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  • The following information is taken mainly from Books, Health magazines, Internet, Videos and Newspaper articles.
  • It is not always verified information but a base, a beginning, for your own studies. Nowadays one has to make one's own studies. We seldom get this kind of information from authorities any longer.
  • It is up to each and everyone to make up their own mind if they want to believe it or not.
  • I am not a doctor and the advice below does not replace professional medical treatment in any way. 
  • The presentation below is only what I believe is correct and I might have made mistakes, small or big.
  • Anybody who has a serious disease ought to start to study about his/her disease especially alternative methods. The alternative methods aim to make the body heal itself with God's help.
  • Not just take away the symptoms only, like very often with Allopathic medicine.
  • But always discuss treatments with a real doctor, natural or allopathic, preferably both kinds of doctors.
  • All cures work best with a healthy lifestyle in general eating much raw fresh organic vegetables and some fruits, enough exercise, detoxification when needed, enough rest, fresh air, avoid toxins in food, drinks and environment and minimize stress.

Immunity Shield
  • The Immunity Shield:
    • The border indicates extra risk of cancer if dark red and some protection against cancer if dark green.
    • The immunity shield appears only if there is a very clear trend of effects against or for immunity and/or cancer.
Trend Symptoms Chlorine

Chlorine. Trend of Effects on the Body

The Body images use stop light colours. Red means Bad, Green Good and Yellow is Neutral

Red is Bad, Green Good, Yellow is Neutral like a Traffic Light
Fig Leaf showing male, female fertility and birth

  • The Fig Leaf:
    • Up to the left on the fig leaf in the picture above is male fertility. The darker green the better
    • Up to the right in the picture is female fertility. In this picture above it is slightly darker of the two.
    • Down on the fig leaf is birth, probability of Birth Defects etc. which is as dark as female fertility in this picture which means good for birth.
    • The rather narrow sized border and the stem of the fig leaf is not clearly seen on this picture but is symbolizing trend of total fertility and birth problems and benefits.

One or more of:

Birth Defects, Stillbirths
Arteriosclerosis, High blood pressure, High cholesterol
Dizziness, Stroke, Mental health, Bad Memory, Migraine
Colon cancer, Cancer in the bladder, increased Cancer risks through DBPs (Disinfection ByProducts when chlorine combines with organic waste matter in water)
Bad Fertility
Heart attack, Heart diseases
Competes with other halogenes for Iodine receptors which means disturbed Thyroid function
Bad Immunity defense, Allergies, Auto immune diseases,
Asthma, Breathing difficulty, Respiratory irritation and fatigue through DBPs (see above)
Aches and pains, Cramps
It can probably contribute to many diseases in organs and bodily functions that are  protected by Vitamin E
Skin diseases, Skin irritation risks through DBPs (see above)

Chlorine Symptoms Chart

We don't know how many of the symptoms above that are really attributable to Chlorine. Some can indirectly be caused by Chlorine since Chlorine reduces Vitamin E. Perhaps half of the symptoms above. Nobody has all the symptoms, Most who are ill perhaps one or two of the symptoms at the most. There is no way of deciding that this is the real cause. There could be several causes for a single symptom. The best is to just take precautions and filter the water with a good well serviced carbon filter as a minimum. Chlorine does not disappear with boiling of the water if boiling less than 20 minutes.

Perhaps the Chlorine is needed in some places around the world. But it is not then the best to inform the public, the consumers, that it could be important to filter away the chlorine, as much as possible with an active carbon filter or better, before drinking the normal tap water?

An article by Dr. Mercola from august 2011 states that Chlorine interacts with organic matter found in our drinking water and forms DBPs (=disinfection byproducts). Theser are according to the article far more toxic than the Chlorine itself and can lead to:
Increased Cancer, asthma and skin irritation, Respiratory irritation and fatigue, Weakening of immune system.

Hot showers open the pores in the skin to absorb more of Chlorine and other chemicals direct into your system

A book "The Health Revolution" states: Begin quote: During the Korean War three hundred autopsies were carried out on US soldiers killed in the fighting, their average age 22 years. The autopsies disclosed that 75% of them had advanced CHD (coronary heart disease). Some were found to have "arteries almost totally blocked". Autopsies on two hundred Japanese soldiers showed no CHD.  End quote. 

Some scientists say that chlorine is the real reason behind blood plaque and most heart attacks. Over 3,000 every day in USA now (around year 2000). Blood plaque can lead to high blood pressure, (hypertension). Chlorinated water was introduced 1931 in the US. 

According to a short concise web page the Chlorine in the drinking water is fast entering the blood stream. Halides, like Chlorine, are extremely antigenic. The walls of the arteries react with the Chlorine.  The Chlorine is attacked by the body's own leukocytes. The leukocytes attach to the Chlorine in the walls of the arteries. The Leukocytes continue with what they always are doing even when they are floating free. The Leukocytes absorb free lipids and calcium from the blood. The result is plaque formation. Read the web page for more details.

Chlorine in drinking water can react with naturally occuring organic compounds like decomposing plant and animal materials to produce disinfection byproducts (DBPs) like trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs). These are carcinogenic.

Chlorine in drinking water also depletes the body of Vitamin E. Vitamin E can protect against heart diseases and other serious cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes and is important for Fertility. There are over 160 positive properties in Vitamin E. Most of these properties you can read about in the book "VITAMIN E the Rejuvenation Vitamin" by Carlos Wade Ref 1

Trend Benefits Vitamin E
Vitamin E (At least 185 benefits)

Who can tell when Japan introduced chlorinated water? What about other countries like France where they eat much fatty food and have a low frequency of heart attacks? Or do they drink so much more wine than water? Or is it enough with their frequent use of cold pressed olive-oil in their diet? The French gourmet restaurants have a perfect combination of protein and fat from a  ZONE diet viewpoint. The ZONE diet is most probably a very good protection against Heart disease. If the French population eats the same kind of "balanced diet" from a ZONE diet viewpoint it can explain some of their good health. Just a thought. Heart attacks can also be a result from other risks in our environment, not only chlorine. The ZONE diet must be combined with very much vegetables preferably fresh and raw and some fruits. If you don't eat the vegetables your digestive system might collapse after a few years when you eat too much proteins, especially meat.

Perhaps clogged arteries can to some extent be by explained by the inorganic minerals that exists in ordinary drinking water Ref 1 or the Fluoride. 

But the Japanese? Perhaps it is their Protein intake and Omega 3 intake from the Raw fish (Sushi). The French drink much wine is mentioned above. Wine contains distilled water, (distilled by nature). Lately researchers have been puzzled as to why wine seems to have a certain efficiency against some forms of cancer. It can quite simply be so that during the manufacturing of wine the grape-seeds are crushed and comes into the wine. Grape seeds contain Vitamin B17 which is supposed to be very efficient against cancer. It also contains Vitamin E that is efficient against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  Ref 1

Other reasons for many heart attacks and clogged arteries can be 

  1. Sulfur, Cholesterol Sulfate, Sunshine to generate enough of Vitamin D3 are needed for a healthy heart according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff from Weston A Price Foundation. Read more...
  2. Vaccinations 
  3. Large contents of non-essential Fatty Acids in mono unsaturated Margarine.
  4. Last but not least eating too much Carbohydrates. According to the Zone diet we must eat more Protein and more fat at each meal. The Eskimos eat no Carbohydrates whatsoever during 6 months each year. They keep slim, healthy and energetic. Check out the ZONE diet! The ZONE diet means that glucose levels keep within the Zone and don't go up and down quickly causing too high levels of Insulin and too high levels of Cholesterol. If we eat less Carbohydrates in all forms, including Potatoes, Brown Rice and even Whole meal bread and combine with more Protein (Organic Meat, Fish, Cheese, Eggs, Organic Soya) we get more healthy, God willing. A high carbohydrate diet together with Chlorine in our drinking water reducing Vitamin Eis most probably not very healthy. But always combine the ZONE diet with much fresh raw vegetables and avoid eating meat every day.
Vitamin B17 is also supposed to be good for the blood vessels. People who eat much nuts have been found to have less heart disease. Muslims of course must abstain from alcohol so one cannot recommend wine as a medicine. Some wine might even contain around 3 ppm Fluoride.  It is much healthier to drink grape juice. But drink one where the water is not replaced, ("reconstituted") with Fluoridated water and preferably grapes that are grown organically without pesticides and fertilizers. Fertilizers deplete many important minerals from food. 

Chlorine is added in most countries especially in USA and the third world to drinking water to protect against bacteria. These countries have as far as I understand a higher rate of heart disease than countries that use other methods to take away bacteria.

There is supposed to be a less dangerous form called ammonium chlorine in some developed countries. Europe is according to one source Ozonizing their drinking water instead of chlorinating it. Chlorine is entering our body either in our drinking water or when we shower. Most public swimming pools have large amounts of Chlorine. Many Mineral water has Chlorine added or natural.  Perhaps 50% of all Mineral water also contains Fluoride. But it could be in organic form and therefore probably completely harmless. Even Zam Zam water contains Chlorine. However it most definitely is an organic form of Chlorine in Zam Zam water and other so called "holy waters". The organic form of Chlorine is totally harmless, even needed by the body. Zam Zam water and Sango Coral treatment mixed with any water is supposed to make ordinary tap water etc. harmless. It neutralizes poisons in ordinary water. Other places where Chlorine can be found is in the Anesthetic "Halothane". Mustard gas during World War 1 and last but not least CFC:s in air conditioners and spray bottles.

Another much bigger area where Chlorine is found is in pesticides, like Velsicol and in non-organic food when pesticides have been used. 

Colloid organic chlorine from plants, fruits and perhaps some so called "holy waters" is however not poisonous. it is needed by the body to manufacture hydrochloric acid in the stomach to aid digestion.

Use a water filter that is good enough or at least boil your drinking water. Boiling the water takes away Chlorine but concentrates Fluoride. However boiling the water to get rid of the chlorine can take a very long time.  Sometimes 20 minutes. That is quite costly and takes a lot of energy. Perhaps it can be a good idea to shower cold if you don't have a water filter efficient enough to remove chlorine. Garlic, Fish oil of good quality at least 2,000 mg per day, antioxidants, Vitamin B17 etc. is supposed to remove much of blood vessel plaque. Avoid drinking directly from water taps or at restaurants where water is not filtered. Bottled drinks probably contains both Fluoride and Chlorine and sometimes GMO sugar, GMO-HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) and lots other additives like Aspartame and MSG in different combinations and with many different names on the labels. Do like Jamie Oliver recommends. "If you cannot pronounce it, don't eat or drink eat and don't give it to your children."

The water filter does not need be especially advanced to remove chlorine. From what I have heard a water filter that has active carbon only can be sufficient. If you get a better filter with reverse osmosis or get a water distiller also the Fluoride can also be reduced. Minimum should be at least an efficient carbon filter so that the Chlorine and much of the inorganic minerals in water and dirt, mud, mold and bacteria can be reduced. But you have to do regular maintenance on the filters. To always drink very clean water, like distilled water, can clean up the arteries in the long run according to the book "Water: The Shocking Truth That can Save Your Life", by Paul C And Patricia Bragg. Another way to avoid chlorine is to drink fruit juice. Not the concentrated or reconstituted type that is sometimes mixed with tap water, but the 100% natural fruit juice. Swimming pools can use an Ozone-cleaning method that makes Chlorine-treatment unnecessary. Consider a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle even if you are not sick, (yet). Consider a good diet to detoxify yourself. The Muslims regular and voluntary fasting is good also when it comes to detoxifying the body. 

Unboiled Zam Zam Water and Sango Coral treatment mixed with any water is supposed to make ordinary tap water etc. harmless. It is supposed to neutralize poisons in ordinary water.

If you want lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attacks and less plaque in your arteries eat good quality fish oil at least 2,000 mg per day. Anything less or fish oil of less qualitty will not give a good result. But stay away from chlorinated water just to be on the safe side and combine with reasonable amounts of exercise. Also stay away from trans fats. This method has functioned very well on pigs. After a few months their blood vessel become clean if they continue to food of less quality. For a lasting result also reduce food of bad quality, exercise more etc.

Chlorine does not make a person sick at once. Different persons react differently.  For the average person it can take 10 - 20 years or more if the person does not do anything about it. Even if we get symptoms from Chlorine later in life it might be impossible to know the exact reasons for our symptoms. Our goal must be to minimize all kinds of poisons since it can be too difficult to eliminate poisons totally. 

But Allah knows best, always.

Sweden has a supposedly less dangerous version called Ammonium Chlorine. Natural oxygenation treatment are supposed to be widely used in Europe as an alternative to Chlorine treatment. But it is only a matter of time before centralized Socialist bureaucrats in Europe change back good ingredients to more poisonous probably, so get that good water filter while you are still able to buy it.

Water: The Shocking Truth That can Save Your Life by Paul C and Patricia Bragg, both N.D. Ph.D., Health Science, Box 7, Santa Barbara, CA 93102, USA, Phone: 805-968-1020. The book claims that the real cause for arteriosclerosis, heart attacks etc. that nowadays are so common is mainly due to inorganic minerals in the drinking water, but it does not exclude the possibility of chlorine as at least contributing. 

VITAMIN E the Rejuvenation Vitamin,  by Carlson Wade. 1970,  Award Books, Universal Award House Inc.,  235 East Forty-fifth Street,  New York,  NY 10017,  USA. This books describes how Vitamin E has been used extremely successfully on at least 32,000 patients without or almost without side effects in the treatment of serious Heart diseases, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, stroke etc. The dosages that were used were often much higher than normally recommended. Contact a doctor who is open-minded about this and let him read the book before he uses other drugs. It shows how Vitamin E can be useful or necessary for over 160 symptoms without or almost without side effects. But contact a doctor for proper dosage and control.

  • 23 June 2012 Chlorine, Fluoride and Bromine are Halides like Iodine, which means it competes with Iodine for Iodine receptors and can lead to lower thyroid function. Read more...
Chlorine - A Special Problem for Drinking Water  http://www.doulton.ca/chlorine.html 2 pages
List of symptoms of different common poisons in food, drinking water, small children's toys, paint, teeth, medicine and environment etc.- http://www.betterdietislam/diet/poison1.html 16 pages

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