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  • The following information is taken mainly from Books, Health magazines, Internet, Videos and Newspaper articles.
  • It is not always verified information but a base, a beginning, for your own studies. Nowadays one has to make one's own studies. We seldom get this kind of information from authorities any longer.
  • It is up to each and everyone to make up their own mind if they want to believe it or not.
  • I am not a doctor and the advice below does not replace professional medical treatment in any way. 
  • The presentation below is only what I believe is correct and I might have made mistakes, small or big.
  • Anybody who has a serious disease ought to start to study about his/her disease especially alternative methods. The alternative methods aim to make the body heal itself with God's help.
  • Not just take away the symptoms only, like very often with Allopathic medicine.
  • But always discuss treatments with a real doctor, natural or allopathic, preferably both kinds of doctors.
  • All cures work best with a healthy lifestyle in general eating much raw fresh organic vegetables and some fruits, enough exercise, detoxification when needed, enough rest, fresh air, avoid toxins in food, drinks and environment and minimize stress.

Immunity Shield
  • The Immunity Shield:
    • The border indicates extra risk of cancer if dark red and some protection against cancer if dark green
Traffic Light Trend Symptoms Aspartame

Trend Effects on the Body

The Body images use stop light colours. Red means Bad, Green Good and Yellow is Neutral

Red is Bad, Green Good, Yellow is Neutral like a Traffic Light
Fig Leaf showing male, female fertility and birth

  • The Fig Leaf:
    • Up to the left on the fig leaf in the picture above is male fertility. The darker green the better
    • Up to the right in the picture is female fertility. In this picture above it is slightly darker of the two.
    • Down on the fig leaf is birth, probability of Birth Defects etc. which is as dark as female fertility in this picture which means good for birth.
    • The rather narrow sized border and the stem of the fig leaf is not clearly seen on this picture but is symbolizing trend of total fertility and birth problems and benefits.

One or more of:

Birth Defects, Premature births, DNA changes, Genetic Damage, Interference with DNA replication, Non reversible severely decreased learning ability in children whose mothers ingest it during pregnancy
Anemia, Blood in Stool or Vomit, Fluctuating Blood Pressure
Promotes Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), ADHD, Promotes Alzheimer's disease, Non reversible severely decreased learning ability in children whose mothers ingest it during pregnancy, Anxiety, Behavioral disturbances, Bizarre psychological problems, Brain Lesions, Change in mood quality or level, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Destroys the brain, Dizziness, Epileptic Seizures, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Grand Mal seizures (happened to pilots), Hallucinations, Headache, irritability, Memory Loss, Mental retardation, Migraine Headache, Nausea, Parkinson's, Psychiatric Disorder, Schizophrenia, Severe Retardation, Shock, Sleep problems, Sleeplessness (= Insomnia), Slurred speech, Suicidal Depression, Unconsciousness and coma
Carcinogen, Brain Cancer, Lymphoma
Developmental Retardation
Aggravation of diabetic complications like retinopathy, cataracts, neuropathy and gastroperesis, Diabetes, Hypoglycemia (Too low blood sugar level), Poorer control in diabetics on insulin or oral drugs, Precipitation of clinical diabetes
Loss of Balance, Loss of hearing (deafness), Tinnitus(= Ringing, buzzing ears), Vertigo
Blindness, Blurred vision, Bright Flashes, Cataracts, Conjunctivitis, (inflammation of the eyeball), pinkeye, iriditis uveitis etc., Dilating Eyes, Loss of Vision, Misty Vision, Obscuration of Vision, Progressive contraction of visual fields, Retinal Damage, Tunnel Vision, Vision Problems
Abortifacient, Change in breast size or tenderness, Change in Menstruation Patterns, Dysmenorrhea (Pain during menstruation), Bad for fertility in general, Reproductive dysfunction, Uterine Polyps
Bad for Hair, Change in hair and nails
Heart Palpitations, Heart Problems, Tachycardia (= Heart Rhythms)
Hormonal Problems
AIDS Dementia, Auto Immune Diseases, Change of body temperature, Chills, Fluctuating temperature
Asthma, Breathing Difficulties, Chest Pain, Chest Tightness, Excessive phlegm production, Wheezing
Spasms, Fibromyalgia
Nerve System
Bio-Chemical Warfare, Change in Smell, Convulsions, Loss of Taste, Neuritis, Neuroendocrine disorders, Neuropathy, Numbness, Shooting pains in the extremities, Tingling of the Skin, Tremors
Hematuria (Blood cells in the urine), Urination difficulties
Bio-Chemical warfare, Change in smell, Death, General Weakness, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Sinus problems
Ache in Bones, Ache in Joints, Dental Problems, Change in hair and nails,
Changes in skin and nail coloration, Eczema, Lip and Mouth Reactions, Rashes
Abdominal Pain, Change in thirst, Constipation, Difficulty in Swallowing, Gastroparesis, Stomach Cramps, Blood in stool or vomit
Weight Gain

We cannot exclude synergistic effects with other toxins.

Aspartame Symptoms Chart

Invented 1965 by a chemist working at the G.D. Searle Company. Originally approved for dry goods in 1974, but put on hold for over 90 documented serious side effects. Later on approved by increasingly corrupt authorities.

Aspartame account for over 75% of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It consists of 40% Aspartic Acid which can overexcite nerve cells in the brain until they die. 50% Phenylalanine. Excessive amounts of Phenylalanine cause the levels of seratonin in the brain to decrease leading to emotional disorders such as depression. 10% Methanol (wood alcohol) which can cause blindness, death, DNA damages etc. Diketopiperazine (DKP) is a by-product of aspartame metabolism and can cause brain tumors. Aspartame in liquid form also produces Formaldehyde which is around 5,000 times more toxic than Ethanol or what the Muslims popularly call Khamr. It is supposed to be a safe mix according to authorities like FDA of all these toxic ingredients, but is not according to many scientists that you can read about in the literature and links mentioned below. FDA has received around 10,000 official complaints but only around 1% of adverse effects are reported.

The following is from the DORway web site:

Dave Wants His DISCOVERY to Help All Aspartame Users!

Aspartame is NOT a natural substance!
Aspartame is NOT a diet enhancement product!
Aspartame is NOT safe - for ANYONE!
Aspartame is NOT a food "additive"
Aspartame is an UNREGULATED and UNSAFE DRUG! (It was originally slated to be a peptic ulcer drug!)
Aspartame in liquids turns to FORMALDEHYDE above freezing!
Aspartame is even worse for DIABETICS!
Aspartame poisoning is cumulative (it adds up!)
Aspartame byproducts get stored in your FAT!
Aspartame has 92 "official" side effects (the worst is DEATH!)
Aspartame MIMICS a wide range of problems
Aspartame side effects are USUALLY MISDIAGNOSED! (By 21 doctors, in my case!)
Aspartame is unfit for human consumption!
Aspartame's approval by the FDA is A SHAMELESS tragedy!
Aspartame's approval for use in EVERYTHING is far worse!
Who are the culprits? FDA, Searle, Monsanto, NutraSweet and more!
The ONLY "CURE" is total exclusion from the diet!
TOTAL recovery may not be possible!
Only an irate and active PUBLIC can rid the world of this POISON!
If YOU have been affected... REPORT IT! GET INVOLVED!

See the DORway Disclaimer—Important!

at the bottom of the DORWAY introduction web page

Aspartame is the technical name for the brand names: NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Equal Measure, E951, Benevia, Canderel and AminoSweet. It can be found as food additive in instant breakfasts, breath mints, cereals, sugar free chewing gum, cocoa mixes, coffee beverages, cosmetics (which might also contain MSG), frozen desserts, ice cream, gelatin desserts, juice beverages, laxatives, multivitamins, milk drinks, pharmaceuticals and supplements, shake mixes, soft drinks (which might also contain MSG) like diet Coke, diet Pepsi, Crystal Light and Kool Aid, tabletop sweeteners, tea beverages, instant teas and coffees, topping mixes, Vaccinations (which might also contain MSG), wine coolers and yogurt (which might also contain MSG). Aspartame and other sweeteners can now be added to Regular and Diet Drinks everywhere, at least in USA, but other countries often follow with the same laws. Sometimes laws are ignored. Aspartame is found in around 6,000 different foods.

"Neotame" a new supposed to be more toxic form of Aspartame can since around end of 2010 be added to any food in USA without labeling, even to USDA certified organic processed food and certified Kosher products. Read more...

The animal feed "Sweetos" is nothing but Neotame aimed at replacing molasses

Dr. Betty Martini lists some of them

If you don't believe in it and have frequent Headaches and other health problems mentioned above among symptoms take a 60 days no Aspartame test. Avoid anything that you think could have the ingredients Aspartame or Neotame even if it does not explicitly say so on the labels. Avoid Diet drinks. There are plenty of other sweeteners possible to use like Stevia and Honey. Even refined sugar, granulated cane sugar, barley malt, Molasses, Date sugar, Maple syrup,  Fruit Juice, Fructose, Licorice root in small amounts, Amazake (from brown rice) can be used. Of course natural unrefined brown sugar, molasses, cane sugar is the best.

Avoid Aspartame, Sucralose, Cyclamates and Saccharine. If you want to use normal sugar try to get hold of original sugar that is not refined since minerals and other important good ingredients are completely lost after refining the sugar. Be especially careful of taking Aspartame together with coffee or other drinks containing Caffeine. To take caffeine together with another Exitotoxin Monosodium Glutamate  should also be avoided. If you are pregnant avoid Aspartame at all costs.

Avoid also USDA certified organic processed food and certified Kosher products unless you know the producers, the owners and the products in detail, since the products may legally contain Neotame at least in USA.  Read more...

Avoid newer potentially toxic artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame-k also known as Sunette/Sweet, One/Sweet & Safe and Sucralose also known as Splenda.  Splenda can negatively affect your beneficial bacteria in your gut, (perhaps kill off 50% of the beneficial bacteria). Splenda is accumulating in the Water supply and does not easily break down. See from the same article at mercola.com in short, mostly animal experiments with sometimes small, sometimes large dosages of Splenda (=Sucralose):
Splenda, Sucralose 
Trend Symptoms:

Traffic Light Trend Symptoms Splenda

Indirect symptoms through lack of uptake of nutriton when around 50% of good bacteria in intestines are killed not included.

Agave Syrup is not recommended due to high HFCS content (which by the way is often GMO), according to one article

Sugar nowadays might also be GMO, Genetically Modified. But not Sugar Cane so far (December 2010)

Consider a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle even if you are not sick, (yet). Consider a good diet to detoxify yourself. The Muslims regular and voluntary fasting is good also when it comes to detoxifying the body. 
Aspartame can make a person sick at once. Different persons react differently. For the average person it  can take many years if the person does not do anything about it. It is often difficult to pinpoint exact reasons for symptoms whenever they occur. Our goal must be to minimize all kinds of poisons since it can be too difficult to eliminate poisons totally. Especially when we travel or visit others.

Picture above borrowed from Aspartame.com

Monsanto the company that earns or earned billions (sometimes they have to sell a branch like when notmilk.com warned about rGBH milk) on: 
  1. Agent Orange, 2-4-5-T,
    1. Defoliant used in Vietnam containing Dioxin causing around 1 million handicapped children in Vietnam even today long time after the Vietnam war.
  2. Velsico pesticide, Roundup, DDT 
    1. Those who study organic farming are convinced pesticides are not wanted at all in any farming, anytime, anywhere. Plants grown without fertilizers and pesticides and with enough minerals can withstand all sorts of attacks from insects, withstand extreme weather, give plenty of more nutrition, bigger harvests and takes only 20% of water required. Just as the human body becomes stronger without poisons and with enough minerals. Organic food is an important element in eradicating modern diseases. Over 100 years ago all farming was organic. One report states that DDT has been made even more vicious after adding FluorideOne of the strongest poisons in the world. However it could also be so that DDT is relatively unharmful and was discontinued because of that. Making a comeback of Malaria in Africa especially. However if there is any doubt avoid whatever poisons at all cost.
  3. Malathion
    1. Another nerve poison that the designers and users pretend is good for total health but is extremely toxic. Can render sperm totally paralyzed. Known mutagen. Parkinson's, tremors, nerve damage etc. So close doors, windows and don't let children out to play immediately after spraying in your neighborhood.
  4. Aspartame 
    1. Marketed as a health product and a cheap low calorie sweetener suitable for mass production of not only  popular beverages without proper labeling of health risks or contents.
    2. "Neotame" a new supposed to be more toxic form of Aspartame can since around end of 2010 be added to any food in USA without labeling, even to USDA certified organic processed food and certified Kosher products.
  5. GMO, Biogenetic Engineering, rice, Inorganic soy beans, potatoes,  Corn, Sugar, HFCS,  Canola and more...
    1. A complete own chapter but the most important is the goal to increase poison levels in farming. The ultimate known goal for GMO is lowering fertility, but lower fertility is only one of many symptoms of GMO
    2. Genetically engineered food to increase pesticide ROUNDUP tolerance in the plants. Check out Jeffrey M Smiths web site Responsible Technology and read more than 10 pages of his books or see the videos available on his web site.
    3. Desertification of agriculture since pesticides used in very high dosage in GMO farming kills billions of microbes in every handful soil. These microbes support the plants with minerals and other nutrients and make the root system strong and binds the soil. When the microbes are gone the root system becomes small and the soil blows away or is flushed away by floods. Monocultures year after year in farming attracts stronger and stronger pests that eat the weakening plants. Deserts increase. Devastated ruined farmers that cannot afford ever increasing costs for stronger and stronger pesticides and a 5 fold increased need of water get their farm land taken over by loan giving banks that sell the land to GMO agro companies and the ruined farmers have to move in large extents to fast growing slum areas in the developing world. See Dirt the Movie from 2009.
    4. The staff of Monsanto does not eat its own products, but eats only organic.
  6. PCB for Industrial Hydraulic fluids, Coolants, Insulating fluids for transformers and other electrical equipment.
  7. rGBH  milk,   Posilac
    1. An efficient way of adding female hormones and growth hormones to common household products to increase sterility breast cancer and other miseries.
  8. Monsanto & Government  Regulatory Agency Employees  Are The Same People.
  9. Wanting to disappear from public view by changing name to Solutia and Pharmacia for a while


  • While Science Sleeps, by Dr. Woody Monte. Book available at http://www.whilesciencesleeps.com/
  • Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, by MD Dr Russell Blaylock,  Phone +1, 800-643-2665
  • Sweet Deception, by MD Dr. Mercola
  • Bad Attitude, Reverse Your Child's Rudeness in 1 week - With Food, Audrey Ricker Ph.D and Brian Cabin M.D , M.D. (H)
  • Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, by MD Dr Russell Blaylock
  • Nutrition & Behavior. A Lecture by Russell Blaylock, MD


  • 2006: Bracket - Sweet Remedy, The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply
  • 2004: Bracket - Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World
  • A poisoned world, Part 02, Aspartame (Duration 10:06 minutes)
  • A Poisoned World, part 20. Sucralose, Stevia and a lot of other sweeteners. (Duration 10:56 minutes)
  • The Beautiful Truth, Gerson Cancer Cure (Teenage Boy Project Theme) (1 hour 31 minutes 46 seconds), 44 minutes into the film.

EXPERTS: (or at least some of them)
  • MD. Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, Board-Certified Neurosurgeon
  • MD. Dr. H. J. Roberts, Board-Certified Internist
  • Dr. John W. Olney
  • MD. Dr. Jim Bowen, Biochemistry
  • Arthur Evangelista, Former FDA Investigator
  • Dr. Ralph S. Walton, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA Toxicologist
  • Betty Martini, Mission Impossible, http://www.dorway.com/
  • James S. Turner, Esq., Consumer Attorney
  • Dr. Candace Pert, Author / Research Scientist
  • Audrey Ricker, Ph.D., Author
  • Brian Cabin M.D , M.D. (H), PC Medical Doctor, Homeopath, Author
  • Jane Hersey, The Feingold Association
  • Frederick M. Fox, Retired Airline Pilot

  • Airline pilots mentioning the effects of Aspartame to the press would automatically lose their license to fly in some cases or lose their job (According to the video Sweet Remedy)

'Before the Hour comes, there will be years of deceit, in which a truthful person will be disbelieved and a liar will be believed; and the insignificant will have a say'." (Hadith recorded by Ahmad.)Hadith 

Before the Day of Judgment there will appear (a number of) impostors. You are to guard against them. (Sahih Muslim Book 19 no 4483)Hadith 
Narrated Abu Hurayrah:  While the Prophet was saying something in a gathering, a Bedouin came and asked him, "When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?" Allah's Apostle continued his talk, so some people said that Allah's Apostle had heard the question, but did not like what that Bedouin had asked. Some of them said that Allah's Apostle had not heard it. When the Prophet finished his speech, he said, "Where is the questioner, who inquired about the Hour (Doomsday)?" The Bedouin said, "I am here, O Allah's Apostle ." Then the Prophet said, "When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday)." The Bedouin said, "How will that be lost?" The Prophet said, "When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday.)" (Hadith recorded around 1300 years ago by Bukhari in Volume 1 Book 3 no 56)Hadith

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There is only one God and Mohammed is the last Prophet. 
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Many modern scientific proofs exist about that the Quran is true. http://www.thisistruth.org/

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