borrowed from Fluoride Action Network An international association of around 1,500 scientists, lawyers and...

Germany, Sweden, Holland, Scotland and France. Chile.  According to one source forbidden in the whole of Western Europe except a few Spanish test cities. Some cities in England still have Fluoridated water according to a third source. However it can still exist in those countries in mineral water, tooth paste, frying pans, car wax, tooth fillings etc. and even tooth picks. According to Fluoride Action Network   98% of the Europe is not Fluoridating the water

A newer (2010, June 23) article states 97% of Europe is not fluoridated but 10% of UK and that UK authorities want to fast track the adding of Fluoride to more UK tap water.

Since 1997 all toothpaste in USA must carry a warning label advising what to do if their child swallows more than a pea sized brushing amount. (Many cities in USA refuse to pollute their water with Fluoride). However according to 3 around 10 minute each videos by Alex Jones in YouTube this message has been watered out lately. (June 19, 2010)

India has constructed defluoridation plants for drinking water since 1986

In USA 60% of drinking water fluoridated and 46 of the 50 biggest cities

According to one message, dated 1st of July 2010, United States is only one of eight countries in the entire developed world that fluoridates more than 50 percent of its water supply (66%). (The other seven are: Australia, Colombia, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.)

Canada 40%, Alberta and Ontario

World Fluoride in Water

Murder by injection: The story of the medical conspiracy against America, by Eustace Mullins, 1988, Third printing 1995,  Emissary Publications, 9205 SE Clackamas Rd. #1776 Clackamas, OR 97015,  Phone/Fax  503-824-2050 

The Water: The Shocking Truth That can Save Your Life by Paul C and Patricia Bragg, both N.D. Ph.D., Health Science, Box 7, Santa Barbara, CA 93102, USA, Phone: 805-968-1020 

The Choice Is Clear by Dr Allen E Banik 1971,1975 and 1989,  ACRES U.S.A. PO Box 9547, Kansas City, Missouri 64133, Phone +1, 816-737-0064, ISBN 911-311-31-39 

Fluoride the Aging Factor: How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride, Author: John Yiamouyiannis, Ph. D., Gerson Institute,  P.O. Box 430, Bonita, 
CA 91910-0430,  USA,  Fax: +1, 619-585-7610,  Phone: +1, 619-585-7600 

1994: The Fluoride Deception, Christopher Bryson



EXPERTS: (or at least some of them)
  • Edward Bernays, PR agent for spreading Fluoride, and also made PR for tobacco industry, therefore one of the first to give science a bad name.
  • Christopher Bryson, Journalist
  • Dr. "Arvid Carlsson", Nobel Laureate in Medicine
  • "Bob Carlton" (not sure spelling), former EPA scientist
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Paul Connett, PhD
  • Peter B. Dale
  • Brent Foster, State Conservation Chair, Oregon Sierra Club,
  • Joel Griffiths, Journalist
  • Dr. Harold C. Hodge, but he stated that Fluoride was safe at 1 ppm, therefore one of the first to give science a bad name. Also used to inject people with Plutonium. Chief toxicologist at Manhattan Project.
  • Dr. Vyvyan Howard, toxico-pathologist and President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment
  • Dr. Robert Keho, but he stated that lead added to petrol was perfectly safe, therefore one of the first to give science a bad name. Also injected dogs with Fluoride that got stupendous lung damage etc. but the study was buried.
  • H. B. McCauley
  • Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH 
  • Kathleen Thiessen, PhD,
  • Dr George L. Waldbott. Also warned against smoking and one of the first physicians to warn about fatal allergic reactions to penicillin, therefore one of the many honest scientists as far as I can understand.

  • Dr. Phyllis Mullenix. Among other unpopular findings by her computer based studies on rats was that children get lower IQ because of Fluoridation. Her research lab flooded. Test animals incinerated. Her career as Fluoride researcher stopped. Fired within days.
  • Dr George L. Waldbott. Also warned against smoking and one of the first physicians to warn about fatal allergic reactions to penicillin, therefore one of the many honest scientists as far as I can understand and therefore smeared by the Public Healthcare.
  • Dr. William Marcus, senior toxicologist at EPA stating that Fluoride was a carcinogen for Liver and Bone Cancer and that the science was doctored. Fired because of his outspoken critics of Fluoridation.
  • ADA Australia does not discuss with members of Anti-Fluoride movement

  • "Fluoridation is against all modern principles of pharmacology.", - Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

'Before the Hour comes, there will be years of deceit, in which a truthful person will be disbelieved and a liar will be believed; and the insignificant will have a say'." (Hadith recorded by Ahmad.)Hadith 

Before the Day of Judgment there will appear (a number of) impostors. You are to guard against them. (Sahih Muslim Book 19 no 4483)Hadith 
Narrated Abu Hurayrah:  While the Prophet was saying something in a gathering, a Bedouin came and asked him, "When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?" Allah's Apostle continued his talk, so some people said that Allah's Apostle had heard the question, but did not like what that Bedouin had asked. Some of them said that Allah's Apostle had not heard it. When the Prophet finished his speech, he said, "Where is the questioner, who inquired about the Hour (Doomsday)?" The Bedouin said, "I am here, O Allah's Apostle ." Then the Prophet said, "When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday)." The Bedouin said, "How will that be lost?" The Prophet said, "When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday.)" (Hadith recorded around 1300 years ago by Bukhari in Volume 1 Book 3 no 56)Hadith

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There is only one God and Mohammed is the last Prophet. 
(Muslims believe that Jesus is the second last prophet, and both Christians and Muslims await his return). 

Many modern scientific proofs exist about that the Quran is true.  http://www.thisistruth.org/


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