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  • You must sacrifice much more than the usual 10 seconds that web page visitors spend typically in average on a web page in order to understand the dangers of GMO. Try to prove I am wrong.
  • The following information is taken mainly from Books, Health magazines, Internet, Videos and Newspaper articles.
  • It is not always verified information but a base, a beginning, for your own studies. Nowadays one has to make one's own studies. We seldom get this kind of information from authorities any longer.
  • It is up to each and everyone to make up their own mind if they want to believe it or not.
  • I am not a doctor and the advice below does not replace professional medical treatment in any way. 
  • The presentation below is only what I believe is correct and I might have made mistakes, small or big.
  • Anybody who has a serious disease ought to start to study about his/her disease especially alternative methods. The alternative methods aim to make the body heal itself with God's help.
  • Not just take away the symptoms only, like very often with Allopathic medicine.
  • But always discuss treatments with a real doctor, natural or allopathic, preferably both kinds of doctors.
  • All cures work best with a healthy lifestyle in general eating much raw fresh organic vegetables and some fruits, enough exercise, detoxification when needed, enough rest, fresh air, avoid toxins in food, drinks and environment and minimize stress.

Immunity Shield
  • The Immunity Shield:
    • The border indicates extra risk of cancer if dark red and some protection against cancer if dark green
Traffic Light Trend Symptoms GMO

Trend symptoms GMO

The Body images use stop light colours. Red means Bad, Green Good and Yellow is Neutral

Red is Bad, Green Good, Yellow is Neutral like a Traffic Light
Fig Leaf showing male, female fertility and birth

  • The Fig Leaf:
    • Up to the left on the fig leaf in the picture is male fertility. The darker green the better
    • Up to the right in the picture is female fertility. In this picture above it is slightly darker of the two.
    • Down on the fig leaf is birth, probability of Birth Defects etc. which is as dark as female fertility in this picture which means good for birth.
    • The rather narrow sized border and the stem of the fig leaf is not clearly seen on this picture but is symbolizing trend of total fertility and birth problems and benefits.
One or more of: (Most of the symptoms are from experiments on animals, not on humans. Symptoms are probably more numerous and more severe than below, but difficult to know since scientists are forbidden to do science on GMO food all over the world, except perhaps in Zambia).

Just like Soy, GMO products (and that can include Soy) blocks certain minerals and can therefore indirectly cause diseases because of lack of minerals.

Premature aging of the human body
Regulation of Cholesterol
Birth Defects, Early infant mortality, Genetic damage, Reduced birth weight, Spontaneous abortion, Miscarriage, Spontaneous abortions among Cattle 45% among pregnant heifers after eating GMO corn or GMO Soy.
Brain damage in test animals
Increased risk of cancer
Impaired growth
Regulation of Insulin
Possibly contributing to Bee Colony Collapse through Monocultures and Pesticides. Pollination of non-GMO, Accumulating of poisons in the soil. Deserts since GMO farming demands around 5 times more water than organic farming and reduces root system etc. of plants.
Decreased sperm count, Lower fertility, Infertility in males, Infertility in test animals, Lower Testosterone levels, Miscarriage, Reproductive Dysfunction, severely reduced mobility of sperms, Sterility, Bad for testes, Discoloration of testes, Women can become allergic to pregnancies
Allergies, Auto Immune diseases, Flu like symptoms, Immunity impairment, Inflammations, Risk for appearance of new Super viruses
Respiratory complaints
Damage to proteins truncating etc. leading to dangerous changes in food, Lowering enzyme levels, Soylectin? (spelling? Soy Lecithin?) blocks absorption of certain nutrients, Tryptophan inhibitor causes allergies
General organ damage, Kidney problems, Liver damage
Other symptoms
Violent diarrhea in test animals, Food Allergies, Gastro Intestinal disturbances, Good Bacteria in the Gut might become destroyed for life because of DNA changes (However don't give up hope; Change to a better diet anyway and it just might be repaired with time God willing. Test animals do get better normally after change of diet), Intestinal problems, Leaky Gut

If we eat GMO products we can turn our intestines into living pesticide factories because of DNA changes in our GUT bacteria

Lead Symptoms Chart

The number of symptoms presented above are probably way under the real numbers, since research is almost totally banned. Anyway research on human beings would be very cruel if it was ever done since test animals present very many serious symptoms within a rather short time in the very few test trials that are already done and humans normally get the same symptoms as animals. Research on animals are of course also very cruel if GMO food is used since every research so far done confirms the dangers of GMO food also in very low concentrations and after very short time, sometimes only days.

If you read the below you will get depressed or think I am a lunatic or both. Remember that organic food is the answer to almost all of these problems. But if we don't eat only exclusively nothing more than organic food we must know how to avoid GMO as much as possible. It is that bad.

One way to avoid most GMO and most other artificial and suspect additives is to avoid processed food from the established food industry. If we must eat processed food avoid those with ingredients with names that are hard to pronounce. This chapter is about symptoms but I want to present some solutions already here so you don't despair when reading more about the symptoms. See also more below about what to do.

The following has in short happened with serious research (to discover symptoms or verify safety claims by the GMO industry) according to a message in web pages at MD dr. Joseph Mercola, mercola.com: The wordings are partly mine below:
  • Arpad Puzstai. Hero for 2 days before he was silenced. His permitted and perhaps only long term research ever done on GMO led to ban of GMO in the whole of Europe 10 years ago. A real hero. Not until now the authorities gradually reintroduce GMO here and there in Europe. What shocked him the most during all this research was not that GMO was extremely dangerous, but that the politicians had their decisions ready made and done before the results were ready from the research. The rest of the world did not ban any GMO and GMO can now be found in an estimated 70-75% of all processed food in US supermarkets. It is not much better in the rest of the world.
  • Irina Ermakova. Discovered that 55% of the lab rats died after eating GMO soy. The most common soy in some countries. Silenced by the GMO mafia. Repeated tests would cost only a few thousand dollars but no government can afford to make the tests again.
  • Andres Carrasco. Roundup used regularly 1,500 times more than in the lab tests caused brain damage, intestine damage and heart damage in amphibian fetuses. The tests only confirmed earlier tests by other scientists. Attacked viciously after publishing his test results.
  • Judy Carman, Australia repeatedly attacked. Western Australia Agriculture minister given 60 worthless safety studies that were not even safety studies.
  • Terje Traavik. Prominent virologist ignored
  • GMO companies block safety research
  • Dr. Ignacio Chapela. Microbial biologist. His children threatened.
  • Ban on certain questions from scientists
Dr Mercola does give positive advice also in the article that took up the above research. It is important to see the positive side also of serious threats. Dr. Mercola and Jeffrey M. Smith always have a positive angle to every threat. Otherwise many people cannot endure the truth.
  • GMO is aimed at making people sterile or at least lower fertility apart from creating deserts and driving people into slum areas in big cities in especially the so called "developing" world. (Agenda 21). See the video "DIRT! the Movie" from 2009 in order to understand better. It is a beautiful documentary that together with another documentary which is even more beautiful, "Garden of Destiny" really shows exactly what should be done, the mechanisms in a healthy agriculture, and how to literally save the world, God willing.
  • Could harm liver and kidney. (The liver alone has around 500 functions necessary for health).
  • Offspring often stunted growth becoming smaller than average.
  • Some symptoms might not occur until after decades, just like with smoking. 3rd generation sterile and might probably not survive 2nd generation. In other words with high concentrations of GMO our grand children can hardly expect to survive our children and our grand children cannot expect to get any children at all.
  • Good bacteria in the Gut might become permanently damaged for life even if we start eating food of good quality (=Toyib, Arabic) again, but don't give up hope, change to a very good diet anyway. These symptoms are not proven on humans yet but seems to be possible according to Russian experiments on rats. We should not give up hope but as soon as possible eat only healthy food again. Perhaps it can become better. Many test animals have become healthy quickly after changing to good quality food.
  • Other sources claim:
  • Sheep fed only BT Cotton plants all die within a month. Buffaloes all die within 3 days. Mice become sterile. Over 50% die rather quickly of offspring of laboratory rats fed GMO soy etc.
  • Roundup which is needed in large amounts on GMO crops can cause infertility since sperms lose much of their ability to move. Many women become allergic to pregnancies.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Indian cotton farmers have itching problems.
  • 200,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide last decade, not only because of diseases but also because of much lower production (Source the video DIRT! THE MOVIE from 2009). According to Jeffrey M. Smith the number might instead be only as low as 125,000 suicides. Let's hope for the best. Farmers become bankrupt, sometimes commit suicide and the farmland ends up in the hands of banks who sell it to GMO companies.
  • If the number 200,000 suicides is correct: GMO farming drives around one Indian farmer to suicide around every 30 minutes.
  • If the number 200,000 suicides is correct:  46 devastated Indian farmers commit suicide per day. They have borrowed money that they must have enough harvest for to pay. They cannot since the pests eat up their crops. They must buy more pesticides. Stronger pesticides. Sometimes banned pesticides. Which does not work since the pests become resistant and superweeds develop and pests multiply even more.
  • Monocultures in combination with fertilizers and pesticides even without GMO makes the soil sterile which makes the earth not being able to retain water, develop large enough soil binding roots, but the soil blows away or is flushed away by floods. Small micro deserts develop with time here and there around villages. Pests multiply since there is only one type of crop. (Monocultures). There is no variety in GMO seeds. Micro deserts grow together to combine into bigger deserts. 1/3 of the earths top soil has disappeared, blown into dust storms or poured into rivers etc. since the introduction of pesticides and fertilizers. GMO uses more than 100 times more pesticides than non GMO farming. Deserts, change of local climate, drought, floods makes it impossible for people to survive in the long run so they move devastated and ruined to slum areas in big towns. This is not a symptom in the body, agreed, but people get sick when they don't get enough nutritious non toxic food.
  • When genes change through mutations 99% of all mutations are negative. GMO food is developed by using "pistols" shooting genes randomly into seeds etc. with random results and almost never tested afterwards for at least long term effects
  • To switch on effects 24/7 of new gene-segments special "starters" are included. But they might start functions also in other genes randomly. Not all of these functions in genes are positive for health. For average mutations normally only 1% are beneficial and 99% harmful. It might be the same with starters, but since science about GMO is not permitted in developed countries, we don't know.
  • Some effects of GMO food might perhaps not show up until after several decades, just like with smoking.
  • Random manufactured genes in seeds, pollen, fish or any animal let out into the wild outside laboratories can and will destroy much of nature not stopping for borders of countries or continents
  • "Mad Soy Disease" in Brazil reduces harvests causing up to 40% less yield: More than 40 plant-diseases linked to Glyphosate (= Roundup), the pesticide that first and foremost was designed to make women allergic to pregnancies and men to have their sperm "dancing lambada" on the spot instead of swimming towards the egg of the female, to quote one of the GMO industrialists.
  • Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, takes up the following example about GMO fed to cows according to one review of the book:
    Begin Quote

    Engdahl cites the example of a German farmer Gottfried Glockner’s experience with GM corn. Glockner planted Bt176 event of Syngenta essentially as feed for his cows. Being a scientist, he started with 10% GM feed and gradually increased the proportion, carefully noting milk yield and any side effects. Nothing much happened in the first three years but when he increased the feed to 100% GM feed, his animals “were having gluey-white feaces and violent diarrhea” and “milk contained blood.” Eventually all his seventy cows died. Prof Angelika Hilbeck of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found from Glockner’s Bt 176 corn samples Bt toxins were present “in active form and extremely stable.” The cows died of high dose of toxins. Not if, but when human food is 100% contaminated should be a sobering thought.

    End Quote.
  • Long term tests must be done before GMO fish is allowed at all. Long term tests are not done.
  • The same with GMO trees, long term tests are not done. See the video: A Silent Forest.
  • The same with other GMO products like soy, corn, cotton, canola, coffee, rice, potatoes, flax seeds, Papaya, Bananas etc.. Long term tests are not done.
  • Super-weeds have evolved that can't be killed with pesticides or be uprooted with normal machines. 400,000 hectares in Arkansas alone, infected. One variety, Palmer Pigweed infestation in 10 US states so far. One variety can become 2.4 meters high, withstands prolonged droughts, is resistant to Roundup and three other pesticides, has a wide root system that sucks up vital water and nutrients from the soil and can produce up to 450,000 seeds per plant. If unchecked it takes over a whole field in a year.

    When the super-weeds finally become totally resistant to the most dangerous of the pesticides a migrant crew has to hand pick the weeds from the field, which is very costly. This technique has not been used for 50 years in standard mechanized pesticide farming. 189 different weeds have so far developed resistance to at least one of many herbicides. 

    The super-weeds force farmers to use more pesticides, return to conventional crops or organic farming or even abandon their farms. Monsanto encourages farmers to mix Roundup with an Agent Orange component 2,4-D used in warfare in Vietnam in the 1960ies. The defoliant poison that was designed by NWO to handicap a generation of children in remote jungle villages in Vietnam. 2,4-D is linked to Cancer, Reproductive harm and mental impairment.


    Read the book: Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation 
A video interview by Alex Jones with Jeffrey M Smith from responsibletechnology.org reveals rather much about especially symptoms and strategy of the biotechnology companies. If you see only one video ever about GMO, this is the one you should see. Jeffrey M Smith does not sacrifice a single second with small talk or any other useless talk, but tells exactly how it is and at the same time maintaining a positive angle to the whole problem. Something we all must do when we present the problems with GMO to others. Even if you present the dangers the positive hopeful sides of the problem with struggling against GMO must also be presented. E.g. for Muslims prayers to our one single creator is very important since to Allah everything is possible even in the most difficult times. Jeffrey M Smith might not be a Muslim, (yet), but he tells from what I can understand the truth. The genuine original Islam is truth and nothing but the truth and will win in the end against the impostors who contaminate this planet with GMO and other common poisons.

Since Glyphosate blocks uptakes of some minerals with importance for health the list of symptoms in reality should be much longer than above. See the list of the importance of minerals in our food. Jeffrey M Smith mentioned at least 4 important minerals blocked in his video above. Imagine if science was allowed how much more we would discover?

GMO-poisons like Roundup also known as Glyphosate after consumption blocks uptake of minerals and other beneficial nutrients. In order to fully benefit from any alternative health care with honey, herbs, fresh raw vegetables, fruits etc. we must avoid GMO food as much as possible and also food that is harvested from fields that within the last 3 years at least have had GMO crops, since glyphosate is still in the earth up to perhaps 3 years after abandoning GMO crops according to video interview with Jeffrey M Smith at responsibletechnology.org

Certification of organic vegetables, fruits etc. normally takes several years after the farmer has switched to healthy organic farming. Therefore it could be a good idea to limit consumption of organic vegetables to certified organic vegetables. For local needs in Malaysia see the list of Certified Organic Vegetable shops, farms, suppliers etc. It costs more but worth every extra cent as long as we can afford it, God willing.

We have no technology to fully clean up this kind of toxic gene pollution. We must stop it as much as we can.

We cannot exclude synergistic effects with other toxins

GMO Alfalfa
28 January 2011: USDA deregulates GE Alfalfa. Monsanto can now regulate itself. USDA shows it's true self.

Previously taken off the market. So far low quantities at the moment but growing percentage because of pollination infestation.  3% contamination in 2008 and 12% in 2009 because of cross pollination. After deregulation Anyone can grow it anywhere and give it to cows etc. If you think this is not dangerous visit http://www.responsibletechnology.org/
GMO Apples
9 January 2011: Apples that don't become brown after slicing because of silencing a gene that produces polyphenol. Probably not common at all yet.
GMO Bananas
Only small amounts so far. In the future we might risk vaccinations given covertly through bananas if one is to believe some very scary articles. Better to stick to non-GMO labeled brands or Organic brands and never accept gifts of bananas on air ports or hospitals etc. (Just my own paranoia developed these last 13 years, sometimes people with paranoia, like myself, are correct, most often they are not)

In USA all bananas in the market are cloned and genetically identical. Cavendish only and one single banana only, cloned never allowed to cross breed with other Cavendish bananas which makes it into a massive mono culture crop. Makes it into something very vulnerable in the long run to diseases and insect attacks. When the insect attacks come be sure they spray and spray and spray. I don't think politicians and business men involved in this dirty endangering of human food would ever touch such a sprayed banana in the future.
GMO Barley
16 June 2011: Secret experiments are done on GMO barley in Australia. Read more...
GMO CanolaMarketed as a healthy cooking oil, but is not. The brand Carotino is a healthy red unrefined palm oil, but mixed with Canola oil that just might be GMO and would if not mixed with GMO-Canola be a very good health product rich in Tocotrienols which is a very efficient natural form of Vitamin E

32of 33 investigated sacks of non-GMO Canola has a very small contamination so far of GMO. Unharvested GMO Canola seeds produce thousands of new seeds every year.

5% of all GMO farming and spreading into neighbour farms which leads to prosecution by Monsanto of innocent farmers for using Monsanto's patents when the farmers that have been infected or infested hate the GMO-stuff. However courts might not always understand this reality but rule in favor of Monsanto, the intruding company.
GMO Chicory
Supposed to exist. Hopefully not very common.
GMO Coffee
Only small amounts so far. Since coffee belongs to the products in the world that already have high levels of pesticides it could be a good idea to stick to organic brands of coffee or local where you know that the farmers don't use pesticides at all. 100 or more times of pesticides in GMO coffee cannot be welcome to the body of any human being, healthy or already sick.
GMO CornNot only maize but also HFCS (=High Fructose Corn Syrup) used as sweetener in soda drinks. Sometimes GMO Corn is given to livestock like cows for meat or milk or pigs even so called organic animals that in the long run probably would become very sick or die from such a diet. 19% of all GMO farming. The residues are poisoning rivers and streams

Unfortunately DNA changes in the good bacteria in intestines can make us all to produce pesticides. We all might become pesticide factories.

18 February 2011: USDA deregulates GMO-corn for Biofuel production
GMO CottonFrom what I understand a large part of Cotton products are made from GMO cotton. Since animals die rather quickly if they eat Cotton plants, (Buffaloes all within 3 days), and since from what I understand all Indian farmers who try to produce GMO cotton have severe itching problems, it could be a good idea to buy non-GMO cotton clothes and bedsheets etc. from shops like those found in the local organic clothes directory.

13% of all GMO farming
GMO Cows milk
5 April 2011: Genetically modified cows produce more human like milk... Read more...
GMO Fish
30 January 2013: A group of legislators in Alaska protests against FDA decision to allow GMO salmon  Read more...

25 December 2012: FDA has now finally approved GM fish for human consumption. Read more...

If 60 fertile GMO Frankenfish are placed in a population of 60,000 healthy native fish, the entire native stock could be destroyed in as little as 20 years says the article made by Naturalnews.com (a well known well reputed web site). A similar article from BBC in 1999: Read more...

GMO Salmon that is fast growing achieving their size after only 16 to 18 months instead of 3 years
GMO Flax Seeds
Much of flax seeds has been infested with GMO genes. If you use Flax seeds as "health food" you have to make sure it is organic or non-GMO.
GMO Goats
New Zealand has constructed GMO-goats that are neither male nor female, called "Goys".  Read more...
GMO Indigenous CORN varieties in Mexico
There is no technology available today to clean that up. if you see the plants even if it is only on video you quite simply must cry.
GMO Medications and chemical substances
Experiments are done to add pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals in plants, herbs, fruits,  vegetables and ordinary food crops outdoors etc.
GMO Melons
19 May 2011: Melons natural resistance against some viruses now a Monsanto Patent
GMO Milk Hormones
rBGH IGF Bovine Growth hormones are produced through genetical modification and in general ushered out from the market because of consumer concerns in USA, since these can cause cancer. The public in other countries might not have discovered the danger of rBGH hormones yet.
GMO Mosquitoes
There is no technology known today to clean that up. Naturalnews short news 1 February 2011
GMO Chicken Eggs
9 January 2011: Not approved by FDA yet. Wonder why...
GMO Papaya
Only small amounts from Hawaii so far.
GMO Pigs
9 January 2011: Experiments with pigs that don' t produce phosphorous in feces and urine.
GMO Plums
9 January 2011: New hyper producing seeds being developed for tomatoes and plums
GMO Potatoes
Not very common yet. Hope it stays that way for ever. EU has approved of GMO potatoes finally after a decade free of GMO in the whole of Europe since April 1999. That some of it comes back to Europe because of political decisions only proves the level of evil or apathy in the EU leadership.
GMO Rice
Here I have no idea what will happen to people who eat it. I read that Indonesia had 100,000 seed sorts before the "Green Revolution", but they had to abandon Monsanto's GMO rice  since harvests became impossibly small and very toxic. Now they have only around 10 seeds possible to plant. Why take the risk. If you look for non-GMO declarations on the rice packs you will not find it but you can find quite a few brands of organic rice locally.

Rice having severe problems with glyphosate from Monsanto and glufosinate from Bayer causing parrot beak rice kernels, stunted growth, reduced crop yields up to 80%, burned and deformed plants if they survive. Also in non-GMO fields nearby.

Probable increase of panicle blight, leaf scald and leaf smut reports Louisiana Rice Man in 2010.

US Long Grain Rice.
GMO Salmon
17 June 2011: US Congress dares to forbid FDA to approve GMO Salmon for human consumption. Rejoice

Hopefully the Senate will not disappoint afterwards. If GMO Salmon is approved people living in USA will not dare to eat Salmon any longer is the most probable outcome since labeling is not encouraged by FDA.
GMO SoyAnything like soy milk, soy ice cream, soy sauce, tofu etc. But also Lecithin and Soy Protein which are common additives. 63% of all GMO farming
GMO Sugar Beets
Sugar beets are often GMO, but not Sugar Cane yet, (when this is written in November 2010).
GMO Oranges
10 January 2011: From China to protect against so called "greening" on Oranges. However there are quite a few natural methods, among them to plant a Guava Tree here and there in the Orange plantation. But Big Food companies are generally not interested in non-toxic solutions.
GMO Tomatoes
Taken off the market. Did not taste good enough. Engineered for longer shelf life.

9 January 2011: New hyper producing seeds being developed for tomatoes and plums
GMO Trees
Check http://www.globaljusticeecology.org and http://www.wrm.org.uy
Also read article at globalresearch.ca  as well as see the video Silent Forest
GMO Squash
Supposed to exist. Hopefully not very common
GMO Wheat
16 June 2011: Secret GMO experiments with Wheat in Australia. Read more...

Over 80% of all processed food in US supermarkets has at least one GMO ingredient at the moment when this is written (November 2010). Other countries might be in around the same sorry state, with people knowing very little. Especially outside EU that stopped GMO in the late nineties. However EU has given green light for GMO potatoes in 2010. In Europe Potatoes are for the daily food as what rice is in the East. Only 6 countries in EU have banned GMO totally.

Common brands that might have some products that might contain GMO ingredients: Kraft, KitKat, Toblerone, Nestle, Betty Crocker, Knorr, Lipton, Quaker, General Mills, Kellog, Post, Hungry Jack, Pillsbury, Del Monte, Heinz, Mazola, Oreos, Pringles, Nature Valley, Nabisco Bars, Hersheys, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, Nestea, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Pepsi, Tropicana, Frappucino, Gatorade, Sunny Delight

The following ingredients may be made from GMOs: Aspartame, baking powder, canola oil (rapeseed) caramel color, cellulose, citric acid, cobalamin, colorose, condensed milk, confectioners sugar, corn flour, corn gluten, corn masa, corn oil, corn sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, cyclodextrin, cystein, dextrin, dextrose, diacetyl, diglyceride, Equal, food starch, fructose, glucose, glutamate (which might also contain MSG), glutamic acid (which might also contain MSG), glycerides, glycerin, glycerol, glycerol monooleate, glycine, hemicellulose, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), hydrogenated starch, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, inositol, inverse syrup, invert sugar, inversol, isoflavones, lactic acid, lecithin, leucine, lysine, malitol, malt, malt syrup, malt extract (which might also contain MSG), maltodextrin (which might also contain MSG), maltose, mannitol, methylcellulose, milk powder, milo starch, modified food starch, mono and diglyceride monosodium glutamate (MSG), Nutrasweet, oleic acid, Phenylalanine, phytic acid, protein isolate, shoyu, sorbitol, Soy flour, Soy isolates, Soy lecithin, Soy milk, Soy oil, Soy protein, Soy protein isolate (which might also contain MSG), Soy sauce (which might also contain MSG), starch, stearic acid, sugar (unless cane sugar), tamari, tempeh, teriyaki marinade, textured vegetable protein, threonine, tocopherols (Vitamin E), tofu, trehalose, triglyceride, vegetable fat, vegetable oil, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Whey, Whey powder, Xanthan gum

Labeling in many countries is misleading or non-existent. Ingredients don't always openly state GMO but uses special names on ingredients that very few understand. It is important for GMO companies that people cannot prove that they have eaten GMO food and then get sick. However there are laws in EU, Japan, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand that require labeling of food containing GMO-content.

If you don't know if a food item is GMO or not perhaps you can use animals to test food since they instinctively avoid eating GMOs at least if the concentration is high enough: Cows, Pigs, Rats, Mice, Chickens, Buffaloes, Elks, Deers Raccoons, Squirrels.

Perhaps we should have a tame hungry Squirrel along with us to test what we eat and buy when it is not labeled GMO or non-GMO. Much simpler would be to eat only organic and nothing else.

Anyway when it comes to rice etc. we seldom know if it is GMO or not since people don't know hardly anything about GMO in rice eating nations. Why not then eat only organic brown rice? We then avoid also rice washed in water that might have been rich in Fluoride and Chlorine. We avoid the loss of minerals, vitamins, enzymes etc. that is found in the shell of the rice since white rice is sold with the shell taken away, (= "polished rice")

When Americans are asked if they ever have eaten GMO in their life, 60% answer no and 15% say they don't know. In reality every ignorant American eats GMO in practically every meal every day. At the same time the majority of the same average Americans tell they would not eat GMO if they knew it was GMO.

  • Get free brochures and bring along to shops until you know by heart what to eat and what to avoid. Spread brochures to others!
    • Go to NonGMOShoppingguide.com  to download brochure about what to buy and not. Always go straight to the web site for getting the latest brochure
      • One brochure shows 150 non-GMO brands and shows ingredients that might be GMO
      • One brochure is a 2 sided excerpt not showing non-GMO brands, but showing tips on how to avoid GMO brands
      • One brochure is when you print it out a single double sided a simple A4 paper that you can fold and easily bring along to shops. Showing non-GMO brands and common ingredients that might be GMO.
  • Hang a small amplifying glass around your neck to be ready to read labels. (If you follow Gerson.org you might improve your eye sight so much you don't need that amplifying glass any longer, but of course that might take several months or years..., God willing).
  • Visit nongmoproject.org which has the label showing if food in supermarkets is non-GMOVerified non-GMO label
  • Spread knowledge.
  • If only 5% knows about GMO all food producers would have to abandon GMO. (= the Tipping point). Food producers want to earn more not less, so they are ultimately ruled by customers choices.
  • GMO does not give any advantage to food producers, so they can switch easily back to non-GMO ingredients. They don't need to change recipy when they abandon GMO.
  • Support organizations like Responsibletechnology.org with Jeffrey M. Smith, if not financially but by spreading their information like brochures, shopping guides, what to buy and what to avoid.
  • Doctors can prescribe non-GMO diets, and regularly do in at least USA
  • Teachers can teach school children, compare the Appleton School experiment.
  • Third party verifying of non-GMO is possible to get in order to sell the most successfully growing branch of food products in USA right now, which is non-GMO products.
  • Mothers are getting on board.
  • The whole natural food industry is getting on board.
  • Doctors are getting on board.
  • Many spiritual and religious groups are explaining that GMO really means "God Move Over".
  • We have to get the word out to those who are already receptive. We don't need to waste time to try to convince those who are not receptive in order to reach the tipping point where food producing companies will regard it as a liability to sell GMO food
  • 28 million in USA alone already buy organic food and are very receptive. 
  • If internet is strangled go back to using postal mail, fax, SMS, phone calls etc. distribution of videos, Thumb-drives, CDs, DVDs, lists, brochures,  pamphlets, speeches, community centers, religious groups, schools, posters, T-shirts etc. and so on and so on.
  • Stop the queue in the shopping mall by asking the cashier if your can of processed food contains GMO or not. Show her/him the can and try to read the label together. Item after Item. Soon the people behind in the queue will wonder why the queue has stopped and also want to check their products for GMO
  • If you are afraid and overwhelmed get inspiration from http://www.robynobrien.com/

If you are a Muslim:
  • ask Allah for help.
  • Allah does not let any Muslim suffer more then he/she can endure.
  • Whatever bad or good that happens to us is Kadar, Qadr, ( = Fate).
  • We do what we can of preparations and precautions and ask Allah to protect us.
  • We must protect us the best we can and inform people important to us so they don't also walk into the holes prepared by NWO for us all, Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • If you are a Muslim you must strive to help also non-Muslims. It is our duty. The Quran came for the benefit of all mankind, not only Muslims. If Allah gives a whole Quran also to non-Muslims, we should also give help as much as we can to non-Muslims as long as they are not directly hostile to us.
  • As Muslims we must inform non-Muslims whenever we can about both good and bad things. How would they ever otherwise consider accepting Islam if we are hostile to them?

Status of GMO in the world November 2012

Countries requiring GMO labeling:
Countries requiring GMO labeling

  • 08 December 2012: Countries listed in April/May 2012 that require GMO labeling with different thresholds, 0.9 or 5% all foods or selected foods, human foods and or animal feed etc.  Read more...  (Peru not listed yet)
  • 26 June 2011: Peru forbids GMO for at least 10 years. Read more...
  • Totally forbidden in Venezuela until safe GMO might appear, (wishful thinking) 
  • Haiti refused feeding their population with donated GMO food after the recent earthquake since the donators forgot to enclose instructions on having to use space suits while distributing it severly risking the health of aid distributors.
  • GMO is probably not very popular in Cuba where organic farming also has transformed every city in Cuba.
  • Forbidden in Europe since around April 1990, but gradually reintroduced by an unselected EU central government. Only 6 European countries have banned GMO according to video in Dr. Oz show 6th of December 2010 part 1: Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and Greece. However the Glyphosate pesticide is used also in Europe. But used in Europe in much smaller amounts since the crops would otherwise die very fast if they are not GMO
  • Zambia has refused GMO to be fed to famine victims. 
  • There are laws in EU, Japan, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand that require labeling of food containing GMO-content.
Monsanto the company that earns or earned billions (sometimes they have to sell a branch like when notmilk.com warned about rGBH milk) on: 
  1. Agent Orange, 2-4-5-T,
    1. Defoliant used in Vietnam containing Dioxin causing around 1 million handicapped children in Vietnam even today long time after the Vietnam war.
  2. Velsico pesticide, Roundup, DDT 
    1. Those who study organic farming are convinced pesticides are not wanted at all in any farming, anytime, anywhere. Plants grown without fertilizers and pesticides and with enough minerals can withstand all sorts of attacks from insects, withstand extreme weather, give plenty of more nutrition, bigger harvests and takes only 20% of water required. Just as the human body becomes stronger without poisons and with enough minerals. Organic food is an important element in eradicating modern diseases. Over 100 years ago all farming was organic. One report states that DDT has been made even more vicious after adding FluorideOne of the strongest poisons in the world. However it could also be so that DDT is relatively harmless and was discontinued because of that. Making a comeback of Malaria in Africa especially. However if there is any doubt avoid whatever poisons at all cost.
  3. Malathion
    1. Another nerve poison that the designers and users pretend is good for total health but is extremely toxic. Can render sperm totally paralyzed. Known mutagen. Parkinson's, tremors, nerve damage etc. So close doors, windows and don't let children out to play immediately after spraying in your neighborhood.
  4. Aspartame 
    1. Marketed as a health product and a cheap low calorie sweetener suitable for mass production of not only  popular beverages without proper labeling of health risks or contents.
    2. "Neotame" a new supposed to be more toxic form of Aspartame can since around end of 2010 be added to any food in USA without labeling, even to USDA certified organic processed food and certified Kosher products.
  5. GMO, Biogenetic Engineering, rice, Inorganic soy beans, potatoes,  Corn, Sugar, HFCS,  Canola and more...
    1. A complete own chapter but the most important is the goal to increase poison levels in farming. The ultimate known goal for GMO is lowering fertility, but lower fertility is only one of many symptoms of GMO
    2. Genetically engineered food to increase pesticide ROUNDUP tolerance in the plants. Check out Jeffrey M Smiths web site Responsible Technology and read more than 10 pages of his books or see the videos available on his web site.
    3. Desertification of agriculture since pesticides used in very high dosage in GMO farming kills billions of microbes in every handful soil. These microbes support the plants with minerals and other nutrients and make the root system strong and binds the soil. When the microbes are gone the root system becomes small and the soil blows away or is flushed away by floods. Monocultures year after year in farming attracts stronger and stronger pests that eat the weakening plants. Deserts increase. Devastated ruined farmers that cannot afford ever increasing costs for stronger and stronger pesticides and a 5 fold increased need of water get their farm land taken over by loan giving banks that sell the land to GMO agro companies and the ruined farmers have to move in large extents to fast growing slum areas in the developing world. See Dirt the Movie from 2009.
    4. The staff of Monsanto does not eat its own products, but eats only organic.
  6. PCB for Industrial Hydraulic fluids, Coolants, Insulating fluids for transformers and other electrical equipment.
  7. rGBH  milk,   Posilac
    1. An efficient way of adding female hormones and growth hormones to common household products to increase sterility breast cancer and other miseries.
  8. Monsanto & Government  Regulatory Agency Employees  Are The Same People.
  9. Wanting to disappear from public view by changing name to Solutia and Pharmacia for a while

GMO also comes from DuPont, Dow, Bayer, Syngenta. They are all chemical companies, not agricultural companies



  • 8 January 2015: Farmers does not want to eat his own crop. Read more...
  • 25 December 2012: FDA has now finally approved GM fish for human consumption. Read more...
  • 26 September 2012: A minimum donation of 3 USD entitles to see the well done Genetic Roulette movie. See Movie...
  • 26 September 2012: Drastic improvement of health in patients when on a GMO free diet. Read more...
  • 26 September 2012: The recent GMO study, conducted by scientists at the University of Caen and published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, found that 50 percent of male and 70 percent of female rats fed on a diet containing NK603 – a genetically modified corn produced by Monsanto – or those exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller – suffered tumors and multiple organ damage, causing them to die prematurely. Read more...
GMO and/or Roundup tumors

Experts and Organizations:
  • Jeffrey M. Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology, http://www.ResponsibleTechnology.org
  • Mike Adams, Naturalnews.com, http://www.naturalnews.com
  • Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director, The Center for Food Safety. http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org
  • Organic Consumers Association. http://www.OrganicConsumers.org
  • Alliance for Natural Health, http://www.ANH-USA.org
  • Don M. Huber, retired Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, USA
  • Tony Isaacs, The Best Years in Life web site

    815 independent scientists. At least some of them should have high qualifications.      (from http://www.i-sis.org.uk/list.php)

    1 Prof.em Calum Wright M.Phil i am a expert on the study of life none Afghanistan
    2 Prof. Adolfo E. Boy Horticulture and Sustainable Agri. Univ. Moron Chair of Inst. of Sustainble Agriculture Argentina
    3 Alfredo Galli Agronomist Groupo de Reflexion Rural Argentina
    4 Dr. Jorge Kaczewer M.D MD complementary medicines cientific journalism author of the book in spanish language Transgenic Risks for Human Health ECOMEDICOS Argentina
    5 Jorge Eduardo Roulli Ecologist Groupo de Reflexion Rural Argentina
    6 Damien Beaumont B.Sc Postgraduate student at the University of New England Armidale Australia
    7 Peter Belbin B.Sc Land Management Consultant Tafe Australia
    8 Dr. Graeme E. Browne General Practitioner Melbourne PSRAST Australia
    9 Dr. Judy A. Carman Epidemiologist Flanders University Adelaide Australia
    10 Dr. Catherine Clinch-Jones General Practitioner Adelaide Australia
    11 Mr Sid Cowling B.Sc Environmental Biology Consultant Australia
    12 Dr. Philip A. Davies Geneticist Adelaide Australia
    13 Rocco Di Vincenzo M.Sc Chief Dietitian Swinburne University Hospital Australia
    14 Prof. Horst W. Doelle Micobiologist Univ. Queensland retired Chair of International Organisation for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Director MIRCEN-Biotechnology Brisbance and Pacific Regional Network Australia
    15 Dr. Lynette J. Dumble Medical Scientist Women's Health and Environment University of Melbourne Australia
    16 Doug N Everingham Physician MB BS Univ Syd 1946 Ex MPs Association Australia
    17 Angela Fehringer Anthropology Student Sydney Australia
    18 Prof. Frank G.H.P. Fisher Graduate School of Environmental Science Clayton Australia
    19 Kasia E. Gabrys Environmental Scientist Environmental Science National Trust of Australia Melbourne Australia
    20 Prof. Adrian Gibbs Ph.D Virologist retired Australia
    21 Dr. Dion Giles Ph.D Analytical chemistry organic chemistry chemical education Stop MAI (WA) Australia
    22 Stephen Glanville PDC ECOS Design Australia
    23 Dr. Veronica R. Griffin Consultant Nutrition and Environmental Medicine Cairns Australia
    24 Vince Halpin B.Sc Acupuncturist Herbalist Pharmacist Australia
    25 Dr. Richard Hindmarsh Environmental Social Scientist Univ. Queensland Australia
    26 Margaret Jackson B.Sc. Genetics National Genetics Awareness Alliance Australia
    27 Dr. Warren Kinne Ph.D Philosopher theologian Society of St Columban Australia
    28 Steven Kiss B.Sc Biological/ Organic Farm Manager broad acre crops sheep cattle medicinal herbs Australia
    29 Dr. Elmar Klucis Ph.D Biochenistry Biology Retired Australia
    30 Keith Loveridge B.Sc Bachelor Environmental Soc Sci RMIT University Croydon Conservation Society Australia
    31 Lisa McDonald Agronomist CRC for Sustainable Sugar Production James Cook University Australia
    32 Michelle Mclaren Bach Nutrition and Dietetics Australia
    33 Dr. Peter J. McMachon Plant Physiologist Genethics Australia Conservation Foundation Australia
    34 Elham Monavari B.Sc Bsc Maj Biology Masters in Env. Managemment Student Cities for Climate Protection Project Officer Australia
    35 Dr. Angela Morris Ph.D Root nodule development Research School of Biological Sciences ANU Australia
    36 Dr. Paul Nelson CSIRO Land and Water PMB Australia
    37 Tim Osborn Web Development Australia
    38 Dr. Sharron L. Pfueller Biochemistry/Environmental Studies School of Geography and Environmental Sciene Monash University Melbourne Australia
    39 Katrina E. Preski Environmental Science Monash University Melbourne Australia
    40 Dr. Peter Renowden Strategic Planner Melbourne Australia
    41 Sandra Russo Principal of College As a Homoeopath I lecture have a private clinic and mentor students of Homoeopathy Adelaide Training College of Complementary Medicin Australia
    42 Frank Samson B.Sc R & D Project Manager (Physics) Sola International Holdings Australia
    43 Glenn Sorensen B.Sc Natural Products Chemist/Phytochemist Jurlique Australia
    44 Dr. Rosemary Stanton Ph.D Nutritionist Australia
    45 Dr. Maarten Stapper Ph.D Farming Systems Agronomist Australia
    46 Michelle Starr Ph.D student Natural Therapist none Australia
    47 Dr Corinna-Britta Steeb Ph.D Pathophysiology Medical Sceinces Nutrition Klein Research Institute Australia
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    49 Dr. Philip Stowell M.D GP working in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine n a Australia
    50 DI Gertrude Kaffenbock Ph.D student Ph.D. candidate Agricultural Economist St. Polton Austria
    51 Thomas Klemm Psychologist Konrad Lorenz Institute Austria
    52 Dr. Maria G. Neunteufel Economist Vienna Austria
    54 Muhammed Saiful Islam M.Sc Entomologist DAE Bangladesh
    55 Golam Kibria M.Phil EcologyCultureBiodiversity UBINIG Bangladesh
    56 Zakir Kibria M.Phil Ecology Biodiversity Culture BanglaPraxis Bangladesh
    57 Dr Farhad Mazhar Ecologist New Agricultural Movement Bangladesh
    58 Dhirendra Panda Ph.D student MOBILISATION AND ACTIVISM the collective Bangladesh
    59 De Beer Daniel M.Sc Lawyer Lawyers Without Borders and Vrij university Brusse Belgium
    60 Dr. Gaëtan du Bus Forest Engineer Univ. Catholique de Louvain INRA Belgium
    61 Verstraeten Guy B.Eng have an engineering eductation in biochemistry education I have ethical objections to do work in most of the current industries and research Belgium
    62 Pablo Servigne Ph.D agronomist engineer PhD in Biology ULB Belgium
    63 Dr. Michel Somville Ph.D GMO s Health environmental risks GREENS EFA group in the European parliament Belgium
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    141 Diana Medel Studies on Anthropol Soc Soc Psy Member Anthroposophic Society Volunteer for Children sRights Garden s Constr Inv Med Plants Food Environm Stud ONG to supervise Children s Rights Chile
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    143 Dr. Alexander Jablanczy General Practitioner Doctor’s Building Saulte Ste. Marie China
    144 Dr. Jesse LiLing M.D Bioinformation Tsinghua University China
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    273 Satheesh P M.Sc Grassroots work on food security and organic agriculture in dryland areas and gender Deccan Development Society India
    274 Dr. DR GEEVEE PANDALA M.D virologost India
    276 Dr. Parvaiz Qazi Ph.D Recombinant DNA technology regional research laboratory canal road Jammu India
    277 Dr. N. Raghauram Plant Molecular Biology Univ. Mumbai India
    278 Dr. Atul Sahai Ph.D Remote Sensing GIS Specialist for Natural Resource Disaster Management HOPE Technologies India
    279 Dr. Shreekant Sapatnekar M.D Community Medicine Haffkine Institute Mumbai India
    280 Prof.em Thangavelu Saravanan M.Sc Scientist in organic Agriculture Agronomist NaturalResourcesProtectionAndDevelopmentSociety India
    281 Dr. Sathan Sathan Ph.D Kill Sulthan India
    282 Dr. Chaitanya Sathe Ph.D industrial water pollution and waste water treatment Hindustan Dorr oliver Ltd India
    283 Dr. Bala Ravi Sekhara Pillai Ph.D Geneticist and Plant Breeder India
    284 Sharad Shah Director of Ace natural foods Vadodara India
    285 Devinder Sharma Geneticist Plant Breeder and Writer Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security New Delhi India
    286 Dr. Vandana Shiva Research Institute for Science and Ecology India
    287 Dr. Dr Shirish Shrivastava M.D Herbal and ethnobotany expert do not favour GM plmts since they disturb the local flowra SAPRC India
    288 Prof. Arun Shrivastava Management Consultant SEDEM India
    289 Priya Srinivas M.Phil Food Science Katra Phytochem Private Ltd India
    290 Dr. Parshotam TANDON Ph.D Entomophagous Insect Behaviour Biological Control of Crop Pests Project Directorate of Biological Control India
    291 Prof. Thomas Tharayil Ph.D tiuiruiuiuiuiruriy India
    292 Dr. RAMA KRISHANA THOTA M.Sc I ve done project in aqua related to pro biotics and anti biotic in ecology vesper biotech india ltd India
    293 Dr. R.P. Upadhyay Ph.D Lecturer in Physics India
    294 Prof.em Durga Bhushaiah Vakkapatla M.Sc VIRAL RNA can be expressed in cytosol on HIV infected T cells university of hyderabd India
    295 Dr. Sanjay Vasoya Ph.D organic synthetic chemistry alembic ltd India
    296 Gustavo Vaz B.Sc Biotechnology India
    297 Erwin Adriawan B.Sc Campaigner on Anti GMOs Biotani Foundation Indonesia
    298 Dr. Ernawati Gender and Rural Development Institute of Rural Development Indonesia
    299 TOTO HARA Senior Consultant Coordinator ICRD Indonesia Chamber of Resources Development Indonesia
    300 Wasis Krisnadi forest product forest faculty GMU Indonesia
    301 Dr. Sina Ahmadi Ph.D Bio technologits Iran
    302 Arman Ardalan Ph.D student Molecular Evolution NIGEB Iran
    303 Dr. Kamran Haeri M.Sc research scientist MPT Iran
    304 Dr. Amir Jalali M.D TIM TCM Unani Ayurveda also I have created a new kind of workout called Jalali System Traditional Iranian Medicine TIM Iran
    305 Dr. Saeid Malekzadeh M.Sc yekom Iran
    306 Sajad Noor industrial ergineering economic asd Iran
    307 Dr. Saeed Yadranji Aghdam M.Sc none university of tehran Iran
    308 Prof. Sean McDonagh M.Sc I am a theologian and anthropologist I worked for over 20 years in the Philippines I have written extensively on ethics and genetic engineering catholic priest Ireland
    309 Barry Jude McGuinness Student Of BSc Biomedical Sciences University College Cork Ireland
    310 Iris Atzmon represent the public opinion we are not lab animals Israel
    311 Prof. Rita Alicchio Plant Geneticist Univ. Bologna Italy
    312 Dr. Andrea Amadei Molecular Biophysics Assistant professor Un. of Rome Tor Vergata Italy
    313 Prof. Drago Antonino B.Sc History of Physics Bioethics Scientific Committe of Inter Univ. Center on Bioet Italy
    314 Prof. Livia Armandi Ph.D Agronomist Italy
    315 Dr. Ciro Aurigemma Ph.D psicologist member of csa CEU/IPV Italy
    316 Dr. Giampiero Barbieri Ph.D Chemists GMO analysis laboratory Stazione Sperimentale Industrie Conserve Alimentar Italy
    317 Dr. Giovanni G Bazzocchi Ph.D Entomologist Agroecologist Universita di Bologna Italy
    318 Dr. Stefania Biondi M.Sc Plant Physiologist University of Bologna Dept. of Biology Italy
    319 Dr. Ernesto Burgio pediatrician attac Italy
    320 Dr. Tiziana Camorani psicologa private Italy
    321 Paola Capozzi plant and soil ecology Italy
    322 Dr. Ferdinando Cerbone psicologo Italy
    323 Dr Giorgio Cingolani Agricultural Economist Italy
    324 Dr. Alberto Clarizia M.Sc Physicist University of Naples Italy
    325 Dr. Raffaella Comito B.Sc General Practitioner holistic medicine Italy
    326 Dr. Immacolata Coraggio Ph.D Plant Molecular Biologist Counseil National Research Italy
    327 Dr. Bruno D'Udine Behaviour Ecologist  University of Udine Italy
    328 Dr. Simone De Ph.D Mathematics Combinatorics National Council of Research Italy
    329 Prof. Adriano Decarli Cancer Epidermiology INST Univ. Milan Italy
    330 Prof. Stefano Dumontet M.Sc soil microbiologist Universit. Basilicata Italy
    331 Dr. Enzo Ferrara M.Sc Metrology in Chemistry IEN EURACHEM Italy
    332 Dr. Sergio Francardo B.Sc Anthroposofical medical doctor Gruppo Medico Antroposofico Italiano Italy
    333 Dr. Alessandro Giuliani Ph.D Biophysics Multidimensional Statistics Istituto Superiore di Sanita Italy
    334 Elena Del Grosso Geneticist Researcher Deptl Evolutionary & Exptl. Biology Univ. Bologna Bologna Italy
    335 Dr. Nicolas Kropacek M.D Public Health Free Lance Researcher Italy
    336 Dr. Agostino Letardi M.Sc ecotoxicologist E.N.E.A. Italy
    337 Prof. Ignazio Licata Full Professor of Theoretical Physics Ist Cibernetica non lineare Italy
    338 Dr. Marco Mamone Ph.D mathematician University of Perugia Italy
    339 Prof. Marco Mamone Capria Ph.D mathematician historian of science epistemologist University of Perugia Italy
    340 Dr. Paolo Manzelli M.Phil Research in Education on Biochemistry LRE EGO CreaNET University of Florence Italy Italy
    341 Dr. Bussolati Mariella M.Sc science writer Italy
    342 Dr. Carlo Maurizio Modonesi Animal and environmental biology Università di Parma Italy
    343 Dr. Karin Munck B.Sc comunication & science Fondazione Medikinale International Parma Italy
    344 Prof. Valeria NEGRI Ph.D geneticist teaches 'Agricultural Genetic Resources' University of Perugia Italy
    345 Prof. Francesco Palmirotta Ph.D psycho somatic clinicssocial work AOP Italy
    346 Prof. Mariuccia Papa M.Sc biologist high school teacher Italy
    347 Dr. Pietro Perrino Ph.D Plant Genetic Resources expert in collection conservation characterisation evaluation and utilasation From time to time Prof in Botany and Ecology C N R Germplasm Institute Italy
    348 Dr. Francesca Salvemini Ph.D Biologist Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Italy
    349 Prof. Steven N Shore Ph.D Physicist University of Pisa Italy
    350 Prof. Leopoldo Silvestroni Endocrinologist Univ. of Rome Italy
    351 Dr. Francesco Spinazzola M.D infectivologist Italy
    352 Roberto Stefani Ph.D student Student of Political Science writing final thesis on GMOs Greenpeace Italia Italy
    353 Prof. emeritus Shingo Shibata Hiroshima University; Environmental Sociology and Biosafety Tokyo Japan
    354 Prof. Atuhiro Sibatani Molecular Biologist Osaka Japan
    355 Dr Shiron Sugita Plant Geneticist Nagoya U. Japan
    356 Dr Noboru Yagishita Plant Geneticist Jap. Assoc. Agro-Nature Tokyo Japan
    357 Dr Machiko Yasukohchi PLAN - International Japan Public Relations Team Japan
    358 Prof. Julian BAUER Ph.D Ecologist Forest Scientist working against any GE Tree development and or planting No GEO introductions without PIC of local people GE free zones a must ECOTERRA Intl var East African Universities Kenya
    359 Wycliffe Wanzala Ph.D student Naturalist University of Nairobi Kenya
    360 Dr. Georges Mailliet B.Sc Pulmonologist Luxembourg
    361 Mohd Roshdi Hassan M.Sc Smart Material university Putra Malaysia Malaysia
    362 Al Hanisham Mohd Khalid International Law Lawyer University Utara Malaysia Malaysia
    363 Dr. Rosli Omar Ph.D Arificial Intelligence Universiti Malaya Malaysia
    364 Prof. Elena Alvarez Buylla Ph.D Molecular Genetics of Plant Development and Evolution UNAM Mexico
    365 Douglas Hinds Dir Gral Center for Community and Rural Development National Coordinator for Organic Production National Confederation of Rural Property Owners Dir of Sp CeDeCoR CNPR CSNI ISHS Mexico
    366 Prof. Andres F Keiman Ph.D student Populations Ecology and Forest Conservation Universidad de la Ciudad de Mexico Mexico
    367 Prof. Alberto R. Miranda Biologist Environmental Public Education Cuernavaca Mexico
    368 Rodriguez Mitchell Nemesio Anthropologist PNUD INI Mexico
    369 Dr. Ronald Nigh Ph.D anthropology specialty in agroecology biodiversity environment; member of SNI CIESAS Mexico
    370 Dr. Enrique Vargas Ph.D Molecualr Immunology Universidad Veracruzana Grupo L dico Mexico
    371 Dr. Ilya Trombitsky Ph.D BIOTICA Ecological Society Moldova
    372 Prof. Si Bennasseur ALAOUI Ph.D Organic farming and alternative crops Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II Morocco
    373 Prof. Lahcen Kenny Ph.D Oraganic Agriculture and Horticulture IAV Hassan II Morocco
    374 Mukti Ram Chapagain Organic agriculture Nepal Organic Agriculture Ctr NOAC Pvt Ltd Nepal
    375 M R Chapagain Organic Suistainable Agriculture and Rural Development Nepal Organic Agriculture Ctr Nepal
    376 Maheswar Ghimire Organic Agriculture Promotion and Inspection Ecoscentre Nepal
    377 Prof. Jiwan Rai M.Sc biochemist nepal organic association Nepal
    378 Prof.em Bechan Raut M.Sc Medicinal Botanist Pokhara University Nepal
    379 David Baillie B.Sc Deep Ecologist Naturopath NZ Forest Gardening Research Harmony Farmof Harmony Farm New Zealand
    380 Dr. Robert Anderson Physicist Nuclear Medicine Technical Institute Hamilton New Zealand
    381 Dr. Troy Baisden Ph.D Ecosystem Science (Soil Science/Ecology) Landcare Research New Zealand
    382 Marie Buchler M.Sc Zoology masters editor and journalist and university tutor Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association New Zealand
    383 Dr. George Coghill Software Engineering University of Auckland New Zealand
    384 Dr. Bernard Conlon B.Sc Rural GP New Zealand
    385 Dr. Tim Ewer Physician Mapua Health Centre Nelson New Zealand
    386 Dr. Michael Godfrey Environmental Toxicologist General Practitioner Taura New Zealand
    387 Brendan Hoare M.Sc Organic systems sustaianble design integrated land managment UNITEC econation2020 Orgnaic Federation of NZ New Zealand
    388 Sigrid D. Houlette B.Sc. B.Sc. Solid Waste Manager Environmental Engineering Local Government Lower Hutt New Zealand
    389 Jessica Hutchings Ph.D student Maori environmentalist Maori science and resource management Lecturer Faculty of Science Victoria University New Zealand
    390 Hussila Keshaw M.Sc Molecular Biology The University of Auckland New Zealand
    391 Dr. Peter King Ph.D Sociologist Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit New Zealand
    392 Dr. Nick Lambrechten Consultant Revegetation Ecologist Wellington New Zealand
    393 Dr. Shona L. Lamoureaux Plant Ecology Christchurch New Zealand
    394 Dr. Ruth Lawson Ph.D Parasite Epidemiologist and GE Campaigner New Zealand
    395 Helmut Lubbers M.Sc ecologist ecology discovery foundation new zealand New Zealand
    396 Dr Robert Mann Ecologist Auckland New Zealand
    397 Dr. Ted Ninnes Ph.D Sociology and Psychology University of Waikato New Zealand
    398 Robin W. Ord Molecular Geneticist Law Student Hamilton New Zealand
    399 Tara Satyanand M.Sc Molecular genetics University of Auckland New Zealand
    400 Dr. Sean Weaver Ph.D Environmental Policy Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
    401 Dr Colin Wells Director of Energy Management Dept of Physics University of Otago New Zealand
    402 Katharine White I am an experienced artist and G E Free H B N Z campaigner I am and have been in the position to put my graphic expertise to use in the cause of the planet T L C Wellington and E I T Hawke s Bay New Zealand
    403 Dr Peter R Wills Theoretical Biology Univ. Auckland New Zealand
    404 Prof. Leong Yap Ph.D Ergonomist Industrial Designer Massey University New Zealand
    405 Dr. Emmanuel AFOLABI Ph.D come and be healed physiotherapy and ecology Nigeria
    407 Dr. Azeez Bolaji Odewenu M.Sc National association of science students Nigeria
    408 Dr Ingrid Olesen Senior Research Scientist Institute of Aquaculture Res. Ltd Norway
    409 Dr. Lars Rasmussen MD MD General Practitioner Univ. Oslo Mesnali Norway
    410 Prof. Terje Traavik Virologist University of Tromso Norway
    411 Dr. Hussain Ahmad M.Sc fermentation sold state fermentation koji university of veterinary and animal sciences lahor Pakistan
    412 Dr. Obaid Ali M.Phil Bioavailabilitiy and Pharmacokinetic studies Govt of Pakistan Pakistan
    413 Prof. Muhammad Bilal M.Sc research work on maize mmri yusafwala sahiwal pakistan Pakistan
    414 Dr. Shakeel Farooqi Ph.D Genetics University of Karachi Pakistan
    415 Muhammad Imran Imran Biochemist damask_786 Pakistan
    416 Farhat Jabeen Jabeen B.Sc biotech biotech Pakistan
    417 Prof. Omer Khayyam M.Sc food research programe food research Pakistan
    418 Dr. Washdev Malhi Ph.D student whole soules and mind control jai ma jee Pakistan
    419 Sajjad Naqvi M.Sc University of Karachi Pakistan
    420 Dr. Mian Qaseem Ph.D Nuclier Magnetic Resonance Retired Educational Adviser Govt of Pakistan Pakistan
    421 Dr. Tasneem Rizvi Ph.D Molecular Biophysics. PCSIR Laboratories Complex Lahore PAKISTAN. Pakistan
    422 Madiha Saeed Rizvi B.Sc Deptt of Biotechnology Univerity of Karachi Pakistan
    423 Dr. Naveed Yusuf M.Phil veterinarian university of veterinary and animal sciences lahor Pakistan
    424 Prof.em Eric Jimenez Ph.D none Aquatic Panama
    425 Ethel Japeth B.Sc none police Savings & Loan Papua New Guinea
    426 Dr. Sergio Barrio Tarnawiecki Science Policy National Research Council of Lima Peru
    427 Prof.em Pedro Angco Jr H2O limpyobaybay founder Philippines
    428 GEONATHAN BARRO Coordinator Coordinates with NGOs POs and other Organizations on Anti GMO campaigns and other related issues and concerns KALITAWHAN WORKING GROUP ON BIODIVERSITY Philippines
    429 Paterno Borlagdan M.Sc Agricultural Engineer Filipino Inventors Society Philippines
    430 Javier M Claparols Agriculture Rice Sugar Aquaculture Milkfish Bangus shrimp Businessman Ecologist Ecological Society of the Philippines Philippines
    431 Antonio M CLAPAROLS M.Sc Ecologist farmer marine and terrestial biodiversity economics Ecological Society of the Philippines Philippines
    432 Johnny Danganan B.Sc lay out artist in publications Sustainable Agriculture advocate Philippines
    433 Dr. Clint ESco Ph.D student Expert in psychology concerning students PICHES and PIDO Philippines
    434 Dr. Pamela G. Fernadez Agronomist U. Philippines Los Banos Philippines
    435 Delilah Galang B.Sc Natural Therapy Consultant Cancer Council Philippines
    436 Dr. Richard Kharpungal Ph.D Agronomist U Philippines Philippines
    437 Prof. Mark Erick Magbanua M.Sc metro manila Philippines
    438 Ben Malayang University of Philippines Los Banos Laguna Philippines
    439 FRANCIS MORALES M.Phil Advocacy Officer of MASIPAG Mindanao MASIPAG Philippines
    440 Charles T. Olsen D.C. Chiropractic Clinic Davao Clinic PSRAST Philippines
    441 Prof. Marlon Pareja Ph.D student Cell and Molecular Biology Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines Philippines
    442 Nicanor Perlas B.Sc Agricultural Scientist and Ecologist Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Center for Alternative Development Initiatives Philippines
    443 Dr. Romeo F. Quijano Pesticide Action Network Pharmacologist/Toxiologist Philippines
    444 Dr. Dante Jr Simbulan Ph.D Neurophysiology De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus Philippines
    445 Dr. Jaime A Sison Animal Nutrition and Feed Milling Aqua Ace Nutrition Inc Philippines
    446 Dr. MARVIN UMALI M.D pediatrician doctors of the philippines Philippines
    447 Prof. Oscar B. Zamora Agronomist U. Philippines Los Banos Philippines
    448 Prof. Joel Mckevin Zamora Ph.D b s of s and t psu Philippines
    449 Dr. Szymczyk Ryszard Ph.D methodology of cultivar testing wildlife conservation Poland
    450 Prof. Vicinzineddu Itunculu M.D biochemistry portug univrsity Portugal
    451 Rui Pereira M.D General Practice Portugal
    452 Prof. Clara Queiroz Ph.D Geneticist Retired University of Lisboa Portugal
    453 Teresa Silva Ph.D student Coconut Portugal
    454 Dr. Margarida Silva Molecular Biologist Portuguese Catholic Univ. Portugal
    455 Dr. Franciso J.C.M. Teixeira Researcher Geophysics Geological and Mining Institute Lisbon Portugal
    456 Fatima C. Teixeira Researcher Marine Geology Lisbon Portugal
    457 Carlos Altieri M.Sc Toxicity and pesticides in water Health Environmental Department Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
    458 Nelson Alvarez JD Sociologist and Lawyer Agriculture and development consultant Puerto Rico
    459 Dr. Clara Carrasco Ph.D Molecular Biology and Genetics Puerto Rico
    460 Dr. Shridhar Devidas Ph.D Basically an Ecologist turned environmental management system specialist advocating sustainable resource use among the industires Bureau Veritas Qatar
    461 Dr. Joseph Mezei M.D quantum medicine Medical Center Tongtian Romania
    462 Prof. Vladimir Kuznetsov Ph.D Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Institute of Plant Physiology RAS Russia
    463 Dr. Ali Mohammed Ph.D Chief executive officer Companies Saudi Arabia
    464 Prof. WAIL SALAH B.Sc BIOTECH Saudi Arabia
    465 Prof. Vladimir Ajdacic Ph.D nuclear physics carcinogenecity none retired Serbia
    466 Peter Sevich Ph.D student Serbia
    467 Glenn Ashton Director Ekogaia Foundation and Green Party South Africa
    468 Dr. Brigitte N.B. Schwabe-Berg Medical Officer Groote Schuur Hospital Cape Town South Africa
    469 Ben Van Der Walt Director in Nutritional Advisory Forum Agree on the concern of Genetically Manipulated Food GNLD South Africa
    470 Nicole Venter The Southern Health Ecology Institute SHAE Institute South Africa
    471 Dr. SangSoo Hur Ph.D Lecturer Sociology of Science and Technology Sungkonghoe University South Korea
    472 Prof. Suk Hwan Kim Ph.D Sociology of Science and Technology Kookmin University South korea
    473 Bingbin LU International Law Transnational Law and Business University TLBU South Korea
    474 Dr Gregorio Alvar Biotechnologist.  Computense U. Madrid Spain
    475 Javier Blasco Aragonese Ctr for Rural European Information Spain
    476 Prof. F. Pura Duart-Soler Sociology Univ. Valencia PSRAST Spain
    477 Prof. Ernest Garcia Ph. D. Ph. D. Sociology Univ. Valencia Dept. Sociologia I Antropologia Social Valencia Spain
    478 ANDRES MAGANA B.Eng electronic instrumentation escorial sostenible Spain
    479 Andres Magana Garcia B.Sc world heritage freelance consultant escorial sostenible Spain
    480 Dr. Pablo Malo Psychiatrist Consultant Mental Health Center Bilbao Spain
    481 Jose Ramon Olarieta Ph.D Soil Science Agriculture Land use Universitat de Lleida Spain
    482 Dr. Rosario Sierra De Grado Ph.D Forest geneticist University of Valladolid Spain
    483 Dr. Jagath Perera B.Eng electrical engineering uom SriLanka Sri Lanka
    484 Adil Hassan Ahmed Abdelmageed Ph.D student Breeding of vegetable crops Vegetable Physiologist and researcher and lecturer University of Khartoum Sudan Sudan
    485 Dr. Kamal El Siddig Ph.D Tree eco physiologist Sudan
    486 Dr. Isameldeen Khair Ph.D Education and training Sennar University Sudan
    487 Dr. Balgis Osman Elasha Ph.D Environmentalist Higher Council for Environment Natural Resources Sudan
    488 Dr. Bo Dahlin Education Science Karlsbad University Karlsbad Sweden
    489 Folke G Nther Ph.D student Sustainability issues and Ecological Engineering Systems Ecology Sweden
    490 Prof. Every N. Gummesson Management Stockholm Univ. PSRAST Sweden
    491 Folke Gunther Ph.D student Sustainability issues and Ecological Engineering Systems Ecology Sweden
    492 Said O. Holmin Lic. Technology Rector Computer Science College of Creative Computer Science Stockholm Sweden
    493 Dr. Katarina Leppanen History of Ideas  Gothenburg Uni Sweden
    494 Dr. Jaan Suurkula Physician Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Assessment of Science and Technology Stockholm Sweden
    495 Dr. Daniel Amman Cell Biologist  Tech. Switzerland
    496 Dr. Charles Beard M.D General Practitioner CNBPharma Switzerland
    497 Dr. Ruth Goseth Dermatologist ISDE Switzerland
    498 Florianne Koechlin Biologist World Wildlife Fund Switzerland
    499 Dr. Nicole Maestracci Beard Ph.D Microbiologist Virologist Immunologist Serono International Switzerland
    500 Yvan Maillard dipl. Sc. Nat. ETH Environementalist Ecology Fribourg PSRAST Switzerland
    501 Yves Schatzle Agronomist and Economist Switzerland
    502 Verena Soldati Biotechnologist Basler Appell Switzerland
    503 Dr. KuoChi Yeh M.D Geriatric Publich Health and Hospital Administration medical legal Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch Taiwan
    504 Arend De Haas M.Sc Conservation Ecologist African Conservation Foundation Tanzania
    506 Dr. William Kisinza Ph.D Epidemiology Public Health Specialist National Institute for Medical Research Tanzania Tanzania
    508 Acleus Rutta M.Sc Immunologist National Institute For Medical Research Tanzania
    509 Dr. Peter Burt Ph.D Water Quality Management Prince of Songkla university Thailand
    510 Dr. Jidbhong Jayavasu Ph.D Medical Virologist Arogya Smasai Thailand
    511 Prof. Omboom Luanratana Pharmacologist Univ. of Mahedol Bangkok Thailand
    512 Piengporn Panutampon biology/medical biology Biothai (Thai Network on Community & Biodiversity) Thailand
    513 Prof. Reungchai Tansakul Ph.D Biologist Prince of Songkla University Thailand
    514 Lianchamroon Witoon Sustainable agriculture Biothai Thailand
    515 Jaroen Compeerapap Environmental Law and Development Center The Netherlands
    516 Jaap Hamers M.Sc Ecologist The Netherlands
    517 Tedje Van Asseldonk M.Sc biology phytotherapy inst f ethnobotany zoopharmacognosy The Netherlands
    518 Dr. Siirsel Tas Dizdar Ph.D Radiation Oncology Turkey
    519 Prof. KANYANDAGO Peter Ph.D Expert and researcher in endogenous knowledge and African cultures Uganda Martyrs University Uganda
    520 Dr. Michael L. Abrahams (retired) Aeronautics Bristol PSRAST UK
    521 Maryam Al Alami Ph.D student Science in Society civic and stakeholder participation GM food law Manchester Metropolitan University UK
    522 Michael Alexander M.Phil Theoretical Physics UK
    523 Chris Anthony B.Sc Qualified amateur UK
    524 Janey Antoniou M.Sc Molecular Biologist UK
    525 Dr. Michael Antoniou Molecular Geneticist Guy's Hospital UK
    526 Paula F. Baillie-Hamilton Academic Researcher on Pesticides Perthshire UK
    527 Dr. Susan Bardocz Geneticist Aberdeen UK
    528 Dr. Jeremy Bartlett Plant Molecular Geneticist (formerly John Innes Institute) UK
    529 Manoel Bascoi Geneticist PhD Candidate JII UK
    530 Dr. David Beasley Genetic Algorithm University of Bath UK
    531 Dr. David Bellamy Biologist and Broadcaster London UK
    532 Lynda Birke Biologist Liverpool Uni. Veterinary School UK
    533 Dr. David A.H. Birley General Medical Practitioner Swindon UK
    534 Sarah Blenkinsop B.Sc Environmental Consultant/Campaigner/Organic grower Planet Services Environmental Consultancy UK
    535 Gerard C. Bodeker Ed. D. Senior Clinical Lecturer in Public Health Univ. Oxford Medical School UK
    536 Dr. Jeffrey Boss Cell Biologist Dept. of Physiology Bristol University UK
    537 Sophie H. Bown Ph.D. Candidate Zoology Manchester Univ. UK
    538 Paul Breslaw Computer Scientist Consultant Financial Research Forest Row UK
    539 Dr. Allan Britton Ph.D Environmental Health and Safety UK
    540 Prof. Roy Butterfield DSc.DIC CEng. MICE MIStruct.E. Civil Engineer Southampton UK
    541 Dr. Alessandra Cavalletti Ph.D Research Associate Imperial College STM UK
    542 Maureen Childs B.Sc Internet Developer British Computer Society UK
    543 Emma Churchman B.Sc Social Scientist UK
    544 Dr. Janet Cotter-Howells Environmental Geochemist Lecturer in Soil Science Aberdeen University UK
    545 Dr. Stephen Cross Molecular Population Geneticist Birmingham University UK
    546 Dr. Alan Currier Taxonomist IRBV UK
    547 Gordon Daly Ph. D. student Gene Therapist Kennedy Inst. London UK
    548 Stuart Daly Ph. D. student Transgenic group Charing Cross Hosp. UK
    549 Dr. Yuliya Demydchuk Ph.D Molecular biology of producers of antibiotics Cambridge university UK
    550 Dr. Mike Dodd Ecologist Open University UK
    551 Prof. Jane Eberlynne M.Sc enviromental studdies conscerning health erzats peace co. UK
    552 Tom Fox Amateur neurology biochemistry psychology sociology and philosophy enthusiast UK
    553 Joseph A. Gari Marie Curie Research Fellow Political Ecology University of Oxford UK
    554 Dr. Mike Gillman Ecologist Open University UK
    555 Dr. Alassandro Gimona Research Scientist Ecology MLURI Aberdeen UK
    556 Edward Goldsmith Editor The Ecologist London UK
    557 Zac Goldsmith Editor The Ecologist London UK
    558 Prof. Brian Goodwin Biologist Schumacher College UK
    559 Lale Gurel Bec. Manager Nature – Macmillan Publishers London UK
    560 Adrian Haffegee B.Eng B.Eng Electronic Engineer UK
    561 Julian Haffegee M.phil Biophysicist Institute of Science in Society UK
    562 Dr. Keith H. Halfacree Univ. Lecturer Geography Univ. of Wales Swansea UK
    563 Dr. John E. Hammond Engineer Highfield UK
    564 Dr. David J Heaf Biochemist Wales UK
    565 Dr. Marion Hersch Assistive Electonic Technologies Dept. Electronics & Electrical Engineering Univ. Glasgow Glasgow Scotland UK
    566 Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Geneticist and Biophysicist Open University UK
    567 Dr. Caroline Hoffmann Ph.D Ecotoxicologist Centre for Human Ecology UK
    568 Patrick Holden Director Soil Association UK
    569 Dr. Vyvyan Howard Toxipathologist U. Liverpool UK
    570 G. D. Humphreys M.Sc technologist aerodynamics UK
    571 Gerald Humphreys B.Sc Aerodynamics Operational Research Information Technology Hemel hempstead GM action group UK
    572 Dr. Brian Hursey ex FAO Senior Officer for Vector Borne Diseases Neath UK
    573 Prof. Tim Ingold Anthropologist University of Aberdeen UK
    574 Lorna Jackson M.Sc Ecology soil science HDRA the organic organisation UK
    575 Magnus L. Johnson School of Science & Management U.C. Scarborough UK
    576 Peter Preston Jones MSc Environomental Campaigner UK
    577 Dani Kaye M.Sc. Scientists for Global Responsibility London UK
    578 David Kaye M.Sc. Scientists for Global Responsibility London UK
    579 Dr J. M. Kerr Bioethics Winchester College: Oxford U. UK
    580 Dr. Philip Kilner Cardiac Imaging Specialist Royal Brompton Hospital UK
    581 Prof. Richard Lacey Microbiologist Leeds UK
    582 Dr. Jonathan R. Latham Molecular Virologist previously JII and Genetics Dept. Wisconsin-Madison Univ. Exeter UK
    583 Dr. Colin L.A. Leakey Plant Geneticist Cambridge UK
    584 Chris Lucas MIMIS Complexity Scientist CALResCo UK
    585 Dr. Paul Marchant Ph.D Chartered Statistician UK
    586 Jan Martinez social visionary holistic entrepreneur Just Rural Development Trust S W E N UK
    587 Dr. Joan Mason Chemist Cambridge UK
    588 Druvananda Mauree B.Sc graphic designer school of design UK
    589 Dr. Alan Mayne Statistician Scientists for Global Responsibility London UK
    590 Darl N. Middleton Ph. D. student Environ. Science Dept. Civil Engineering Univ. Manchester UK
    591 Dr. Erik Millstone Science & Techology Policy Research Sussex Univ. Brighton UK
    592 Patrick Mulvany C Biol Food Security Policy Adviser specialising in Agricultural Biodiversity Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) UK
    593 Dr. Harash Narang Pathologist BSE expert UK
    594 Dr. Eva Novotny Astrophysicist Univ. Cambridge (retired) UK
    595 Prof. Bob Orskov Ph.D Animal nutrition Rural development in developing countries macaulay research Institute UK
    596 Dr. David Packham Material Scientist U. Bath UK
    597 Nicholas Papadimitriou M.Sc conservation and eco philosophy Institute of science in society UK
    598 Dr. Barnaby Peacocke Ph.D Agricultural Science International Development ITDG UK
    599 Fatima Pelica Biochemist PhD Candidate JII UK
    600 Marcus Petz B.Sc Biology/Geology Environmental Politics UK
    601 George Pilkington M.Sc Countryside management UK
    602 Dr. Michel Pimbert Agricultural Ecologist International Institute for Environment and Development London UK
    603 Dr. Robert C. Poller Organic Chemist U. London UK
    604 Michael Pooler A Level Biology Student human relations People Of The Earth UK
    605 Dr. Malcolm Povey Ph.D Food Scientist Reader in Food Physics University of Leeds UK
    606 Dr. Ronald Press Ph.D Chemical engineer UK
    607 Bala Puspa UK
    608 Prof. Arpad Pusztai Biochemist Formerly from Rowett Institute UK
    609 Dr. Jerry Ravetz Philosopher of Science London UK
    610 Dr. Irene Ridge Biologist Open University UK
    611 Dr. Barry T. Rubin Physical/Electro Chemist Director Davis-Rubin Associates Ltd Northhants UK
    612 Dr. Barry T Rubin Ph.D Physical Electro Chemistry Business Consultant CD DVD Replication for Business Davis Rubin Associates Ltd UK
    613 Angela Ryan Molecular biologist Open Univ. UK
    614 Dr. Jean A.D. Saunders BDS BDS LDS RCS Dental Surgeon (retired) Faringdon UK
    615 Prof. Peter Saunders Biomathematician U. London UK
    616 Dr. Wendy Seel Ph.D Plant Sciences University of Aberdeen UK
    617 Martin Shaw Geneticist UK
    618 Dr. Ellis Snitcher M.D Teaching and research in integrative medicine Middlesex University UK
    619 Dr. Peter Sollich Theoretical Physics Dept. Mathematics King’s College London UK
    620 Vanessa Spedding M.Phil science and science policy journalism None UK
    621 Dr. Gesa Staats.de.Yanes Veterinarian Toxicologists U. Liverpool UK
    622 Prof. Ian Stewart Biomathematics U. Warwick UK
    623 Dr. Gene S. Thomas Agriculturist UK
    624 Simone Turchetti Ph.D student History of Science Technology and Medicine CHSTM UK
    625 Dr. Margaret J. Tyson Glossop PSRAST UK
    626 Dr. Rob Verkerk Ph.D Sustainable agriculture and health UK
    627 Dr Tom Wakeford Biologist U. of East London UK
    628 Barry Weir B.Sc Physics Engineering OGL HMAF UK
    629 Martyn Wells Astronomer UK Astronomy Technology Centre Edinburg UK
    630 Barbara Wood-Kaczmar M.Sc. Science writer UK
    631 Julian Wootton Conservationist London UK
    632 Dr. Karen Wren University teacher Geography St. Andrews Univ. St. Andrews Fife UK
    633 Linda Yeodal B.Sc MNIMH Medical Herbalist UK
    634 Dr. JOHN ZARB Ph.D Small scale farming systems Senior Research Fellow Newcastle University NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY UK
    635 Dr. Grygoriy Petjuch Ph.D Ecology genetics Institute of Agroecology and Biotechnology Ukraine
    636 Dr. Maulud Betaieb Ph.D environmental microbiology managment United Arab Emierates
    637 Nelson Alvarez JD Sociologist and Lawyer Agriculture and development consultant Uruguay
    638 Dr. Rayane Abusabha Senior Research Associate Department of Nutrition College of Health and Human Development Penn State University USA
    639 Prof. Miguel A. Altieri Environment Science Policy and Management Univ. Calif. Berkeley USA
    640 Ruth Alviola Posadas M.Sc Aquaculturist State Food Safety Officer MS DMR USA
    641 Biff Appia autism USA
    642 Dr. Catherine Badley Biologist University of Michigan USA
    643 Dr. Britt Bailey Senior Researcher CETOS Ca USA
    644 Prof. Phil Bereano Council for Responsible Genetics U. Washington USA
    645 Prof. Stephen Bialkowski Ph.D Analytical Environmental Chemistry Department of Chemistry Utah State University USA
    646 Andrew Bigler Infrared Systems USA
    647 Dr. Walter Bortz Physician Palo Alto USA
    648 Dr. Douglas H Boucher Ecologist Hood College USA
    649 Nancy Brokaw M.Sc Identifying and treating disease through organic whole food Nutrition Foundation for Nutritional Therapy and Application USA
    650 Nancy Brokaw Gerchak M.Sc Dedicated to finding Causes rather than treating SYMPTOMS of disease researcher CRA Practitioner Holistic Healthcare Consultant Foundation for Nutritional Therapy and Application USA
    651 Claire Cabeza M.Sc Envionmental Scientist W.A.T.E.R.S. for Salmon People USA
    652 Dr. Neil J. Carman Clean Air Program Director Sierra Club Austin Texas USA
    653 Ricardo Carvajal Ph.D student agricultural ecology University of Michigan USA
    654 Liane Casten M.Phil M.Phil journalist and author on food pesticides public policy public health etc. Chair Chicago Media Watch USA
    655 Prof. Liebe F. Cavalieri Mathematical Ecology Evolution and Behaviour Univ. Minnesota St. Paul USA
    656 Claire Caveza M.Sc Project leader for Chum Salmon genetic sampling fisheries biologist for Native American tribe in the Pacific NorthWest W.A.T.E.R.S. for Salmon People USA
    657 Vijaykumar V.C. Chalasani MS Consultant East Brunswick USA
    658 Dr. Ignacio Chapela Microbiologist & Ecologist U.C. Berkeley USA
    659 Dr. Frederick Cichocki Ph.D Ecologist Graves Museum of Natural History USA
    660 Kristin Cobelius M.Sc. Student M.Sc. Student U. Michigan USA
    661 Dr. Alan Connor Ph.D Ph D in Communty Planning Development Univ Of Mich Practiced in Zambia and the U S Taught at Univ of Mich and Headed program at Siena Heights College Friends Committee on Unity with Nature Democratic USA
    663 Dr. Martha Crouch Biologist Indiana University USA
    664 Jill Davies Stream Ecologist Organic Farmer Montana USA
    665 Dr. Carolyn F.A. Dean MD ND MD ND Consultant Integrative Medicine Holeopathic Pharmakeia NY USA Board of Women for a Safe Future USA
    666 Tricia Deane Certified Organic and nonGMO Food Supplier USA
    667 Burgess Dillard Natural Scientist Self USA
    668 Earth Duarte Trattner Ph.D student Social and Ecological Impacts of Biotechnology UC Berkeley USA
    669 Dr. Chris Duffield Ph.D Visiting scientist Stanford University USA
    670 Dr. David Ehrenfeld Biologist/Ecologist Rutgers University New Jersey USA
    671 Mr Irucka Embry Studying civil and environmental engineering and Spanish University of Tennessee student USA
    672 Andrew Epstein B.Sc Environmental Policy/planning sustainable development The Nature Conservancy USA
    673 Dr. Samuel Epstein School of Public Health Univ. Illinois Chicago USA
    674 Juiet S Erazo Ph. D. student PhD student U. of Michigan USA
    675 Sanek Erem USA
    676 Prof. John B. Fagan Maharishi University of Management Fairfield Iowa USA
    677 Dr. Don Fitz Research Psychologist and Editor Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought USA
    678 Dr. Ty Fitzmorris Ecologist Hampshire College USA
    679 Dr Michael W Fox Veterinarian & Bioethicist Washington DC USA
    680 Dr. Chris Francovich Ph.D Learning Through Participation Practice Lightfiled Inc USA
    681 Cynthia A. Frye FS/MS Student Biology Univ. Texas Medical Branch USA
    682 Prof. John Garderineer Biologist U. Michigan USA
    683 Dr. Barbara K. Given Faculty Researcher George Mason Univ. Fairfax USA
    684 Dr. Jay L. Glaser MK Medical Director Maharishi Ayurveda Medical Center Lancaster USA
    685 Dr. Parameswaran Gopikrishnan Ph.D Financial Enginner Physicist USA
    686 Panatey Great Company inc USA
    687 Dr Herve Grenier Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change Univ. Washington USA
    688 Dr. Don Hall Ph.D Intermolecular adiabatic bioag marine Bear Creek Research USA
    689 Dr. Gayle Robin Hamilton Assoc. Prof. Centre for the Advancement of Public Health Fairfax VA USA
    690 Rev. Dorothy A. Harper Biotethics Washington USA
    691 Maria Harrington currently working on my Masters of Science in Nutrition at Bastyr University USA
    692 Prof.em Kristi Harris B.Sc plant molecular biology murray state USA
    693 Paul C. Helgeson BSME Senior Engineer Middleton WI USA
    694 Gosha Hello Company inc USA
    695 Prof. Martha Herbert Pediatric Neurologist Mass. Gen. Hosp. USA
    696 Patrick Hickey Ph.D Resource renewability and quality of life Sedona Recycles USA
    697 Daniel J. Highkin Internist Vancouver Washington USA
    698 Dr. Joseph Hilou Clinical Nutrition Chiropractic USA
    699 Dale Hoover Organic food eater USA
    700 Heidi Horn interested in what i eat sebastian USA
    701 Prof. emeritus John Hotchkiss Ph.D Ethnography of Indigenous Botanical Systems USA
    702 Dr. Paul Houle Ph.D Theoretical Physics USA
    703 Dr. Philip H Howard Ph.D Rural Sociology Rural Coalition Washington DC USA
    704 Prof. Ruth Hubbard Biologist Harvard University USA
    705 Andrew J. Hund Sociologist Arcata USA
    706 Panatey I Like Your Site Company inc USA
    707 Alex Jack Planetary Medicine Jushi Institute Becket Mass USA
    708 Soraya Jacob student USA
    709 Eric Jacobson Ph.D Medical anthropologist Dept. of Social Medicine Harvard Medical School USA
    710 Dr. Michael Janson General Practitioner Nutrition Cambridge USA
    711 Emile C Joel B.Sc Research Chemist Retired Smithsonian Institution USA
    712 Robert W. Johnson Material Scientist DSM Desotech Elgin Illinois USA
    713 Christine Johnston Ph.D student oncology USA
    714 Dr. Gary P. Kaplan Assoc. Prof. Neurology North Shore Univ. Hosp. NYU School of Medicine Mass USA
    715 Dr. Arlene M. Kellman D.O. Physician Tucson USA
    716 Prof. Jonathan King Molecular Biology MIT Cambridge Council for Responsible Genetics USA
    717 Rev Thomas Klein Orthodox Priest USA
    718 Dr Jack Kloppenburg Un. Wisconsin Rural Sociologist USA
    719 Heidei A. Kratsch R.D./Graduate Student Plant Physiology Univ. Wisconsin USA
    720 Dr. Louis H. Krut MK CHB.:MD St. Louis Univ. Medical School Missouri USA
    721 U.V. Kutzli Ph. D. student U of Michigan USA
    722 Dr. Marc Lappe Geneticist and Director CETOS Ca USA
    723 Dr. Chris Lawrence Ph.D Extensive work in science education outside the box USA
    724 Prof. Mark X M Lei Plant genomics and breeder in rice and kenaf University of California Chinese Alumni Associatio USA
    725 Prof. Xiaomao Lei Research and Education in agricultural sciences University of California Chinese Alumni Associatio USA
    726 Dr. Herman Lerner M.D Nutritionally oriented physician USA
    727 Dr. Barry Lia Ph.D sustainable agriculture USA
    728 David Lindley USA
    729 Sean Lyman Student Gettysbury College USA
    730 A J Maimbourg Keen desire to see GM foods banned due to potential health problems USA
    731 Dr. Timothy Mann Geographer Hampshire College USA
    732 Hugh Mann non pharmaceutical health education organicMD org USA
    733 Anne-Marie Mayer Ph. D. student Nutrition Cornell Univ. USA
    734 Christine McCullum Ph. D. student Nutritional Sciences Cornell University USA
    735 Lynn V. McIndoo Student Environmental Resources Engineering Humboldt State Univ. Arcata USA
    736 Dr. Dwight McKee M.D Am Board of Int Med certified in Internal Medicine Medical Oncology and Hematology Strong background in clinical nutrition immunology and holistic med USA
    737 Vuejuin McKersen M.Sc Natural Resource Manager U. Michigan USA
    738 Dr. Joan P Mencher Ph.D Culturao Anthropologist work on issues of agriculture including sustainable agriculture primarily in India Involved in fights against GMOs and issuesof the co Lehman College of CUNY and CUNY graduate Center USA
    739 Dr. Stephen L. Mikesell Anthropology and Political Ecology Univ. Wisconsin Madison USA
    740 Dr. Bill Misner Ph.D Nutrition E CAPS Inc USA
    741 Leuren Moret Ph.D student Independent Scientist expert in radiation and public health Past President Association for Women Geoscientist USA
    742 Dr. Usha Mukhtyar M.D. Consultant Gynecology Obstetrics Bronx New York USA
    743 Elaine Needham illustrator researcher writer speaker none USA
    744 Prof.em JB Neilands Ph.D Professor of Biochemistry Univ Calif Berkeley USA
    745 Prof. Stuart A. Newman Developmental Biology New York Medical College Valhalla New York USA
    746 Lena S Nicolai Ph. D. student University of Michigan USA
    747 Dr. Ingrid C. Northwood Biochemist Simon Fraser University USA
    748 Dr. Ronald E. Openshaw Adjunct Faculty Geology Physics Maharishi University of Management Fairfield USA
    749 Trina Paulus food issues sculpture writing Hope For the Flowers USA
    750 Marial Peelle Biol./Anthropologist Undergrad. Swarthmors College USA
    751 Dr. Ivette Perfecto Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment University of Michigan USA
    752 Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Ph.D author The Uterine Crisis 2003 independent scholar USA
    753 Chris Picone M.Sc. Soil Microbiologist U. Michigan USA
    754 John Pierne B.Sc Concerned Citizen USA
    755 William Pizer Many years as an organic farmer Schoharie Certified Organic Hydroponic Greenhouses USA
    756 Dr. Vasiliki Plerou Ph.D Physics USA
    757 Dr. Gregory Pratt Ph.D Air pollution Minnesota Poll Contr Agncy Univ of Minnesota USA
    758 Dr. James W Prescott Ph D Ph.D Developmental Neuropsychologist Cross Cultural Psychologist See www violence de Institute of Humanistic Science USA
    759 Linda Prout M.Sc nutrition writer speaker consultant Lifehift USA
    760 Dr. Caros R Ramirez Biologist St Lawrance University USA
    761 Prof. Philip J. Regal Dept. Ecology Evolution and Behavior Univ. Minnesota St. Paul USA
    762 Corinna Richards Ph.D student sociologist (health and biotechnology) AmbiguousMedia USA
    763 Prof. R.H. Richardson Professor of Integrative Biology University of Texas Austin USA
    764 Claudia Riumallo Mother concerned about her children future health Mother USA
    765 John Robb permaculture USA
    766 Dr. Susan L. Roberts MSRDLD Health and Nutrition Sue Roberts Health Concepts USA
    767 Annika Rockwell Certified Nutritionist Consultant RockwellNutrition com USA
    768 James Rose Ceptual Institute USA
    769 Dr. Peter M. Rosset Ins. for Food and Development Policy USA
    770 Prof. Philip B. Rudnick Emeritus Chemistry West Chester Univ. Pennsylvania PSRAST USA
    771 Dr. Arthur Rybeck D.D.S. Dentistry and Organic Farmer Wheeling USA
    772 Dr. Elizbet Sahtouris Biologist & Author USA
    773 Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris Ph.D evolution biologist futurist Living Systems Design USA
    774 Dr. Barnett Salzman M.D 30 yrs of medical research expertise public health board cert psychiatrist USA
    775 Thomas J. Saunders Student Environmental Science Humboldt State Univ. Arcata USA
    776 Dr. Stephen Scanlan Ph.D Global inequalities international development and food security University of Memphis Department of Sociology USA
    777 Dr. Derek Scholes Ph.D Geneticist New York State Dept of Health USA
    778 Dr. Nancy A Schult Entomologist U of Wisconsin-Madison USA
    779 Dr. Brian Schultz Ecologist Hampshire College USA
    780 Dr. Kathy Schwab Health Researcher MPH RD LD Center for Health Research Portland Oregon USA
    781 Prof. David Schwartzman Geochemist Howard Uni. Washington DC USA
    782 John Scibetta B.Sc Protein Chromatography Amersham Pharmacia Biotech USA
    783 Dr. Linda Jean Sheperd Biochemist Gaia Blessings USA
    784 Colleen Sheppard Wholistic Energy Therapist USA
    785 Prof. Michael Sheridan Ph.D Environmental Anthropologist Middlebury College USA
    786 Dr. Jacob Silver Ph.D Political Scientist Social Analyst Huron Mountain Research Services USA
    787 Dr. Joseph Simcox Ph.D student Food Plant Diversity and Germplasm The Rare Vegetable Seed Consortium USA
    788 Witold Skiba Ph.D Theoretical Physics MIT USA
    789 Dr. Gerald Smith Zoologist U. Michigan USA
    790 Kim Smith I consume only organic food and desire to see a ban put on GM as soon as possible USA
    791 Kristina Smith Jacoba B.Sc agronomist USA
    792 Dr. John Soluri Historian of Science Carnegie Mellon U USA
    793 Doreen Stabinsky Geneticist International Environmental Politics and Policy California State University at Sacrament USA
    794 Irl Stalcup Corporate Training LA County Dept of Parks and Recreation USA
    795 Emma Steen Dietician (retired) Portland USA
    796 Dr. Jesse Stewart concernment for the application of education and assuring the liberty freedom and unity in life F F H USA
    797 Pamela Stimler B.Sc Board Certified Internist USA
    798 Prof.em Budalur Thyagarajan Ph.D organic chemistry retired USA
    799 Dr. Patricia Patterson Tursi Ph.D My Dissertation concerned Mind Body Interactions I have studied health for 40a years I am a master gardener and former organic farmer SW Missouri Organic Association USA
    800 Prof. John Vandermeer Biologist Univ. Michigan Ann Arbor USA
    801 Rosa Vazquez Student in Biology Ohio State University USA
    802 Susan Vegors Psychologist Consultant Solutech Indianapolis USA
    803 Prof. Robert Vernon Heimer Ph.D The study of brain chemistry during psychotic episodes none USA
    804 Paul Von Hartmann B.Sc Ecologist biodynamic agriculturist Project P E A C E USA
    805 Prof. Kenneth G. Walton Neurochemist Vedic Medicine Maharishi Univ. IA USA
    806 Dr. Bruce West Ph.D DC Editor Health Alert Most renowned expert in the use of phytonutrients for cardiac patients with more patients than any living doctor Health Alert Newsletter USA
    807 Ryan White Student St Lawrence University USA
    808 Paul Whitson M.Sc healthcare administrator USA
    809 Dr. George M. Woodwell Director The Woods Hole Research Center USA
    810 Dr. Suzanne M. Wuerthele Toxicologist Toxicology & Risk Assessment federal regulatory agency Denver USA
    811 Dr. John Zamarra M.D. Cardiology Fullerton USA
    812 Dr. M Zamir Ph.D Research Scientist University USA
    813 Prof. Miguel Angel Nunez M.Sc 14 years working and researching in Agroecological Scienes in the tropical areas of Latin America IPIAT Venezuela
    814 Julio Eduardo Perez Genetics of Marine Organisms Universidad de Oriente Venezuela
    815 Taurai Mutanda M.Sc Biotechnologist University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

Persona Non Grata
  • Arpad Puzstai. Hero for 2 days before he was silenced. His permitted and perhaps only long term research ever done led to ban of GMO in the whole of Europe 10 years ago. A real hero. Not until now the authorities gradually reintroduce GMO here and there in Europe. What shocked him the most during all this research was not that GMO was extremely dangerous, but that the politicians had their decisions ready made and done before the results were ready from the research. The rest of the world did not ban any GMO and GMO can now be found in over 80% of all processed food in US supermarkets. It is not much better in the rest of the world.
  •  Irina Ermakova. Discovered that 55% of the lab rats died after eating GMO soy. The most common soy in some countries. Silenced by the GMO mafia. Repeated tests would cost only a few thousand dollars but no government can afford to make the tests again.
  • Andres Carrasco. Roundup used regularly 1,500 times more than in the lab tests caused brain damage, intestine damage and heart damage in amphibian fetuses. The tests only confirmed earlier tests by other scientists. Attacked viciously after publishing his test results.
  • Judy Carman, Australia repeatedly attacked. Western Australia Agriculture minister given 60 worthless safety studies that were not even safety studies.
  • Terje Traavik. Prominent virologist ignored
  • GMO companies block safety research
  • Dr. Ignacio Chapela. Microbial biologist. His children threatened.
  • Ban on certain questions from scientists
  • 9 March 2011: Scientists under attack for speaking out about genetic engineering. Video 3 minutes 18 seconds.
  • http://www.scientistsunderattack.com
  • 18 April 2011: Scientists under attack. Documentary about GMO industry attacking scientists who speak out. 1, 2

  • USDA
  • Monsanto
  • FDA

'Before the Hour comes, there will be years of deceit, in which a truthful person will be disbelieved and a liar will be believed; and the insignificant will have a say'." (Hadith recorded by Ahmad.)Hadith 

Before the Day of Judgment there will appear (a number of) impostors. You are to guard against them. (Sahih Muslim Book 19 no 4483)Hadith 
Narrated Abu Hurayrah:  While the Prophet was saying something in a gathering, a Bedouin came and asked him, "When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?" Allah's Apostle continued his talk, so some people said that Allah's Apostle had heard the question, but did not like what that Bedouin had asked. Some of them said that Allah's Apostle had not heard it. When the Prophet finished his speech, he said, "Where is the questioner, who inquired about the Hour (Doomsday)?" The Bedouin said, "I am here, O Allah's Apostle ." Then the Prophet said, "When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday)." The Bedouin said, "How will that be lost?" The Prophet said, "When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday.)" (Hadith recorded around 1300 years ago by Bukhari in Volume 1 Book 3 no 56)Hadith

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